McJuggerNuggets Net Worth 2019, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

McJuggerNuggets Net Worth 2019, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Jesse Ridgway who is famous with his online name McJuggerNuggets is a famous name on Youtube and Vlogger. He is famous for his gaming videos.

He has created RiDGiD STUDiOS and is also known with the name Psycho kid.

McJuggerNuggets was born on 29, September 1992 in New Jersey. His parent names were Theresa Ridgway and Jeffrey Ridgway.

He has a degree of college from Rowan University. At his early age he started posting videos on YouTube. In December 2006 he launched his first video on YouTube.

His YouTube channel McJuggerNuggets received popularity. After this he started putting multiple videos on his own channel.

One of his video entails about his completion of graduation degree from Arthur P. Schalick High School the later also includes celebration of graduation degree from Rowan University this degree was of film.

One of his famous video on YouTube was with the name Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games. This was about his father who broke his video game. Some of other famous videos on his channel with the name of Psycho series also became very famous.

This series includes videos about his dad and him in their day to day life. These videos received about 30 million views.

Later he also uploaded various videos online on YouTube. He uploads at least 1 or 2 videos a day. His videos on his channel with his name are so famous that recently it had about 2.9 million subscribers on YouTube.

McJuggerNuggets was also the name behind Psycho Kid Ruins Thanksgiving. All his contribution to videos on YouTube is the only source of his income. McJuggerNuggets Net Worth is approximately $1.2 million.

He is also a popular personality on Facebook and has about 26,000 likes on it.

He is also a popular exercise junkie and has completed Insanity program approximately 8 times.

He has been linked to her youtuber fellow Juliette Reilly from last few years. She supports him in his video and can be seen on several videos that McJuggerNuggets upload on his channel.

She is fond of music and her videos generally are about music. One of the video is named as Teaching Jesse How to Sing.

Other than her girlfriend he is also sometimes seen with his fellow members like RackaRacka and Pickle boy.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Jesse Tyler Ridgway or McJuggerNuggets

Date of birth: September 29, 1992

Birth place: New Jersey.

Age: 23

Profession: Youtuber

Height: 1.66 m

Weight: 64 kg

Net worth: 1.2 million

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