In this article, we have prepared a very interesting topic and a very interesting text that will surely attract you attention. Today’s theme will be a lot of different from others topics and we will talk about one of the most important and interesting things in the world. In today’s topic we will talk about the favorite things of many people and about something without which we could not imagine our lives and our everyday activities.

We will talk about music without which the present world would look empty. Music is something that connects all people in the World and every person in the world has the kind of music that is his favorite. Music has been among people from ancient times and without it the world would be different.

Today’s article is reserved for rap music and we will talk about this type of music which is becoming more and more popular year after year. If you are interested in this kind of music, then this text will surely be interesting to you and will reveal some new information you may not have known up to now.

This music has always attracted many artists who want to express their freedom of speech. In these songs we can always find different opinions and in them, rappers always express their emotions and theirs everyday life. Rap is music that is not accepted well in all countries in the world. This music is most popular in the USA and from this country we have a large number of artists who have gained global fame.

In this text we will talk about an American rapper who is still young and who managed to make a great rap career. He began to build his popularity since 2012 and his artistic name is Rich Homie Quan.

He is a very specific rapper, and he initially dealt with sports. He wanted to become a baseball player, but his life was taken to the other side and he began to deal with rap music. In his career he has made many successful songs and he has worked with many successful rappers.

He released 1 album, but he has a great future ahead of him, and it is certain that we will hear many of his new songs. Rich Homie Quan has always attracted the attention of the public and he has had many turbulent situations. In this text we will talk about his childhood and details of his career and his private life.

Early Years

Rich Homie Quan or Dequantes Devontay Lamar was born on October 4, 1989 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

In this city he grew up with his parents and a brother. His parents had stable jobs and were able to provide good living conditions. In elementary school, he was interested in learning and had good grades. When he went to high school, Lamar had a favorite area and that was literature. He was very good in this area and often wrote his songs. He was very creative in writing and received praise from the professor.

Lamar was very inspired and thought that literature would be an area with which to deal with in the future. In the second grade of high school, Lamar began to play sports and he loved baseball. He began to train this sport and showed great talent. His coach considered that Lamar had a great baseball talent and that he would be able to make a career in this sport.

Lamar performed for the baseball team from high school and showed excellent results. He was among the best baseball players in high school and received a scholarship offer from Fort Valley State University. He accepted this offer, but after a short time he interrupted to deal with baseball and began to engage in other activities in his life.

Lamar interrupted the sport and decided to find a job that would bring him financial profit. He began to listen to rap music and began to write his own songs. He recorded several amateur songs but he did not intend to seriously deal with rap music. Lamar found a job at the airport and worked this business for several months.

After several months he was fired and had to leave this job. He was very disappointed and he had to find a new way to earn money. He continued to listen to rap music and wrote his songs, but he did not intend to do a professional job in this work. Lamar started with a few friends to deal with illegal jobs and after a month he was arrested for robbery.

He went to jail and spent 15 months in prison. While he was in prison, Lamar planned to change his life and wrote songs every day. While he was in jail, he wrote over 20 songs and most of them later recorded in the studio. He later stated that this event helped him to change his way of thinking, and that he then began to professionally deal with rap music.

When he got out of jail, Lamar immediately started to record songs and immediately started building his career. This event changed his life and his way of thinking, and he had to find his life business that would bring him financial gain. In 2011 he made several singles that brought him a lot of success on the Internet and a year later he started working on serious projects.

Lamar has made a connection with many famous rappers from USA who helped him to become popular. He always had talent, but he took time to prove that he is a very good rapper. When he began to gain popularity, Lamar received support from all his friends and from all rap music fans.


Rich Homie Quan began his rap career in 2011 when he released his first single, which he posted on the Internet. His first songs were not on a professional level but he managed to gain popularity over the Internet. In 2012, he started his professional career and released his first single from his first mix tape, called “Still Going On”. This single has reached a lot of success across the USA and Rich Homi Quan has started to gain popularity in rap music.

By the end of 2012 he released his first mix tape and these songs have reached a lot of popularity and positive reviews. In 2013, Rich Homie Quan started to work seriously and at the beginning of the year he released 2 singles with the popular rapper Gucci Mane and several songs with a rapper Young Thug. This year was very good for him because he then started to gain world glory.

His first mix tape was in competition for the best mix of tape of the year and finished in 10th place. In 2013, he co-operated with several famous rappers and made guest appearances on their albums. Rich Homie Quan was still an independent rapper and in the second half of 2013 he signed a contract with the production house Cash Money Records.

After the signing of the contract many newspapers wanted an interview with him and he stated that he was one of the successors of the rap scene from Atlanta.

By the end of 2013 he released several more songs in collaboration with other rappers and he managed to gain popularity across the United States. At the beginning of 2014, Rich Homie Quan was supposed to make a video with the LA raper. This video was not released and the media reported that Rich Homie Quan had a head injury and could not record the video.

Many journalists wrote that he had drug problems, but Lamar denounced it and announced that he had suffered a injury and that he would have to make a break in his career.

Rich Homie Quan was not active in rap music from the end of 2014 to 2017 and during that time he released only one song in collaboration with Gucci Mane.

In March 2017, he made a comeback in rap music and released a new single called “Replay”. By the summer of 2017 he released a new mix of tape that had achieved a lot of success in the USA and he proved that he would again be active in rap music. From the end of 2017 he worked on finishing his debut album, which he released in the spring of 2018. His debut album has achieved great success on the Internet, but has also sold over 100,000 copies in 2 weeks.

Rich Homie Quan continues to present this album and has held over 10 concerts across USA. He plans to continue to hold concerts around the world and says that he will release another album by 2020. During his career, he made a profit of about a million dollars. He is still a young rapper who still has time to make great success in rap music and we are surely that he will succeed. 

Personal Life

Rich Homie Quan had many ups and downs during his career. He was initially very interested in sports and wanted to become a successful baseball player. However, later he began to deal with other activities and ended up in prison. After the prison he began to deal with rap music and this brought him success.

He managed to become a famous rapper even though he released only one album. During his career, he had several problems with the law several times. When he signed his first contract with a production house, he decided to sue this house for unpaid debts. They were in court for over half a year, but eventually they managed to settle without court.

In May 2017, the police stopped the car in which Rich Homie Quan was and in that car they found marijuana, heroin and cocaine. Rich Homie Quan had a trial and was supposed to go to prison, but he managed to get a fine and did not go to jail. After this event, he stated that he would no longer use drugs and that he made many mistakes in the past.

Rich Homie Quan is currently living in Atlanta and is very active on social networks. He has Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profile and has over one million followers on these social networks.

He is not married and has no children and he says that he does not plan to get married in the near future. He traveled very often and in 2018 he performed at several concerts. Rich Homie Quan said that in 2019 and 2020 he plans to release a new album and to host a show in which he will uncover all his plans in the future. 

Quick Summary

Full name: Dequantes Devontay Lamar

Date of birth: October 4, 1989

Age: 30

Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Profession: Rapper

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 79 kg

Net worth:  $1 million