Joseph Martin Weller is a renowned internet personality with an estimated net worth of $764,000. He has about 2 million subscribers for his channel and this has definitely added to his net worth.  He is also a known commentator on various video games. He named his fan base as The Buxton Army. He is residing now at Brighton.

He was born in the year 1996, March 2.  He hails from England. He has one sister named Amy Weller. His video on wrestling moves targeted at his girlfriend was attention grabbing He has made number of video games and amongst that the famous one is FIFA. Weller succeeded in getting 250 million views for her videos as of the latest update on May 2015. He is also famous with his prank video in which he enacts Cristiano Ronaldo. His video, Cristiano Ronaldo Picking Up Girls, is his best viewed video with about 20 million viewers. He also collaborates with his fellow You Tubers which in turn benefits everyone involved with the video.

He is also well famous for his Q and A as well as the sketch videos which are comedy based. His channel has got about 3 million followers and subscribers by 2016, March.

He has also collaborated with the famous personality, KSI and has released several videos which includes, “BRUTAL FIFA: Weller Vs KSI”. He is involved in a group titled, Weezy. He is also a great musician. He has uploaded about 8 songs which are originals in his own channel and most of these songs are based on the football. One of the non-football related song uploaded in his channel by him is the “Wanna Do ft. Emil”. This song has come amongst the top 30 UK charts. This particular song is also his highly chartered piece of music.

He has named his main channel as Joe Weller. He also owns a second channel named JoeWellerExtra.

He has uploaded his first video entitled, “NEW Channel Tutorials and Torres” in the year 2012, July 11. Some of his most popular videos were that of Ronaldo and Suarez.

He is also making large amount of money through the advertisements played on his channel as well as through the endorsements and also through the promotion of various products through the channel. His channel is titled as nuevafilms and he uploads videos which are related to FIFA as well as the music. Gym Lad is his nickname.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Joseph Martin Weller

Date of birth: March 2, 1996

Birth place: Brighton, England

Age: 20 years

Profession: Musician, Commentator, You Tube personality

Height: 16.7 m

Weight: 76 Kg

Net worth: $1 million