Bray Wyatt is a famous American pro wrestler for the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), known also by his stage names Alex Rotundo and Husky Harris.

Early years

Bray Wyatt was born on May 23, 1987 in Brooksville in Florida in USA, as Windham Lawrence Rotunda. We can say that Windham has wrestling geens: his grandfather, father, uncles and his brother Bo, all became proffesional wrestlers.

He went to Hernando High School and was a wrestler for their team. He became a state champion in 2005, the same year he gratuated. That was the year he decided to dedicate himself into building some kind of a sport career.

He enrolled the College of the Sequoias and played football for their college team. He won a football scholarship and played at Troy University football team in Alabama. He spent two years there playing as an offensive guard and he was a great asset to them.

He never got his Bachelor’s degree because he decided to turn his career into wrestling, although he was almost done with college.

Career development

In 2009, when he was 22 years old, he had his debut as Alex Rotundo. He won his first fight and became the champion in Florida championship.

He teamed up with his brother Bo Dallas (also a very well known wrestler) and they staged together as The Rotundo Brothers. Bo is his three years younger brother.

In 2010 he competed in the TV series The Nexus choosing this time a different name: he was now Husky Harris. He stayed in the show for a whole year.

Rotunda returned to FCW in 2011 and kept himself the role of Husky Harris in it. He started a fued with Richie Steamboat which ended in their 30 day suspension. In 2012 Rotunda became Bray Wyatt, and had has debut in NXT with his new name.

Under the name The Wyatt Family, he and his colleague wrestlers appeared in Raw, WrestleMania, Money at Bank, Hell in a Cell, and a lot more shows…

Personal life

He is happily married to his logtime girlfriend Samantha. His wife Samantha gave birth to two daughters that Bray adores: Kendyl and Cadyn.

His name Bray Wyatt comes from two sources. Bray comes  from the name of his best childhood friend Bray White. Wyatt is coming from Wyatt Earp.

Philantropic work

All the wrestlers in his family were always devoted and engaged in charity work for a lot of different causes.

Bray’s most interesting charity work was with Break-A-Wish foundation. They asked him to be one of the wrestlers who will come to the children’s hospital and scare them. This organization believes that this will help their immune systems to wake up and struggle against their diseases.

He often go to charity auction parties and he is often invited to stage a fight on some fundraising event.

Quick summary

Full name: Windham Lawrence Rotunda

Birthplace: Brooksville, Florida

Date of birth: May 23,1987

Profession: wrestler

Age: 30

Height: 1.91 m

Weight: 129 kgs

Net worth: $1 million