Lele Pons real name is Eleonora Pons. Born in Venezuela, she has both Venezuelan and American nationality. Her ethnicity is white, and YouTube is her main source of income. She has become a most wanted internet sensation and has managed to make a huge fan count. Being a Vine Star, she is equally popular as a YouTube star for posting her funny and gorgeous videos.

All her videos are managed and regularly updated by a well known and eminent company that deals with entertainment programs named Shot Studio. She has chosen this company as it also sponsors all her YouTube video. Though her net worth is revealed, there is a confusion regarding her actual income. It is estimated somewhere around $ 2 million.

Early life

Lele was born in Venezuela in the year 1996, 25th June. Along with her family, she shifted to the United States when she was hardly 5 years of age. She was born to a father who is an architect and a mother who is a doctor. Her upbringing was in the city of Miami, which is famous for its latest fashion trends. She studied there in the local school Miami Country Day School and got graduated from that institute.

She never followed the footsteps of either her mother or father but went for accepting a completely different profession. It was very obvious that a doctor or an engineer’s daughter must be a career based on academic assertions, but Lele was already having some other ideas for proceeding in her career. Soon after completing her academic career she moved on to the city of Los Angeles.

Previously she could not get the American accent in her speech, but as soon as she started off with YouTube Vlogging, she was often teased by her friends. The teasing served her purpose and came as advantages to her. She transformed them into mere jokes to get them uploaded to her channel to get viewed baby people for the sake of entertainment. She posted on her channel some more jokes that were practically based on her. Soon she became a famous YouTuber and reached a subscriber count of almost 3 million.

Lele Pons is attributed with several talents band is the most sensational internet celebrity who appears in the program Summer of Marshmello. She is also a prolific writer and has published a book with a title Surviving High School as co-writer along with Mellisa De La Cruz. This book of hers became a New York Bestseller.

Lene is a typical American –Venezuelan beauty who has gained much fame within a very short span of time. She has an appealing nature quite vivacious. Lele is one the talented American Tube Tube Star who is well educated and well all is most wanted for her beautiful video coverage. Her present count of subscribers is around 5 million subscribers. She is quite cool with her approach and is never critical of others work. She accepts everyone’s work and is quite a good advisor. She is not a typical armchair critic and takes life as it comes to her.

Very few people know that Lele is an emotional girl. She even declares in one of her interviews that she is not at all easy to be handled. She is a spontaneous and somewhat of a hyperactive nature which is not often acceptable. Her simplicity is in her nature and behavior.


Lele began her career by posting a video on the Vine, that was removed on the later days due to some prevailing controversies. She started off posting videos at an early age of 16 years. In her vine video, she had a billion loop counts of almost 8.4. Her exclusive loop count had made her quite famous as a Vine Vlogger. She is the most wanted famous Female VINE Vlogger who is extensively associated with social media updates and has a huge number of followers.

She has almost made a record in the context of a number of followers. Lele has almost 15.9 million followers who eagerly wait for her Instagram updates and her YouTube vine posts. She has not limited herself to her Vine talents but also has appeared in several glamorous television shows.

In the year 2016, Lele had appeared in an American Horror show that had slotted for her a 7 minutes video involving the sound of her screams. On her own interest, she became a part of the series led by the famous personality Joey Graceffa named Escape the Night on YouTube Red. Lele had proudly played the role of an important character named Hustler.

Shot Studio, the entertainment company has played a crucial role in making Lele successful with her Vine videos. Along with other Vine Stars namely Anwar Jibwai and Josh Darnit she went into a partnership with the company Shots Studio that also sponsored her YouTube videos in the later days. The company knew Lele’s taste and preferences, and this served as a good hint for making the foundations of the shots.

Personal life

Lele Pons has known from her experiences that social media sites are prominent tools and proficient instruments to have an inflow of revenues. She has given full effort is developing her professional career and has tried to know the better techniques. But along with her career development, she has been potent enough to main a healthy personal life.

It might seem that she is too young to understand much about settling her love life much the Latin beauty is already found to be dating her intimate Viner friend named Twan Kuyper. Previously she had also dated the popular Mexican YouTuber Juana Zurita.

But the relationship never blossomed, and soon the duo stopped dating. But the relation was known too many people as the couple was seen kissing each other publicly while the program of the MIA awards was going on. They had an excellent chemistry but due to different temperament. The public was very curious about the couple’s relationship status. It was rumored that Lele had also dated the popular personality King Batch in the year 2016. Her fans were very sure that the duo was dating as Lele had involved batched in one of her videos.

But presently Lele is in a relationship with the famous Viner Twan Kuyper. The 21 years YouTube star would probably settle with her fellow viner Twan in the near future.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Eleonora Pons.

Date of Birth: June 25, 1996.

Birth Place: Caracas, Venezuela.

Age: 21 years.

Profession: YouTuber

Height: 167 cm.

Weight: 62 kg.

Net worth: $ 2 million