Billy Brown is a known American reality TV personality known as the leader of the Brown family who are the main character of “Alaskan Bush People” series.

Early life:

Billy Brown was born on December 3, 1952 in Fort Worth in Texas.

He was born in a wealthy family but unfortunately he became an orphan when he was very young. He lost all of them and had to develop a sense of surviving on his own. Billy claims that this was the moment when he learned to fight for himself.

He married his current wife Ami in 1979. He has had a lot of ups and downs with her but she decided to stay with him.

Career development:

The Brown family was noticed by Discovery Channel after their home was torn down by authorities because they have built it on a public property.

The series “Alaskan Bush People” was premiered in May 2014 and is still running. The series came to it’s seventh season and is still very popular for viewers.

After they have lost their home they have travelled all across Alaska trying to find a good place for a new home but there was always something that made them leave.

That was the case until they came Chichagof Island where they have finally settled in the Alaskan wilderness. This was a very hard thing to maintain for them and they had a problem getting used to their new lifestyle. However, his wife was very supportive and stayed with him.

They offered different labor services which included working with wood and securing transportation service which brought them the opportunity to succeed in living in wilderness without electricity.

The same year the family was charged for breaking law and securing revenues from  Permanent Fund Dividend because they have spent more than 180 days a year living over the borders of Alaska and they lied about it in their forms in order to receive those funds.

One year later both the father Billy and his son Joshua pleaded guilty for those accusations.

They were sentenced to 30 days in jail and were ordered to return the stolen money. They were also sentenced with community work and probation.

Billy Brown is also a book author: “One Wave” and “Teacher of the Old Code” are his most popular works.

The first one talks about his childhood and how he lost his entire family and the second one is a sort of fantasy novel.

He has also wrote a book about the life of his family in Alaskan Bush and how he and his wife raised their 7 children.

There was a lot of controversy about the publicity stunt they took snd which included Ami’s mother.

It seemed that she wanted to come to Alaska to see her daughter because she had a stroke in 2012 and was diagnosed by Alzheimer’s disease. Earlen Branson waa on her way to Alaska in the company of her great nephew Charles Gilbert from Denver who financed her trip.

At the end, they were caught in a lie on their Alaskan Bush People VIP Only Facebook group. It seemed like her mother never even came to Alaska and that the family was on a vacation on Maui in Hawaii.

This was just a way to raise empathy of their Facebook fans.

Twila (TK Wilson) is Billy’s daughter from his first marriage and she was with them on this vacation.

Icy Strait Lodge is a motel which is rumored to be the Brown’s real home when they are not filming the series. They lost a lot of fans because of all this rumours.

Personal life:

Billy married his wife Ami Brown in 1979  and they have seven children together: five sons and two daughters.

He was married once before and has one daughter from this marriage and he is in contact with her.

The sons are named Gabe, Noah, Joshua, Matt, and Bear and the girls are Rain and Snowbird who is often called Birdy.

Since they mostly live in the wilderness and it passes up to nine months until they meet other people they have developed their own different accent and a dialect.

Quick summary

Full name: Billy Bryan Brown

Date of birth: December 3, 1952

Birthplace: Fort Worth, Texas

Age: 65

Profession: TV reality star

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $500,000