Sean Kingston, whose real name Kisean Anderson, is a famous American rapper, singer and songwriter. This talented young singer was meant to become a huge star, since music genes run in his family.

We will talk about his early years, his career and his net worth. If Sean Kingston is one of your favorite singers, this is a great opportunity to find out more about him.

Early years

Sean Kingston was born on February 3, 1990 in Miami, but grew up in Jamaica and then fled back to Florida. The future star did not have an easy childhood. Young parents did little well at their offspring. A neglected boy quickly got into trouble.

At the age of 11 he was accused of burglary, for which he spent 21 days in the reformatory. He was homeless and slept in the car when my mother found herself behind bars for embezzlement of identity.

Kingston saved the music that he had in his blood. His grandfather was a famous Reggae producer from Jamaica, Jack Ruby, who has worked with Bob Marley himself. It also helped the place where he grew up. – Music is everywhere in Jamaica – he says. – There are a lot of talented artists here.

When he reappeared in Miami, he began to participate in talent contests, eventually appearing alongside Pitbull or Ludacris. The story of a young boy who escapes from family problems in music was intrigued by J.R. Rotema (known for working with Britney Spears). – I met him through MySpace – recalls the vocalist. – I had a song page and tried to get his attention. I wrote to him at any time of the day or night. I did not mean to stop. I planned to torment him, sending three messages a day. Finally he called. The rest is history.

The 16-year-old artist’s style appealed to the esteemed producer so much that he took him to Los Angeles. First, Brother Rotema, Tommy, took care of him, teaching him and introducing the secrets of the music industry. Later J.R. still impressed by the young man, he gave him a contract with Beluga Heights, the label he founded at Epic.

The first hit of Kingston was created without any difficulties. A beat prepared by Rotema was enough. “I told him to leave me alone,” Sean recalls. – He left, and I started working on the chorus. Was amazing. Everyone liked it immediately, even Mary J. Blige, who was in the studio. Then I added the verses. Everyone knew straight away that it would be a hit.

Career path

Sean’s career started, like many of others, by pure luck and a lot of talent. He was always into music and was working hard to figure out his musical direction, which lead him to Miami.  He was discovered when he was 16 when he was in his father’s recording studio, mixing a hit from the 60s with reggae and R & B.

At the age of 17 he released his first single titled Beautiful Girls, based on the theme Stand by Me by Ben E. King. Later he would continue his career as a singer showing the combination of the urban and Jamaican American dialect in each of his compositions.

He is friends with the idol of the moment, the Canadian Justin Bieber, since 2010, the year they both sang the song Eenie Meenie, included in the Bieber CD titled My World 2.0, releasing the video of the song in April of the same year. Sean was an active part of the official song of the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games alongside four other artists, each representing their own continent.

Kingston represented America, South Africa represented Jody Williams represented Africa, Steve Appleton represented English, represented Europe, Singapore was Tabitha Nauser who represented the Asian continent and Australia’s Jessica Mauboy was the one who represented Oceania. However, with everything ready, Sean could not get to Singapore because of problems he had at the airport with his passport.

Later he collaborated with Wisin & Yandel on the song Fever from the album Los vaqueros: el regreso. He has shown qualities in acting and in 2011 he was in the series The Suit Life on Deck, called in Hispano-America Zack and Cody, twins in action, giving life to the love of London Tipton, where he played his song Dumb Love.

He is currently working on his new album where he has received the support of renowned artists such as Kanye West, Dr. Dre, Nicki Minaj, among others. He made statements where he confirmed that his hits Dumb Love and Party All Night would be included in the album.

He also continues to collaborate on the new theme of the Puerto Rican duo Wisin & Yandel that will be part of the Back 2 Life. In September 2012 he made news again when he was seen driving the Fisker Karma car of his friend Justin Bieber. Kingston answered all the questions by stating that the Canadian had given it to him, since he would soon receive the new model.

Another important song in the set was “Prosecutor”. The autobiographical work referred to the story of the mother and sister of the singer who were sent to prison. – It was difficult for me to go through it – he explains. – I saw different things. I saw them take them from the courtroom and I had to write about them.

The artist’s debut album, simply titled “Sean Kingston” (2007), has sold over a million copies worldwide. Jamaican rhythms mixing with melodious hip-hop and pop and characteristic were the key to Sean’s success. The work has found many fans around the world.

In mid-2008, the musician announced that he was working on a second studio work. “There will be various influences on my new album. Urban, pop … just everything. This time I will make a brand with my own name. I do not want to be just a guy who recorded a few songs.

To make the waiting for the album easier, the musician released the DVD ‘Kingston’s Road’ in December 2008. On the two discs, apart from five music videos, there was also a 30-minute film about Sean, in which he talks about his music, inspirations and live performances. There were also shots from behind the scenes, from a tour in Japan and “making of” most of Kingston’s music videos.

The effect in the form of the “Tomorrow” long play was released in September 2009. In the studio, the vocalist was supported by several guests, including Good Charlotte and Wyclef Jean.

Although the promoting single set “Fire Burning” was another hit, the whole work did not repeat the success of the debut.

The singer has, among others, duets with Sugababes (“Miss Everything”) and Justin Bieber (“Eenie Meenie”). Sean Kingston acted as a support during the Gwen Stefani and Beyoncé tour. The musician was supposed to sing in Poland, at the Warsaw Palladium club, on December 1, 2009, however the concert was canceled.

His net worth is estimated at around 2$ million. Much of his money has been spent, so the amount is significantly smaller than in 2008 when he was on the top of the music lists.

Personal life

Sean Kingston gives back to the community through his activism and he has a public service called Do Something that helps young teenagers to become more active in their neighborhoods. Having American-Jamaican origins, Sean Kingston gained popularity as a teenager, proposing an energetic mix of reggae, hip-hop and dancehall. He was soon hailed as the prince of the Jamaican music scene. Sean Kingston says his recipe for success is stubbornness.

A smiling, plump black teenager, in addition dressed in a flannel shirt is not necessarily associated with contemporary music star and youth favorite. Meanwhile, the boy was already the first single “Beautiful Girls”, with Ben E King’s “Stand by me” sampled the crowds of fans around the world. The song has been legally downloaded from the internet up to 4 and a half million times and was one of the biggest hits of 2007.

In 2010, he almost died because of a Jet Ski accident. Luckily he survived and for his careless behavior he had to pay a fine of 180$.

In 2010 he was also accused for a gang rape, together with his bodyguard. One of the victims was only 19 years old. The case was settled in 2013, probably by financial settlement.

Quick summary

Full name: Kisean Paul Anderson

Date of birth: February 3, 1990

Birthplace: Miami, Florida, U.S.

Age: 29

Profession: Singer, Rapper, Producer, Songwriter

Height: 1.88 m

Weight: 92

Net Worth: $2 million