If you have always wanted to know the strongest man in the world, with this text we will help you to realize your wish. As you can already guess, today we will talk about the strongest man in the world, Brian Shaw.

In this text we are talking about the unusual profession of this man, we will speak about his private life, as well as about his childhood, growing up, friends and family.

Brian was declared the strongest man on the planet for several years. This title helped him to participate in numerous world competitions, and became a successful athlete.

During his career, Brian participated in a number of competitions, even in illegal battles that were forbidden. He reveals that growing up on the street helped him to understand the world as soon as possible, and to find his place in it.

Nevertheless, Brian never believed that one day he would be a strongman, his main occupation during childhood was a basketball and football, he also planned to become a successful basketball player.

Nevertheless, the future brought different plans and he managed to accept them. His first competition, as a strongman, occurred in 2009, although he showed solid results, it was not enough to attract public attention.

In that period, Brian was not satisfied with his results, so he decided to dedicate himself completely to this sport, in order to achieve very good results. After only two years, Brian won his first competition as a strongman, and recorded tremendous success. This experience helped him a lot in the future, his performances became very popular, and many of his critics believed that Brian contributed to the popularity of this sport.

His greatest success was achieved in 2013, when he won first place in two of the world’s biggest competitions in this sport. First he won gold in the Arnold Strongman Classic competition, and then the World’s Strongest Man. Brian was the first man to win the two biggest competitions in the same year.

Over time, his performances became more popular, people were impressed by his strength and positive energy. Nevertheless, success did not change him; he remained an ordinary man, who carried out his everyday tasks.

During the high school, Brian was a great fan of basketball and American football, and he was convinced that one day he would become a successful athlete.

Still, he did not believe he would ever be declared the strongest man in the world, nor would he deal with this kind of sport. However, after finishing high school, Brian realized that he wanted to change and refresh his everyday life. The decision to start dealing with this kind of sport happened quite accidentally.

Since being a fan of all sports, Shaw, together with his friends decided to visit the ‘Strongest People in the World’ competition, which was held in Los Angeles. After the end of the competition, Brian was impressed with the performances of the people who competed, he realized that he wanted to become one of them.

After a few months, his life has absolutely reversed. Although he had great predispositions for dealing with this sport, Brian was still not aware of how difficult and dangerous the sport is. His colleagues and friends advised him to carefully consider, and to be aware of the consequences that if he failed in this sport.

Still, Brian was sure about this decision, he believed he could achieve his goal. In any case, it was clear that his life would revolve completely, but he was ready to except all changes and problems. The first few months were very difficult for him and his family, his training became very intense, a large amount of nutrition was necessary for the development of his muscles. This pressure greatly influenced on his physical and mental health.

Brian acknowledged that this reversal had a great influence on the formation of his personality, he spent most of his time on training, and he did not have enough time for his friends and family.

Still, he was aware that they were his great support, and that they were along with him on this path. In his interview with ESPN Magazine, Brian said he was not aware of the challenge he was taking, he was not educated enough about this sport and at the beginning of his career he had serious injuries.

When he trained a basketball, his trainings lasted only 2 hours, but in this sport the training lasted for 7 hours. He said that he was not psychologically prepared for this change, but that he did not want to get up, he was ready for hard work and dedication.

After 5 years of intense training, strong nutrition and persistent work, Brian decided to participate in his first competition in this sport discipline. He did not have great goals in this competition and he believed that he was not ready to achieve good results.

His first competition held in New York, Brian did not achieve good results, he nevertheless gained valuable experience and decided to continue his work. After this competition, Brian woke up a great hope and desire to achieve good results, he began to believe in himself and his goal.

During this challenge, his family was his biggest support, they were ready to sacrifice everything to help their son. His father decided to make a private gym for his son, he helped him during the training and provided him with the greatest support.

Apart from being the strongest man in the world, Brian Shaw is a caring father, husband and friend. The great success he experienced never influenced on his personality, he remained an ordinary man who was worried about his family and friends. During his career, Brian Shaw gained a lot of experience, sacrificed himself and his time, worked hard and believed in himself.

