Calvin Lee Vail or popularly known as Leafy is a popular internet personality, comedian, and YouTuber who is best known for his YouTube channel that goes by the name “LeafyIsHere.” His main focus on the regular videos that he uploads includes the gaming and the test runs of the video games.

He also does reaction videos along with several of the commentaries which were one of the major reasons for his growing fan-base and subscribers on his channel.

He is a very active person on all his social media platforms and interacts with his fans and followers to create the growing buzz around his regular videos.

Early Life

Calvin was born on August 18 in the year 1995, in Layton, Utah. He had a very troubled childhood, one that most of the kids of his age often can’t even imagine of. He belonged to a very abusive home, and his parents were subjected to extreme levels of substance abuse. One of the darkest times of his life was when his father tried to commit suicide. This is one of the many reasons why there are little to no record of his personal life on any of the social media or internet in general.

There are no updates on his education or where he went to during his high school days. it was later in 2011 when Calvin became familiar with the concept of YouTube and used it as an outlet for all the things happening in his home.


It was the constant abuse and the distress at home which drove to distract him with the video games and other outlets. It was 2011 when he was just 16 years old that he decided to mix video games and opts for making videos on YouTube encircling these. His very first video that he uploaded was that of Minecraft gameplay. He owned his very own ParaPVP server which helped him play the game efficiently. It later got destroyed by a kid whom he made angrily and ended up smashing it to pieces after calling him out with homophobic slurs.

It is his individualism and quality content that has gained him the fan-base of 4.3 million subscribers. Most of the people have been rabid viewers of his videos because of the variance that he brings in his content. All the videos are different from the other based on the topic and the theme of it. It is this variance that has helped him rise and gain the popularity that he has today.

Since 2011, he has been continuously uploading videos, but it was in January of 2016 that one of his videos named “The Saddest Man on YouTube” went viral which attracted a lot of attention. The video mainly focused on the YouTuber “MrBlackDarkness666” who is a Goth man dealing with not just depression but a lot of cyber-bullying and harassment.

It was not the end of it though because that man ended up boosting children to commit suicides which was definitely a lot destructive. The man saw the video that Calvin made and made a reply video named “LEAFYISHERE GO FUCK YOURSELF” which was nothing but a harsh reply to the prior video.  The video was very triggering to a lot of people when he ended up taking a real life photo of Calvin and set it on fire with a cigarette bud.

This was just the beginning of these video streaks, and he later made another video titled “The Most Heroic Fedora Man on YouTube” on March 20th, 2016. The man he made the video about was struggling with autism, and the video steered a lot of buzzes because the other YouTuber ended up getting a lot of death threats which was definitely not the motive of the video.

These are the kind of videos that helped him gain the number of subscribers that he has today. Apart from the commentaries and the video game reaction videos, these video streaks about several of the other YouTubers created a lot of buzz and people ended up getting hooked to the channel. Even though these videos have created a lot of drama, people seemed to enjoy these.

Calvin also released a video on June 13th of the year 2016 named “The Keemstar and Dramaalert Rant” which was mainly about Keemstar who was doing illegal stuff on the internet including leaking out people’s personal information. The clash between these both YouTubers resulted when Calvin accused Keemstar while the other disrespected Calvin by calling him by homophobic slurs.

He has also collaborated with a number of YouTubers for his videos including RiceGum. He also combines the backlashes in his life with a storytelling mode in the video. Some of his fellow friends include popular YouTubers Pyrocynical, Colossal is crazy and GradeAUnderA.

Personal life

Calvin almost leads a dual life within his real identity as Calvin and as LeafyIsHere on the internet. He has a loyal fanbase which is named as “The Reptilians” or “The Reptilian Brotherhood.” He has always liked to keep his personal life away from the eyes of the media which are why there have been no reports on whom he is dating or anything else about his family as well.

There have been a lot of accusations of cyber bullying of an autistic YouTuber which did create a lot of controversies but was later resolved. It did create a lot of buzzes, but he later apologized for causing any distress because he didn’t mean any harm with the videos that he posted.

As of 2017, LeafyIsHere or Calvin has a net worth of $600,000.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Calvin Lee Vail

Date of Birth: August 18, 1995

Birthplace: Layton, Utah

Age: 22 years

Profession: YouTuber, Comedian

Height: 1.73 m

Weight: 142 pounds

Net Worth: $600,000.