Anthony Lorenzo Padilla is an American based internet personality. He is a comedian and one amongst the two protagonists in Smosh franchise.  Padilla has founded the Smosh Productions. The website, was created in the year 2002. He is residing in Los Angeles, CA with his pet cat Pip.

Anthony was born on 16 September 1987 in Sacramento, California. His parents were Dan Padilla and Leezah Padilla. He is having two brothers. When he was 2 years of age, his parents broke up. From October 2010 to November 2014, he was in a relationship with a You Tube Celebrity, Kalel Cullen. Kalel Cullen is a You Tube celebrity known for her beauty tips; she used to post her videos in internet under the nickname, KaleKitten. At present he is in relationship with Miel Bredouw.

He went to Del Campo High School, Fair Oaks, California. He did his graduation from American River College, Sacramento, California.

He has released several musical albums through Smosh, which includes, the Sexy Album in the year 2010, If Music Were Real in the year 2011, Smoshtastic and the sweet sound of Smosh. According to the latest report from 2015, the channels have about 20, million subscribers. The Smosh was a quick success. This channel created by Padilla and Hecox has become one of the most videos of the duo includes Food Battle, That Damn Neighbour.

It was really interesting to see that the duo were able to make such a lump sum amount only through the videos. The popularity of Anthony and his friend has helped a lot in increasing the popularity of their channel. Another factor which has increased the popularity and net worth of Padilla is the movie, Smosh: The Movie. He has also released his music album with Hecox Music, Recently released albums of Padilla includes “The Sweet Sound of Smooth” He has received a handsome amount of money for the recordings as well as he has received royalties for the music too.

In 2011, the Smosh was bought by Alloy Digital.  The duo, Ian and Anthony has started 3 channels in You Tube named, Shut Up!,, Cartoons,ElSmosh and Smosh Games.  In the year 2015, Padilla has come up with the Smoosh Games Alliance which facilitates the advertisements of the brands through him and his friend. This venture also has helped to increase the net worth of Padilla.

The estimated net worth of Padilla is about $3 million.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Anthony Lorenzo Padilla

Date of birth: 16 September 1987

Birth place: Sacramento, California

Age: 29 Years

Profession: Internet Personality

Height: 1.803 m

Weight: 68 Kg

Net worth:$3 million