Karina Garcia is a famous lifestyle vlogger and beauty expert who is famous for the creation of a popular YouTube channel The Karina Bear. Karina is up with posting the videos which are related with hauls, DIYs, and tutorial based on the special makeup techniques.

The most popular video that made her famous was the DIY Flubber Squishy Soup. Her estimated net worth is about $1 million.

Early life

Karina Garcia was born in the year 1994, 8th of February. She was brought up with her twin sister Mayra Isabel who is also famous beauty vlogger and post of her expert comments on improving the ways of life. The two sisters are YouTube sensations that have become quite famous for their expert reviews and appealing personality. She has earned her fame with much effort and dedication.

Her YouTube channels are based on various beauty themes and are not monotonous. It deals with various subjects, and this makes her viewers get interested in watching her videos that are of immense value.

Karina is a simple girl who is quite simple with her approach in describing her techniques and measures. It may not have the features of multiple utilities, but her expert’s comments can bring an easy flow in the viewer’s life. Her useful hacks are learned from her own experiences while she grew up along with her sister. She has beautifully amalgamated the views of her life through the YouTube channel, The Karina Bear.

She has faced the several issues due to lack of guidance from her parents, and so she came up with a unique idea of making the teenager get relief from the problems of girlish issues and deliver them with the easy, approachable daily hacks that are easy to get with.


She started off with her YouTube career since the year 2012. She was quite patient while making and analyzing the steps for making the channel. She never dared to post any videos until the year 2015 until she got to know about the lifestyle vlogging subscriber base. Soon after passing the time she started off posting videos that got accepted widely by the viewers, and this made her start off with her uploading on a regular basis. Some of Garcia most popular videos are DIY Flubber Soap! Make Squishy Soap. These videos reached view count of almost 1 million.

Karina Garcia is quite popular on Twitter and has almost 5k followers but her followers are more in number in Instagram, and they eagerly wait for Garcia’s updates on beauty tips. She is quite easy going with her fan group and never hypes on the issue of increase in the number of recent views. She is quite devoted to her work and wants to post videos that are really easy hacks for girls who are working and have no time for getting decked up for a long duration. She tries to make thing happen within a short time and keep the videos short and simple. She avoids complex procedures and makes the videos are the best possible simple ways so that they are easily understood, and the viewers can easily follow the tip given to them.

Garcia’s main target cluster is the teenage group as they are always into finding the easy ways to look trendy as well as beautiful.  High school girls are mad to reach out for Garcia’s video updates as they find it quite unique and the best manageable solutions to meet during crisis time. The teenagers are frequent with sudden hangout parties, and that is the time when Garcia’s easy make up tips comes in use to make the girl have a complete makeover within some minutes.

Garcia hates limiting herself with rigid parameters and always goes for innovating ideas, and these features of her had made her a star overnight after she came up with the Flubber Soap video. She knows uncountable alternatives and substitutes products and ensures the viewers the use of homemade products and initiates its promotion through her videos.

Personal life

Garcia is quite conscious about her personal life and never entertains the idea of public declarations. She loves to keep her life matters under complete secrecy and makes sure that her personal status and relationship news are not anyhow to know by social networking sites.

Her videos have become popular enough to make her call a YouTube which this has made her more conscious about her personal stuff which she avoids sharing on the social media sites. Garcia is having a vivacious personality and known to people for her beautiful hair.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Karina Garcia.

Date of Birth: 8th February 1994

Birth Place: California.

Age: 23 years

Profession: YouTube Vlogger and beauty expert.

Height: 1.65 m.

Weight: 60 kg

Net worth: $ 1 million.