As if the Supreme Power has taken all the efforts to engrave all the talents of one individual and he is Arin Hanson. His long stature is a perfect representation of multi-talented individual. The American artist is an excellent cartoonist and animator as well.

His excellent delivery has made him voiceover expert. Arin is a wonderful humorist, a deft lyricist, and a tremendous rapper. Moving towards totally different work area he has also shown his talent in the Internet gaming, “Gaming Grump” is a perfect evidence for such assertion. “Awesome Series” has contributed to making Arin even more popular.

The multi-talented individual has channelized all his passions into the source of earning. His dedication and interest towards work have made him so famous as an Internet personality. Flaunt his entire life he has been trying hard to explore all his talents and put them into some creative work for the entertainment of the public and his earnings.

He is an ideal inspiring icon for those who want to convert a passion into a source of earning. All his efforts have made it and not less than $1 million dollars of net worth.

Early Life

Arin was born on 6th January 1987 to Lloyd Hanson and Maurette Hanson in West Palm Beach, Florida, the United States of America as Arin Joseph Hanson. His father was a musician and used to write occasionally. The mother was engaged in a charitable horse healing therapy center. He was enrolled in Wellington High School in Florida.

Unfortunately for some reason, his school authorities imposed a ban on rain and that disabled him to complete his schooling education. But the real heroes have always converted the curse into blessings, being a role model for other individuals he is no exception to this rule. From the very early childhood, he was creative and has a tremendous knack for animation. He wanted to pursue a career in voice acting, and this has made him move to Los Angeles.


Before getting into the professional field, Arin was creating small films on animation for Newgrounds. Com. He launched Egoraptor which was his first pseudo-YouTube channel. He waited for 8 long months to upload his first video called Gunpey Review. In this Arin, himself was seen playing gunpey. For the Egoraptor he had created many games including Ninja Gaiden, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy and Pokemon requires special mentioning. Sequelities has also been appreciated in which he made a comedically critical comparison of a video game with the sequel.

This had happened much later in his life when he was already an established professional as an Internet gamer. His first breakthrough came much earlier in 2006. He created a parody for Playstation Meta Gear Solid which is a very popular and favorite video game. He titled his creation in the name of the inspiration as Meta Gear Awesome and posted that on the website.

At Axe Cop he was occupied on the storyboard. MTV approached for G-Hole, their video gaming which would be available online Arin to create animation on the basis of Metal Gear Awesome. MTV put a restriction on Arin which never liked that his fans would not be able to see his creation. On this, he separately designed the series of Awesome as Poke Awesome Gaiden, Poke Awesome and Awesome Chaotix which are highly appreciated.

Arin’s effort is not restricted to the world of animation he has a golden voice which he had successfully delivered first for John Gore. It came out in 2009 for Minigore a video game, which was later priced again in 2011 in the remake of Death Rally. In 2012 he came up with the kickstarter Detective Grimoire. To name few more he had also given his voice in the making of Target Acquired, Dragon Age: Inquisition,Mighty Magiswords, Cyanide & Happiness, Red vs. Blue and Rick & Morty.

In 2012 he joined hand with JonTron to create Game Grumps. In the same, the master had appeared in a gaming competition called by Sony but was eliminated in the  third season on the ground that he was promoting himself. Later many defended Arin saying that the judge was unfair to the Tester. In the third season of Dance Showdown, he emerged winner teaming with Maxine Hupy. He is the lyricist and main singer for the band Starbomb.

Personal life

In October 2013 he married Suzanne “Suzi” Berhow, who is a YouTube star. Presently Arin is staying at Glendale, California. He also engages himself as a creative director.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Arin Joseph Hanson

Date of Birth: 6th January 1987

Birth Place: West Palm Beach, Florida, United States of America

Age: 30 years

Profession: Cartoonist, Animator, Voiceover, Lyricist, Rapper

Height: 6 feet 2 inches / 188 cm

Weight: NA

Net worth: $ 1 million dollar