After his second major victory, he decided to write a book about himself and the challenge that changed his life. In this book, Brian spoke of the many difficulties he had experienced during his career, he spoke about his struggle and about faith in himself and in God.

Early life

Shaw was born in Fort Lupton, he had a very happy childhood. His family was not rich, but with great effort and hard work they managed to provide the best conditions for their children. His father was the owner of the tool store, while his mother was one of the employees in this store.

It’s no secret that his entire family was involved in this job, even Brian, along with his brothers, helped his father and mother. Brian was very close to his parents, he had an open and honest communication with them. They were his great support, they always took care of him. Shaw spent his childhood in Dad’s shop.

A great surprise happened when his mother was pregnant at age of 45, although his parents thought it was a mistake and they were skeptical about pregnancy, but they decided to keep the baby.

After nine months, his mother gave birth to a girl. This period for his parents was extremely stressful, because the pregnancy in these years is very risky. Shaw was very excited about the birth of his sister, and he had the greatest influence in her growing up.

During childhood, Brian was a great fan of sports, he trained basketball, football and in his spare time he was swimming. His parents had a great deal of influence on his sporting spirit, also his father had been training basketball for years, while his mother was a volleyball player. However, because of many serious injuries and obligations, they both decided to retire from the sport.

When he started high school, it was clear that he was very talented, and that he could achieve excellent results in basketball. After several months, he joined the school basketball team. His results were getting better and better, but Brian was not fulfilled and happy because of this, he wanted a change in his life, but he was not sure if he was ready for it.

After finishing high school, Brian received a sports scholarship at the University of Colorado, along with his trainer, achieved excellent results, and after four years of study he received a degree in wellness management.

However during the games, Brian could not relax, he said several times that he cannot give good results because he felt trapped in his body. The basketball hall was not enough for him, and he felt that he needed to change his profession, and to devote himself to other things.


Before deciding to become a strongman, Brian said that he always felt he was capable of impossible things. He believed that he could do all he wanted, he could always lift the largest stone, climb on the highest rock and he was ready to win many obstacles in order to achieve his goal. He believed that there was a special energy and strength in him, and that was just one of the reasons why he wanted to become a strongman.

His career in this sport officially started in 2005, when he decided to dedicate himself to this sport and take part in his first competition. This competition actually served as a test, he believed that if he showed good results he could continue with his career, but if he failed to achieve his goal, he decided to give up from this sport and devote himself to another profession.

In that period, Brian did not have a clear goal, did not see his future, and he was not sure how his plans would develop. After 2004, Brian constantly participated in competitions and achieved better and better results.

Nevertheless, his first big success happened in 2009, when he was proclaimed for the strongest man in the world. His performance won the audience, people were thrilled with his success and he attracted great attention when he lifted three largest stone ‘atlases’ that were heavy over one ton. After this competition, Shaw became one of the competitors in Romania, and his results here were extraordinary. His talent was not only noticed in America, but around the world, especially in Russia, where most of the strongman came from.

During his career, Shaw was proclaimed the strongest man in the world five times. He competed in the biggest world competitions, won numerous awards and was repeatedly proclaimed as the most successful strongman.

He was a great fan of this sport, he has repeatedly said that this sport helped him to get rid of his fears and to become a successful and independent man.

His most severe competition took place in Russia in 2016, the competition was called the “death contest”, and many contestants did not want to try out this discipline because they believed it was extremely dangerous.

Still, Shaw did not want to give up, and after several training he managed to win in this competition.

Personal life

His private life never reached the public, he never wanted to talk about his family and children. Although he is a famous personality, Shaw has been always hiding his private life, yet in his first book he talked about his parents and childhood.

It was clear that his parents had a great influence on his life and career, but they were always his great support.

Quick summary

Full name: Brian Shaw

Nickname: Brian

Date of birth: February 8th 1982

Age: 37

Birthplace: Fort Lupton, Colorado, United States of America

Profession/Occupation: Strongman

Net worth: about $50 million

Height: 6 feet 8 inch

Weight: 150 kg