Young Thug Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Young Thug Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Young Thus made his mark on the rap scene because of his exceptional talent and desire to create good music. In today’s text we are going to talk about Young Thug’s childhood, career and net worth.

We will find out how this talented rapper became as popular as he is today and what set him apart from everyone else.

Early Years

Born on August 16, 1991, Jeffrey Lamar Williams, known as Young Thug or Thugger, is the tenth of a family of eleven children. He is the father of six children born to four different women. He has been engaged to Jerrika Karlae since 2015.

Born in the same neighborhood as Wacka Flocka Flame, 2Chainz, Ludacris, and Peewee Longway, whom he has been friends with since childhood, Young Thug grew up in an environment where rap is central. Growing up, he wasn’t a very good kid and he would always get into trouble because of his violent behavior.

He was expelled from the sixth grade because he hurt his teacher’s arm. Seems like music was the only thing that kept him away from trouble, so that was the only goal he had in mind while growing up.

Luckily, this goal was the right one for him, since he later became one of the most popular rappers in the rap industry.

Career Path

Young Thug’s career started at 20, he tries his luck with a series of mixtapes, and attracts the attention of Gucci Mane, who chooses to have it signed into his label. His first project after his signature, 1017 Thug, garners very favorable reviews, and therefore finds significant press coverage, important media like Rolling Stone, Complex or The Guardian considering this record as one of the best of the year 2013.

Jeffrey Williams may well be the least imaginative pseudonym in the history of hip-hop (Young Thug), his style of rap is, conversely, totally ignited and original. A rapper from Atlanta, he began to distinguish himself in the early 2010s, with the series of mixtapes I Came from Nothing. But when he joins Gucci Mane Brick Squad 1017, the rapper takes on another dimension.

The mixtape that he released then in 2013, with the support of DJ Scream and DJ Swamp Izzo, 1017 Thug, is undoubtedly his most accomplished to date, in the genre of extravagant rapper burned by drug use. It earned him a big critical rating, beyond even the usual spheres of Atlanta’s trap rap. The following year, Young Thug confirms that he is one of the most important and brightest rappers of his time, with his successful collaborations with Gucci Mane, with Bloody Jay (the duo Black Portland), then in trio with Birdman and Rich Homie Quan, under the name Rich Gang.

It is under the sponsorship of this same Birdman (the former mentor of Young Thug idol, Lil Wayne), that the career of the rapper goes one more step, with the release of this Rich Gang, then the one in 2015 of the album Barter 6, whose media exposure is particularly consistent.

A major figure in the new generation of artists from Atlanta in the mid-2010s, Young Thug is a colorful rapper and outstanding artist. Quickly considered one of the main hopes of the US rap, Young Thug publishes his first official single in 2014: Stoner is a huge success, and generates a lot of remixes from renowned rappers, just like the title Danny Glover, released a few days apart. At the center of speculation about his future, he signed a management contract with Cash Money Record while remaining a 1017 Brick Squad artist. Young Thug also began working with Kanye West, recording joint projects with Gucci Mane, Rich Homie Quan, Birdman, and Tha Carter VI, in reference to what was to be the title of the upcoming Lil Wayne album, the main source of Thugger’s inspirations.

He finally signs at 300 Entertainment and publishes Barter 6 in April 2015 after renaming it for legal reasons, and chose to make a mixtape rather than an album. Particularly productive, Young Thug released two other projects before the end of the year, before producing 3 other records the following year.

Renowned for his eccentric look and his androgyny, he became over time a muse of fashion and made as much talk about him for his style and his clothing choices (including his dresses) for his music. After a dozen projects in six years, Young Thug released his first real album in 2017, with Beautiful Thugger Girls, produced by Drake and unanimously hailed by the critics – despite sales certainly correct but far from the top.

Obviously not satisfied, he is still productive, and continues to contribute to the evolution of rap trends, especially as it is an important source of inspiration for many rappers. Young Thug is the father of six children: three boys, and three girls, born to four different women. He has been engaged to Jerrika Karlae since April 2015. The latter does not hesitate to display the infidelities of his companion on social networks.

Like any good rapper, Young Thug is regularly in beef with his friends, but something interesting, it also happens often to reconcile with his opponents, as with Future, with whom he scrambles publicly for a few years before recording a mixtape common in 2017. In the same kind of idea, Gucci Mane recently proposed a million dollars to Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan for them to reconcile.

His net worth is estimated at around 3$ million. Most of his money comes from the music he created in the past several years. He hasn’t been working on new projects as much as few years back, but we will certainly see more of him in the future.

He probably spent a lot of his money over the course of several years, which is understandable. If he doesn’t continue to make new projects, then it will be hard to keep this net worth at this level.

