Tadoe is a Chicago rapper signed to Glory Boyz Entertainment record label. He is more known as a cousin of a known rapper Chief Keef. One of his other names is “Tadoe De Savage” but his real name is Darron Rose.

His songs and lyrics are well liked amongst music critics and fans but he has made only a few songs.

Early years

He was born as Darron Rose on July 14, 1995 in Chicago, Illinois.

He was raised in a low income family and has finished only elementary school because he had no interest in education. Today he takes care of his family and is proud to become a success.

Tadoes is a member of the Black Disciples gang as his friends and relatives too. Black Disciples is a gang in which his cousin  Chief Keef has a big role.

This street gang is considered very violent and is involved in serious crimes such as murders, racketeering, illegal gambling, money laundring and more.

Career development

In 2013 he was featured on Chief Keefs single named “Bankroll”. This gave his career a boost for he was not known.

He is signed to Glory Boyz Entertainment which is a label owned by his cousin Chief Keef and by Fredo Santana. They are called Glogang.

Tadoe is often a victim of pranks by his BGE friends: Chief Keef often interrupts his sleep, and once even poured a bottle of water on him.

He is also signed to 101 Distribution record label and he released only one album called “Thottied Thoinkz & Joints”. The album featured Ballout, Blood Money, Fray Savage, Capo and Sosa. The album is on iTunes.

His most known songs are “Tadoe Tuesday”, “Haircut” and “Know How I Rock”.

His known single with Ballout is named “Kill Me”. He is often featured on his cousins Chief Keef tracks. This proves how connected they are within their family.

In 2015 he collaborated on mixtapes “The Best of GloWorlds” with Chief Keef and “The Rise of GloGang Empire” with Ballout, which are all mixtapes made by and about their Glogang group and features all their members.

In 2017 he and Chief Keef were arrested for assault on Ramsay Tha Great at his home. Ramsay was beaten and the BGE stole his money, rolex and an expensive mobile phone. He pressed charges against them so they are about to be sentenced for their crime.

He has his own YouTube Channel “Tadoe Da Savage”. He sometimes posts but has more things to do so he isn’t regular. Ut contains all his music videos.

Tadoe has more income in the past few years because he decided to create his own brand of clothes which can be bought online on “Spreadshirt”. There is a wide variety of items there: from hoodies and shirts to hats and belts which are his favorite accesorize.

Personal life

There aren’t any information about his family and childhood. It is known that he has finished highschool but it isn’t known in which.

He is a heavy smoker and has a lot of tattoos (especially on his belly). He says that his tattoo’s are a form of expression.

He likes to wear a golden star on his golden neck chains. It is his signature sign and he feels confident while wearing it. He says it shows others his “star” status.

He has dreads and often wears hats. The hats he wears are mostly from his clothing line although he posseses a few very expensive brand hats.

He also has a ring on his nose as his signature sign but he is well known for his gang tatoos. He has both hands inked to the shoulders, including the hands. His recent tatoo which shows his dedication to the gang is tatooed on his face.

A lot of his tattoes include the face of the Gloman which is the gang sign.

He was involved in a controversy in 2013 when his private sextape came public twice (the second time was 6 months after the first; it was the same sextape).

An unknown woman gave him fellatio at his place and it was a rumoured that it was a known actress named KeKe. Rapper later stated it wasn’t the woman in question.

He doesn’t like to share information about his dating life for media always makes a huge deal out of it and then he can’t have a peaceful relationship. He realized that when he was in his first relationships. He also preffers not to have long and serious relationships.

It was rumoured that he was in a relationship with a very young female rapper named Cuban Doll and there is a video on YouTube where Tadoe, Chief Keef and the above mentioned lady drive around the city in Keef’s Lamborghini.

They have split up and she started a relationship with another rapper named Kodak Black. 

Quick summary

Full name: Darron Rose

Date of birth: July 14, 1995

Birthplace:  Chicago, Illinois

Age: 23

Profession: rapper, songwriter

Height: 1, 83 m

Weight: 73 kg

Net Worth: $100,000