Jen Selter is a famous American fitness model and an internet celebrity.Her fame is based on her “bottom”.

Early years

She was born on August 8, 1993 in Roslyn, New York in United States.

Her childhood wasn’t very pleasant because her parents got divorced and split up, which affected her early life. Her mother remarried so Jen has a stepbrother too.

After she graduated from high school she started taking classes in cosmetology trying to find her direction in career.

She skipped college and today explains that it was her destiny to make much more that she ever would if she has been to college.

As a teenager she had a nose job in 2010, at the age of 15. She defended herself with the fact that all of her friends got their nose job at the same time, while they were all still teenagers and that it was made with their parents consent.

Career development

In 2012 she was a worker in one of the city’s gyms. She worked at the front desk and started exercising after being motivated by a lot of people who repeatedly came back to exercise.

She saw a great change in their attitude and in their looks so she decided to do that for herself.

Jen started exercising every day and soon found out her butt is very responsive to that and that it became bigger and very good- looking.

She started sharing the results of her workout on Instagram in 2013 and soon she had thousands of followers.

When the number of her followers reached half a million, she quit her job and decided to pursue her internet business.

She  was on the covers of almost every beauty magazine in the USA after that. She was in The New York Post and Huffington Post; she was in Elle and People and much more.

She started modelling and became more famous by the day. Today she has over five million followers on Instagram.

She was smart enough to sign an endorsement contracts with clothing companies, nutrition companies and other interested firms. She is now a spokeswoman for Game Plan Nutrition (which is a company that sells nutrition supplements).

She gets endorsements from: Alo Yoga, Avocado Activewear, Beats by Dre, Cirrus Fitness and FitMiss.

She managed to get sponsorships from famous companies such as Nike, New Balance and Lululemon. These companies sell athletic clothes for working out, yoga, cycling and much more.

Jen also signed an endorsement deal with New York City water company and often advertises it.

She created a term “belfie” what is known as ” a selfie of your bottom”. It is hard to do, but it can be learned really fast.

Yet another of her invented terms is #seltering which is really taking a pose in which your butt looks the best. The term became famous amongst young women and celebrities focusing on their workout bodies.

She is not a certified trainer so a lot of real proffessional trainers have something to say due to her lack of interest to become one. They say that she gives outdated advice and exercise plans.

In 2014 New York Post newspaper decided to give her a column. Her column goes by the name “Kicking Butt” and it’s a place where she shares her workout motivation with the readers, she gives advice and similar.

In real life, she has never trained any client and she is not a certified trainer.

Selter signed a contract with a famous managing agency which will take care of her promotion and which is known for promoting athletes. Although she is not an athlete they decided to offer her a deal because they saw how rapidly is her career growing. The compay is called The Legacy Agency.

Personal life:

She lives with her mother Jill Weinstein on the Upper West Side.

She is currently single but she gets hundreds of dinner invitation on her Twitter and Instagram profiles and a few proposals too because she is, according to a variety of polls on AskMen, listend in the list of 99 most beautiful women.

Philantropic work:

She donates money to a non-profit organization called “Music Beats Hearts” which is commited to making hospital stays as easiest and painless possible.

She is also connected to Lokai, an online shop which donates a lot of their income to ecological and human charities.

She oftenly makes giveaways to her fans to thank them for all of their support on social media.

She has two beautiful dogs, Brody and Gram. She made them both an  Instagram accountswhich today counts almost 30 000 followers.

Quick summary

Full name: Jennifer  Selter

Date of birth: August 8, 1993

Birthplace: Roslyn, New York

Age: 24

Profession: fitness model, internet star

Height: 1,68 m

Weight: 52 kgs

Net worth: $ 1 million