We will devote this text to the American model, actress and internet sensation, which is followed by over 10 million people. We will talk about Brittany Razavi who was born in USA and has gained popularity in this country.

Brittany’s childhood was not easy because she grew up alone with her mother. Her father went to prison while she was a young girl. Her growing up was not easy and she had to deal in different ways. She worked different jobs while she was young and she was not ashamed of it.

Later she began to deal with modeling and began to be successful in this business. After that she began to gain her popularity through social networks and millions of people began to follow her work. Brittanya Razavi used her talent for modeling and photography and managed to win many fans around the world.

Nowadays, she continues to be successful in this business, and we also could see her in some roles in the movies. She stated that we can expect a lot of work on the film from her and that we will look at her in new roles in the future.

Early Years

Brittanya Razavi did not have a very happy childhood, and she had to work together with her mother. She grew up alone with her mother because her father went to jail while Brittanya was 15 years old. She had to do various jobs in order to have a normal life. She worked in different jobs and she never was ashamed of it.

She stated that she was a born fighter and that she always tried to become a successful person and to help her mother. After she turned 18, she showed talent for modeling and acting. In the beginning, she attracted attention of various photographers and people who claimed that she will be successful in this business.

She began to perform in various cities and many people began to follow her work. Brittanya decided to dedicate herself to this business and she tried to make excellent marketing.

She has succeeded in making great popularity on the Internet and in that way she managed to present her to the whole world.

Many people were delighted with her looks and attitude and she began to receive calls all around the world. Many people followed her work and she got more millions of followers on social networks.

She stated that she did not change and continued to deal with this business. Her friends supported her throughout her entire life, and everyone was always with her. They always said that Brittanya was a sincere person and a good-hearted person who would always be there to help other people. Brittanya had a difficult childhood and therefore she always tries to help all the people who need it.


Brittanya had to do various jobs and she had to be patient until she started making a career. She always liked to work and to participate in the work and therefore it was not difficult for her to find her talent that would enable her to provide a great financial life.

She always received support from her mother who was her best friend. They always had to work together and work hard to secure a normal life. Brittanya began to show talent for modeling and acting, and that changed her life. She showed great results on several auditions and she began to show her talent around different cities.

People have noticed her talent for modeling and her great look and she has started to achieve positive results in this business. After a short period of time, she became an Internet sensation because many people followed her work and many were thrilled with her look and her photography. Brittanya has won many fans around the world and her Instagram profile has been watched by over 10 million people.

She performed in many cities around the world and she represented various collections of clothes. During 2016, she received a call to play in an American film. She accepted the role in this film and showed that she has a talent for acting. After that she was given roles in several other films in which she acted as supporting characters. Brittany stated that she liked this job a lot and that she would try to play in many other films in the future.

She also appeared in several music videos that gained great popularity in the USA. These videos were viewed by over 100 million people across social networks and Brittany began to build a career in a great way.

After these spots, she received calls for many TV shows by celebrities. She was always pleased to receive calls and in these shows people could meet Brittanya as a person. She was always a modest person who had a goal to achieve a successful career in life.

She was always struggling to provide for her and her mother a good life because they had little money in the past. She was always a modest girl who had a perfect look and it helped her build a career. She has shown that she is excellent in modeling and has participated in many ceremonies in USA. During 2017, Brittanya became an expert consultant in the fashion agency in New York. This job brought her a lot of financial profit, but also much more popularity.

We can see new photos on a daily basis with many reviews on her Instagram profile. We can say that Brittanya enjoys in life and that she is becoming more and more popular every day around the world. She said that she was working on new projects and that in the future we could expect her new roles in the movies.

She also stated that she will appear in new music videos during 2019 and that people will be thrilled. She is one of the biggest internet stars in the USA and she has earned many fans. We know about her future that she will try to deal with the acting and that she will try to continue with the modeling and to realize some new projects in the near future.

Personal Life

Brittanya had a difficult childhood and it was not easy for her to achieve success and build a career. She had to look for jobs as a young girl and that helped her to become successful later. She always said that people were born fighters and that everyone had to fight for their happiness.

She found her luck in modeling and acting. In a short time, she was able to become an Internet sensation and to gain millions of followers who were thrilled with her work. She devoted her life to this business and we can say that she is a successful woman who managed to make a career independently.

We do not have much information about her private life and her love status. She had a boyfriend and was with him for several years, but after that they broke up. She currently does not have a partner and says that she enjoys her solitude and does not need a partner now.

Brittanya appeared in various shows, but she never talked much about her private life. She says that the public does not need much to know about her life, because in that way she manages to maintain her privacy. Her father went to jail when she was 15 and for the next few years Brittanya had no contact with him.

After the start of her successful career, she decided to visit her father in prison and to tell him that she had become popular. In an interview, she stated that childhood without a father was very difficult for her, but that she might be able to give him a second chance.

She always respected her mother with whom she had to grow up. She said she would always be there for her mother and that her success was the most important for her mother. She is very much attached to her mother and on many photos on her instagram profile we can see their shared photos.

Friends who were always close to Brittany stated that Brittanya was a person who was always honest and who always tried to give honest advice to all people. Brittanya said that in 2019 and 2020, many more people would meet her work and that she would try to implement her new plans. She has many new career plans and thinks that she will achieve much greater success and that she will get a lot more followers on social networks.

She has said that she has castings for several new films that will be very popular around the world. If you are interested in her work then you can expect many new projects from this girl and it is certain that she will satisfy all her fans.

Quick Summary

Full name: Brittanya Razavi

Date of birth: July 7, 1985

Age:  34

Birthplace: Oxnard, California

Profession/Occupation: Social media star, Model, Television personality

Net worth and salary: $6 million

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 56 kg