American Pickers is television reality series which was telecasted in the History Channel on 28 January 2010. The producers of this reality series were A and E Television Networks who had collaborated with Cinefix Productions.

This reality series is also known as The Pickers outside of United States, Australia as well as Canada. This whole idea was put forward by Mike Wolfe. This idea was developed by Stephen Pettinger and Mark Poertner. The reality series was under the direction of Anthony Mastanduno.

The stars in the reality show were, Robbie Wolfe, Lauren Wray, Dave Ohrt, Danielle Colby, and also Frank Fritz. The theme music for the American Pickers was done by Jingle Punks Music. It had till date about 15 seasons and has a long list of episode of about 194.

In the show, Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe go round and round for the collection of the antique pieces as well as Collectibles. They travel almost all around United States and they would either buy or the resale of the products will be done, else they might those personally. They used to travel places with the Mercedes Sprinter Van. Now they have opted for the Ford Transit.

Danielle Colby is responsible for running their office which was named as Antique Archaeology. Their office is located in LeClaire in Iowa. They have one more office in Nashville in Tennessee. Frank Fritz has a shop of his own and he sells his collections through the shop. He has also created his own website.  The reality series have crossed 3 seasons now, and now they are at their third season.

Each episode begins with a narration done by Fritz and Wolfe. Both Wolfe and Fritz go to sheds, barns, houses as well as outbuildings in search of the antiques.

Their collections include Penny Farthings, very old bicycles, Volkswagens which are air-cooled, old toys, Hondas which are old, as well as the oil cans.

Their collection also include posters of films, signage which are used commercially, also a rare collection of 15 gallon gasoline pump.

The series was first telecasted in the year 2011 December. The first episode was viewed by almost 3.1 million people and had high rating. This was the second series which was able to gain high rating after the Ice Road Tuckers which was a hit during the 2007.

Through the series, the net worth of Mike Wolfe varies from $4 million to $7 million.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Mike Wolfe

Date of birth: 11 November 1964

Birth place: Iowa

Age:  52 Years

Profession: Television Personality

Height: 1.83 m

Weight: Unknown

Net worth: $ 7 million