Jay Sean is an English singer and songwriter with Asian origins. His musical career started very early, but he did not experience much success at the very beginning, however, as the time went by, his songs became listened not only in England and Asia, but in the whole world.

He started his career with the ‘Rishi Rich’ project, and this project was aimed at presenting new performers, who were different from other musician and who are at the beginning of their career.

Many artists took part in this project, but Jay was the only music artist who achieved great success. In this project, Jay Sean introduced himself with the song ‘Dance with you’, this song had a great success and marked the beginning of his career.

The song ‘Dance with you’ became the most listened song in the UK, and Jay became the most popular musician. However, this was not the end of his success, the song became very popular in Asia, and Jay became their favorite artist. In almost all magazines and newspapers it was written about him, people talked about his parents who also had Asian origin.

After a tremendous success he achieved with his first song, Jay decides to continue his musical career. Soon he signs a contract with a very popular music house at that time ‘Virgin records’. This music house helped him to promote his song, and along with his band he had a number of performances and concerts. Jay decided to surprise his faithful audience and held numerous appearances in Asia and throughout Europe.

At one point he founded his music studio, he wanted to dedicate himself to music production, but this idea did not achieve success. Jay expected many artists to start a career in his music house, but that idea did not work out.

In one interview, Jay admits that his desire was to help young artists who are at the beginning of their career. He wanted to give them a chance to become successful and to realize their dreams.

After the failure of his music house and production, Jay decided to dedicate himself to musical career again. He starts recording songs and present it to its audience. During this period, Jay again made a big success, some of his songs were: Maybe, Ride it, My own Way…

The first track was “Ride it”, this song was a huge success in the UK, and it was rewarded with numerous awards and it was named for the best song in 2009. This song was popular in UK, but in Asia it did not come to big success. The song, ‘Maybe’, was sold in 2 million copies, and became his most famous song in the UK and Asia. Jay was a very specific performer, and his career was a successful in the UK and Asia.

His first album was named ‘My Own Way’, it contained numerous hits, and achieved great success. This album contained electronic and pop sounds. It was sold over in 10 million copies in Asia, while in Europe it achieved less success.

However, Jay wanted to test his boundaries and start his career in America. Then he released the hit single ‘Down’, the American audience recognized his talent and this song achieved unbelievable success. This song reached on all top charts. It became the best-selling song, and it was sold in 20 million copies. At that point, Jay entered in the history of the music industry.

He became the first international musician who achieved success with first song in America. After this song, Jay begins publishing and recording numerous singles and albums that are experiencing incredible success.

In this article, we will talk about Jay and his career, we will tell you all interesting information and facts about his life and career.

Early years

Kamaljit Singh Jhooti was born in Hounslow, London. His parents were immigrants from Asia, where they had very hard life. His father was Bindi Jhooti he was a dentist, while his mother Sharon was a lawyer. They were very successful in Asia, they had financial stability, but war forced them to move in London.

In London, they were living stabile and descent life. They had their same job, and in their second year in London, Sharon was pregnant and she got Jay. Jay started showing his talent for music when he was 10 years old, but his parents didn’t not believe that he can be musician, because no one in their family was talented for music.

At the age of 12, Jay and his friends formed band ‘Compulsive Disorder’, Jay admitted that this band was formed secretly without his parents’ knowledge.

Jay went to Latemar Upper School, this was very popular private school, and many famous celebrities went to this school.

Unfortunately, Jay did not finished this school, but soon after this he enrolled school for Medicine. He was very good student and his parents made a lot of pressure on him to study medicine, he decided to accept this idea and he listened to his parents.

Jay did not want to disappoint his parents, so he always listened to their advice. In addition, he was a very good student and decided to use his work and effort. His parents were otherwise educated, they did not believe that Jay could become world-famous. Although he decided to listen to his parents, Jay was still active in music, besides studying, Jay wrote songs and even had several performances at local clubs.


Rishi Rich was a well-known music producer who searched for young musical talents. Unlike other producers, Rishi searched musicians who had a different past and who did not have any music education. And while Jay was secretly performing at a bar, Rishi wanted to help him and develop his talent. Jay agreed to participate in the ‘Rishi Rich’ project, where he debuted with the song ‘Dance With You’, this song was the beginning of his successful career, which was a breakthrough moment in his life. Jay had to make a decision whether to become a musician or a doctor, the decision was very hard but Jay decided to follow his dreams.

His first album was called ‘Me Against Myself’, featuring numerous hits that were popular in the UK but also in Asia. He became the first musician to succeed in two continents. Jay never dismissed his origins, he called himself ‘Asian phenomenon’, he had many positive reviews, and many famous performers wanted to record duets with him. He was known for his specific vocals, good performances and interesting costumes. He has invested a lot on himself, his vocal has changed a lot, and he has invested in his appearance and into his energy.

His second album was called ‘My Own Way’, this album was also successful, but he did not realize what Jay hoped for, his goal was to conquer the third continent. America. But this album did not help him. Soon after promoting album in UK, Jay goes on a big world tour. The tour in Asian achieved a great success, it should be noted that on this Tour Jay, started with the support of my band.

After this tour, he decides to dedicate himself to the recording of the songs, but this time in a different genre. Jay decides that the next song is Rap, which was at the height of it glory in that period. He did not want to just drop the song from the studio, but he wanted to feel the tail and talk about his life. He was involved in a number of rap battles in Great Britain, and many thought that his place was not on the rap scene, but Jay did not give up. Then he released the song ‘Down’, this song was directed to the American market, and managed to achieve great success in America. Jay soon became a favorite performer in America and received numerous awards, during that time he decided to move to Los Angeles.

Jay starts working on his next album called ‘I’m All Yours’, guests on this album were famous American stars like Nicki Minaj, Pitbull, Mary J. and Lil Wayne. This album featured numerous hits like ‘Hit The Lights “and” Like This, Like That. “Jay made an effort to make the videos for each song, and received numerous awards for the best album of the year, for the best song and for best video. Soon after this album, Jay recorded the album ‘So High’ which was completely different from his other albums, featuring electric and hip hop sound.

Personal life

Jay is talented, young musician, and music has always been his main occupancy. Even he was under big pressure from paparazzi, Jay was trying to hide his privacy and personal life. We do not have information about his relationships or love affairs.

We must mention that Jay has organized numerous humanitarian concerts, he was helping children with financial problems.

Quick summary

Full name: Kamaljit Singh Jhooti

Nickname: Jay Sean

Date of birth: June 12th in 1981

Age: 38

Birthplace: London, United Kingdom

Profession/Occupation: Musician and songwriter

Net worth and salary: about $100 million

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 58 kg