In today’s text we will talk about the American rapper and songwriter known as Baby Bash. He had a turbulent career and in the beginning he wanted to become a basketball player. When he experienced injury, he decided to dedicate himself to music and become a rapper.

He released his first album in 2001 and this album immediately gained popularity across the United States. He collaborated with many renowned rappers and musicians, and also wrote lyrics for many celebrities. His real name is Ronald Ray Bryant and Baby Bash is his artistic name. He released several albums and many rap music fans around the world heard of him.

He is still active in music, but he is involved in writing texts and producing music. He also had the opportunity to show his talent for acting and he has appeared in several films. He also composed tracks for several films in the USA. If you are interested in finding out some details about the life of this rapper, this text will help you.

In this text we will tell you about his youth and his career as well as the details of his private life. Many people were curious to learn more about him and this text will reveal some information you may not have known up to now.

Early Years

Baby Bash was born October 18, 1975 in Vallejo, California, USA. He comes from a mixed marriage because his mother is from Mexico and his father was born in California. His parents divorced when Ronald was 3 years old and spent most of his time with his grandmother.

She helped him in everything and helped him to grow up. His father had a very demanding job and often had to leave his house. For this reason, Ronald spent most of his time with a grandmother who tried to provide him with a good childhood. His father had a well paid job and helped him financially.

Ronald has always been sad about the divorce of his parents. He always said that he missed his mother and that it was difficult for him to grow up without her. She moved to Mexico after divorce and Ronald occasionally had contact with her. In the elementary school, Ronald did not have good grades and he was attracted to the sport.

He wanted to become a basketball player and he always liked this sport. He planned to play basketball for a junior college club in California, but he experienced an ankle injury and had to take a break. He had to rest for a long time from the sport and this directed him to another life path.

He was very disappointed by the injury because he wanted to build a basketball career and had the talent for this sport. After finishing high school, Ronald showed interest in Rap music.

He initially wrote texts describing his childhood and his life and wanted to be a songwriter. He recorded his first song in 1998 and then realized that he had a great talent for this kind of music. He met colleagues in this business that year and made the first tracks with them. Ronald wanted to make a musical career and rap music became his new love.

When he was in high school, Ronald had a girlfriend with whom he was 4 years old. After finishing high school she had to move to another state and he was very sad. In interviews, he stated that she was his greatest love and that he would remember her forever.

In his first album, he devoted several songs to this girl. Ronald had problems with the law when he finished high school and took part in a fight outside a nightclub. After this incident, Ronald was in detention, but he left after paying bail. After this he calmed down and wanted to devote to rap music that became his new greatest love.


Ronald’s career began in 1998 when he met a rapper with the name South Park Mexican. They immediately started cooperation and recorded 3 songs until 1999. These songs have reached popularity across the USA and they wanted to continue their collaboration.

They recorded 8 common songs and held several concerts. 2001 was the year when Baby Bash released his debut solo album. This album was named Savage Dreams and there were several guests on this album, including South Park Mexican who was his colleague for several years. This album was greatly rated by the audience and people thought that Baby Bash had great songs and that he was very talented for rap music.

After releasing this album he had many concerts across California and signed a contract for the production house Dope House Records. In the second half of 2002, he released his second album, which became much more popular than the first album. There were also several guests on this album, among which were famous rappers.

His longtime colleague South Park Mexican did not appear on this album and his fans thought they were in poor relationships. Ronald said that it was not true and that his colleague had a lot of responsibilities at the moment and that he was not able to host in the album.

In the second half of 2003, he caught the attention of the production company Universal Records, which was one of the best in the USA.

He signed a contract with this house at the end of 2003 and then began to record his third album. This album was called Tha Smokin ‘Nephew. After several months this album has received many awards and was among the 20 most popular albums in the USA. This production house brought him much more popularity and he became one of the most famous rappers in the USA.

This album was sold over 550,000 during the first year. Ronald got a lot of financial profit and he had a great future ahead of him. In 2005 Baby Bash released a new album called Super Saucy. This album also gained great popularity and was in position 19 of the Hot 100. This album was sold over 700,000 during the first year.

His career was ascending as Ronald was very pleased. He wanted to continue to work with rap career and did not want to give up. This album was his most popular album and sold over 50,000 CDs during the first week. From 2005 to 2011, Baby Bash released 2 more albums and featured in songs with many famous singers and rappers. He became very popular all over the USA but also around the world.

From 2011 to 2016, Baby Bash released more than 3 albums and each attracted the attention of the public.

These albums have gained a lot of popularity and he has earned a lot of money from them. Over the years, he has recorded several commercials and made songs for several films. His albums were in the top 30 albums in the US and it was his incentive to continue to rap music.

Personal Life

Baby Bash had an interesting life and he wanted to become a basketball player, but eventually became a rap musician. He released 9 albums and made many career songs. His private life was not publicized and he did not want to journalists write about his private affairs.

He got a son in 2012 but did not get married. The girl with whom he has a son is not known to the public and he did not want to talk about her. Ronald had problems with the law several times and was arrested in 2011 for possession of marijuana.

He was arrested along with colleague Paul Wall but was released after one day because they paid bail. In a later interview, Ronald said he sometimes consumed marijuana and had no problems with the law. He currently lives in Los Angeles and is currently engaged in writing texts and music production.

Quick Summary

Full name: Ronald Ray Bryant

Date of birth: October 18, 1975

Birthplace: Vallejo, California, USA

Age: 44

Profession:  Rapper and songwriter

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 77 kg

Net Worth: $12 million