Blue Hamilton ultimately left the post of publishing music and began to enthrall the listeners with captivating voice.

After signing off from Warner Music Group he began his music career with ‘Radio Flyer’ which created a massive fan club in favor of this artist who loved a man called Matt Dallas, the American actor. His earning comes around $1.8 million dollars till now.

Early life

Known to people as Blue Hamilton, his real name is Jhonny Blue James Hamilton. He was born on 27th November, 1979 in Fontana which is situated in California. Hamilton went to Recording Connection Audio Institute. This institute is one of the renowned institutes where people join to learn music production and audio engineering.

Instead of being a famous personality, to our uttered surprise, we know nothing about his childhood days. Before getting established with a proper stable career in music Hamilton worked as a associate music executive for eight years in the world famous Warner Music Group.

He joined the company when he was 23 years old. He worked with Fernando Garibay who was into writing and production. He gathered experience during his tenure in the company and then felt to give his talent a chance to taste the glory.


Although he started his career as a publishing executive in the renowned music organization, Warner Music Group, He came up with his first piece of work ‘Radio Flyer’ which consisted of a series of four soothing tracks titled Flashdance, Supermoon, Neon 6 and Grace. When the victory fell on him his fans started calling their hero as ‘Blue Bells’.

Then he came up with an extended play name ‘Singles’ which is a collection of three songs as Don’t Cry, Stoned in Ojai and Runway. In one of his song, ‘Supermoon’, ‘Aim ignites to the sky nothing that we have said or done can be taken back’, suggest he brilliantly amalgamates the celestial world with the hardcode reality.

All his enchanting songs are available in the iTunes and Amazon

Hamilton works hard and gives his full effort to bring out the best performance.

Personal life

Matt Dallas the famous American actor declared publicly about their engagement, which is quite away from the normal relation. Dallas announced that he is in love with a man, whom the world knows as Blue Hamilton. They finally announced the uncommon marriage officially on 5th July, 2015. The even got displayed their marriage certificate on the twitter page making it a known to the public.

They were quite bold and sincere in their decision and even adopted a two year old boy and named him Crow to give their family a complete structure. The announced through the much accessed social network that Crow is almost a Christmas gift for the unique couple. Just after the adoption formalities the duo shared the uploaded intimate photos which gallantly proclaim the love they have for their child which is a common feature for any happy blessed couple.

The duo shared images of their luxurious house which is a much counted asset for the couple. Finally they happily announced that they are the most blessed couple who have a perfect family that one could dream of having. Probably they are one of the best encouraging examples of the gay world who live together happily with a desired sincerity in the respective work field. They left no stone unturned to match up with common alliance of this world by believing one to be the husband that is Hamilton and Dallas as the wife.

If for the time being one can get away from the normal faith and belief of customs of this world then they are the perfect illustration of humanity. What would one feel that if any foster parent disapproves their inability to adopt more when they see so many unlucky child without their parents. Yes, they confessed that they failed to adopt more uncared and deserted children.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Jhonny Blue James Hamilton

Date of Birth: 27th November, 1979

Birth Place:  Fontana, California, United States.

Age: 38 years

Profession: Music professional who is a Singer and a Lyrist too.

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $1.8 million US dollars