DeAndre Jordan is a famous NBA baketball center currently playing for Los Angeles Clippers.

His nickname is “iron man” because of his remarkable physical strength and ability to endure pressure. Some also call him DeAndre 3000.

Early years

He was born on July 21, 1988 in Houston Texas, in the United States. His highschool education started at Episcopical High School and later continued at Christian Life Center Academy where he was transffered to. He played basketball in both school teams.

In 2007 he got the honors of being a part of  Third Team Parade All-American.

He enrolled the Texas A&M University and after one season of playing for their team he declared himself available for the NBA draft(in 2008).

He was chosen by the LA Clippers and soon he became one of the most valuable players and signed a $43 million dollars worth contract in 2011.

He almost transffered to the Golden State Warriors but the Clippers fought for him and finally he signed a good contract and stayed in the Clippers. His play improved every year and made him become one of the top of the players in the NBA.

Fans often compare him to Michael Jordan not only because of the same surnames but because of the way DeAndre plays basketball.

In 2015 the Dallas Mavericks offered him a $80 million worth contract but Los Angeles Clippers came to a decision to keep him and they offered him more. He signed a $88 million dollars contract for a four years stay in LA.

The same year he became the proud recipient of the NBA All-Defensive First team award.

He was a member of the American national team who won the gold medal in Rio De Janeiro Olympic games in 2016. He was extremely engaged at the Olympics and even said the medal means to him as much as the NBA rings.

Personal life

He is a Christian and often emphasizes how he is where he is, because of his faith.

He is known for his tatoos which are all religious : a cross on his arm, Bible qoutes on his chest and a prayer written on his stomach.

In 2012 he was dating Anara Atanes, a model and a pop singer. They met in Los Angeles and that same summer she travelled the Europe in his company.

His current girlfriend is a model Amber Alvarez. They don’t show much in public and are probably going through a rough period after they found out that DeAndre has a son. He confirmed it with the DNA test.

He is now fighting a custody battle over his baby son with his mother Ashley Rose.

Last year, in 2016, he retired his highschool jersey with number 12 at Christian Life Center Academy in Kingwood, which he attended.

Philantropic work

He is involved in charity events such as playing football with other celebrities or raising funds at Los Angeles Clippers Golf tournament.

Quick summary

Full name: Hyland DeAndre Jordan

Date of Birth: July 21, 1988

Birthplace: Houston, Texas

Profession: NBA basketball player

Age: 29

Height: 2,11 m

Weight: 120 kgs

Net worth: $25 million