Morgan Beasley is an American nomad from Alaska and a big nature lover who came to fame after he joined a reality TV show called “Mountain Men” as one of the new members in the 4th season.

Early life:

He has a sister named Jill Beasley, but he doesn’t talk much about her, although it is seen that he loves her very much and that she loves him too. His fans think that she doesn’t fully support his lifestyle and that that’s the reason why they aren’t so close anymore.

He doesn’t speak much about his family or parents. She is a Medical Sales Recruiter and she approves Morgan’s way of life and is very supportive. He, however, tries to keep their names and information private since he doesn’t want to let anybody know where they live.

It is not known where he was born and raised, or who are his parents, so he is obviously doing a great job at hiding his info.

We presume he wasn’t schooled but went to a public high school after which he enrolled college. He always knew that he won’t be doing anything related to school or the knowledge you get there because he was always much more attracted by nature.

He studied at the University of Idaho and has the degree in Environmental Science. He was always interested in nature, evironment and living outdoors. He finds nature the most simple and beautiful thing in the world.

He lived in the city for a while but eventually decided that it brings too much stress to him and that he is not a people person so he moved. It was obvious that he needed some space and some natural environment.

Career development:

After graduation, he decided to become closer to nature because he felt better outdoors. He worked in construction, in fish processing and even as a guide. But he enjoyed hunting, climbing and horse-riding more than any of this jobs. Basically, he would enjoy any work that was related to nature, plants or animals. He despises industries and thinks they are ruining the one thing that was given to us unconventionaly: landscapes.

He was a nomad for around ten years, after which he decided to permanently move to Alaska because he felt a great connection to it’s land. He has his small portable home and seeks shelter in there when the weather turns bad.

His university diploma and the knowledge he has about the environment helped him a lot in his life in the wilderness. He uses solar panels, he constructed his house and the barn for his horses. He always tries to live a relationship with the nature, he tries to give the nature back everything the nature provides him with.

The horses were very helpful in house building since they carried all the heavy weight, they have ride them and they kept him company ’cause he is a big fan of them. He says that he often finds animals much better than people because their love is unconventional and it’s much more pure.

He had his first public appearance in the 4th season of America’s most watched documentary series called “Mountain Man”. It shows on the History Channel and has great popularity because people are interested to see his survival technics, how he finds food and shelter, how life in the cold Alaska looks like, etc. People were astonished by how natural he was.

He trekked across Alaska range not only once, but twice, which is not an easy thing.

He chose his permanent place to settle very far from people: the nearest town is 250 miles from his settlement.

He works for “Apricity Alaska Wilderness Adventure” organization which offers great trips and adventures to their guests. He works side by side with Margaret Stern, a botanist from Texas, who also fell in love with Alaska.

He became one of the first men to begin growing garlic in the Alaska wilderness. He has learned all about Alaska’s soil and weather conditions so he knows exactly how to succeed in it. He says that he wouldn’t leave this area for nothing.

Personal life:

There were rumours that he became romantically involved with Margaret but it turned out it wasn’t true.

Viewers of “Mountain Man” commented how they see that Margaret likes him and that they would like them to become a couple.

However, he is always much more focused on the nature and finds it his biggest occupation. He said it himself that he often finds it harder to talk to people than he finds climbing mountains and rocks.

He likes to spend his life away from materialism and it seems that Margaret feels the same. Their relationship would probably work out since they do have simar interests and their lifestyles and very boemic.

Quick summary

Full name: Morgan Beasley

Date of birth: NA

Birthplace: NA

Age: NA

Profession: survivalist, reality TV star

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $1 million