Personal life

Jeffrey Lamar Williams was born on August 9, 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, to a family of ten children. He is only 20 years old when he gets noticed under the name of Young Thug, thanks to three mixtapes published one after the other between 2011 and 2012 under the name I Came from Nothing.

Also from Atlanta, rapper Gucci Mane notices him and makes him sign at the beginning of 2013 on his label 1017 Brick Squad Records, a division of Atlantic. Now ideally framed, Young Thug publishes his fourth mixtape 1017 Thug, which marks the minds of critics and the public, thanks to the title “Picacho”.

A year later, in 2014, Future Bringer’s label, Freebandz, tries to enlist him by offering him a sum of one and a half million dollars, but Young Thug decides to stay true to his label and devotes himself especially to new collaborations with Drake. Finally, he signs on the 300 Entertainment label. A first album is announced under the title Tha Carter VI, designed as a sequel to Lil Wayne’s forthcoming album, Tha Carter V.

But the situation does not please the latter who asks his audience to boycott Young Thug. He decided to rename his effort Barter 6 and publish it as a mixtape rather than an album. We have to wait until 2015 to see the long-awaited first collection, Hy! £ UN35, better known as HiTunes. After a new mixtape called I’m Up in 2016, Young Thug signs on the Def Jam label and announces the release of his second album, MigoThuggin.

Thugger also comes from the world of fashion, like Lil Uzi Vert, and has never had problems to dress as he has given the real desire, nor has been forced to hide their attitudes or any gesture. You just have to look back a little to remember the cover of his ‘JEFFERY’, for which Young Thug posed dressed in a piece of design that many identified as a “woman’s”. That was enough for a few people to label the artist “fagot”. I repeat, 2018

The last similar situation happened only a few days ago, when Lil Uzi and the Atlanta enjoyed their time together. Uncorking champagne, going through the most luxurious stores to spend their money … But once again, the only thing that many saw was a “gay bashing” attitude.

Recently, Thugga posted on Instagram a part of his concert. Many would say that this is a normal thing, but he wrote: “Me and my lover dripping! @ Birdman5star fuck with me fool”. Many suspect that Thung is actually gay. This revives persistent rumors about Birdman’s and Weezy’s “relationships”.

When we look at Thugg’s Instagram, we see that he often calls these “lover” friends like the Metro Boomin beat maker. On the other hand, there are many images that leave one puzzled. Young Thug since he is popular surprises by his look (piercings, dresses, chignons …) and his attitudes sometimes very close with his “friends”. Charlamagne Tha God as early as May, during an interview for Vlad TV already declared that Young Thug was “the first Thug Gay gangsta rapper”.

We know that the morning presenter of Power 105 is the specialist of the excess but for once, he seems to be in the right. Young Thug gives very few interviews and a journalist never risky to ask the fateful question … For the moment his choruses and melodies make him one of the stars of the new generation of ATL. In 2014, is Hip-Hop ready to finally accept the first openly gay rapper? What do you think?

In the world of hip hop there are still many things that we must change, like that mania that some people continue trying to offend others by calling them things like “gay”. Although many are still unaware of this, we are in 2018. Who has suffered this unfortunate situation in a thousand occasions has been Young Thug himself, who has grown tired of hearing how they questioned their sexuality and the ways in which they did.

Besides being accused of being gay, Young Thus was often in problems with the law. He has six children to four different women and he had his first child when he was only 17 years old. He got engaged to Jerrika Karlae in 2015 and her mother is the owner of the Young Dolph swimsuit line.

Thug managed to buy his own home in 2016 that has around 11 thousand square feet and also filled his garage with expensive cars. He joined a campaign in 2016 under the name Fight Poverty Again. He donated all the money from a concert he performed on and said that he loves the fact he got his first child as a teenager.

In 2017, he was arrested in Brookhaven for drug possession and a firearm possession. Later the same year, he was charged for an intent to sell meth and marijuana. Besides this, he was charged for possession of amphetamine and codeine.

His fashion style is something that sets him apart from all the other rappers out there and he is very proud of his sense of style. Many call him the most versatile rapper when it comes to fashion. He often surprises his fans with his style.

He often wears nail polish and surprises others with his crazy fashion innovations. When it comes to his new music, we will probably see new projects in the future. If he manages to stop his bad behavior and stop having problems with the law. Hopefully he will forget his difficult childhood problems and continue being the talented rapper and singer that he is.

Until he releases new music, we can enjoy his old songs and his amazing talent. Hopefully it won’t be a long time until he decides to release something new

Quick summary

Full name: Jeffery Lamar Williams

Date of birth: August 16, 1991

Birthplace: Sylvan Hills, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.

Age: 28

Profession: Rapper, Producer, Singer

Height: 1.91 m

Weight: 85

Net Worth: $3 million


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