In today’s text we will pay attention to one of the most famous sports journalists in the USA. She is one of the most famous commentators and journalists dealing with the NFL.

Her name is Josina Anderson and we will introduce you to her career and her private life.

If you’ve ever followed FOX, ESPN and if you love the NFL then you must have heard of Josina Anderson. She has led and leads many shows related to the NFL and after each match we can hear her comments and opinions.

She excellently builds her career on US television and she has proven that she has excellent knowledge for sports. In her shows, she interviewed many NFL players but also she had interviews with other well-known athletes.

She began her career at an early age, but she later gained popularity when she began working on famous American television.

If you were interested in Josina Anderson then you will find in this text many interesting facts about her.

Early Years

Josina Anderson was born in Washington D.C. on August 15, 1978, and she grew up in a middle class family. In her youth, Josina was a calm and smart child who was involved in sports and showed excellent athletic abilities.

In elementary school, she began to deal with athletics and participated in various competitions and she managed to achieve success. She was always keen on knowledge and advancement and she wanted to devote to sports. She did not grow up in a wealthy family, but she thought that she would succeed one day in achieving success and provide financially to her family.

During the high school, she continued to deal with athletics but showed a desire for journalism. She considered that she could be successful in journalism, but she was most attracted by the field of sports journalism, since she also dealt with sports. Josina managed to graduate from the University of North Carolina, and after that she wanted to deal with journalism.

During the college, she continued to deal with the athlete, but she thought she would succeed in achieving success in another area.

That’s why she decided to devote her life to journalism. Immediately, she began looking for a job and she managed to start an amateur report on unknown TVs. Still, people managed to spot her talent and after a while she managed to appear on famous American television stations.


Josina Anderson began her career immediately after finishing college. She initially worked on unknown TVs, but after people noticed her talent, she started working on FOX and ESPN. Initially, she had short interviews and made brief reports about the NFL. After a while, she managed to get her own shows and long reports in which she was interviewing famous players and well-known athletes. She also wrote for the famous sports magazine and we could find her numerous articles about the NFL and about other sports.

Josina showed her talent as a young girl and immediately everyone could see that she was expecting a great career. Josina was always persistent and she thought that only with hard work success can be achieved. She had a wish to become a successful journalist immediately after graduating from college. She always liked sports and for that reason she built a career as a sports journalist. She worked a lot of shows and appeared in shows with many celebrities.

Josina also had her shows where she announced the fight against illicit substances in sport and against doping. For this reason, many felt that she was very brave and embarked on topics that she should not talk about.

Josina continued to talk about this topic, and for that reason she received support from many journalists. She talked about the problem of doping in sports and how athletes should not use these substances because it can affect their health.

She also considered that these substances are used only by insecure athletes who do not have the talent, but in this way they want to build success. She said that some NFL players used these substances and there was much debate in her shows.

Josina has her special shows dedicated to the NFL every weekend and we can watch these shows on FOX and ESPN televisions. She makes excellent interviews and through her shows we can meet the players and find out their private lives.

She always speaks the true facts and she always has information about the players and their future. Josina is one of the most important sports journalists in the USA and all who love the NFL are certainly thrilled when watching her shows. She also co-operated in famous sports shows on other televisions and featured with some celebrities in the shows.

She stated that in the future there are many new projects and that she may also devote to other sports. Nevertheless, Josina built her name through the NFL and many would want her to stay in this area.

During the year 2018, Josina received various awards for sports journalism, and therefore she stated that she would do even better to satisfy her viewers. She signed a contract to continue working for these two television stations and we can certainly expect many excellent interviews and emission in the future.

Personal Life

Josina Anderson’s private life is not well known to the public, and she always tried not to reveal the details of her life. She was always modest and she did not want to talk about herself on television. What we know about her private life is that she is not in love and that she has no partner.

She had some statements about the LGBT population in which she said that she did not support their story and that she did not interact with people who are LGBT. Because of that, she had a lot of condemnation from the public who thought that Josina had spoken hate speech.

She explained that she did not hate the LGBT community but she only made her own personal opinion. After that, she continued with her sports reports and people wanted to learn more about her private life.

She has perfectly concealed details from her life and therefore we do not have much information about her. She has managed to make an excellent career and it is considered that she earn $ 80,000 annually.

Her sports shows and interviews are watched by many viewers all over the US and around the world. Josina stated that she would continue to deal with this business and intend to expand her career to more sports.

Quick Summary

Full name: Josina Anderson

Date of birth: August 15, 1978

Age: 41

Birthplace: Washington, USA

Profession/Occupation: Journalist

Net worth and salary: 2.5 million $

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 59 kg