Dude perfect is group of five friends that has sports, comedy and entertainment brand. The five friends of the group are Cory Cotton, Coby Cottin, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones and Tyler Toney. This was a group that emerged by itself.

Once while they were making a basketball shot to win the bet for sandwiches their video was recorded and posted on YouTube. This video received more than 1, 00,000 views in a very short span.

With this they came to know that they can earn profit by posting videos that include fun. Later they again posted a video of trick shot this also got about 14 million views.

This popularity and liking created Dude Perfect. Almost all of their videos are about basketball and some are also associated with comedies.

At first they also donated to child of Compassion International for every 1, 00,000 views.

All of them are basket ball players, they have adequate knowledge about basketball. After launching their own video soon they started their own channel that named as Dude Perfect. They then started uploading their videos on this channel.

Later this channel also received huge popularity, approximately 1.23 billion views and more than 7.9 million subscribers.

These five friends who are behind this group were all basket ball players of high school and also were roommates while they were studying at the university of Texas A&M. Later they joined each other as a co founder of this group.

With their videos they become famous on YouTube and many brand expressed interest to join them.  ESPN contact and collaborated them at the same day when video was released and later they were also featured on ESPN’s.

There fun and entertainment helped them to cater fame among their fans and soon they started receiving various endorsement requests from various brands. There Stereotypes series was also appreciated and they received about 3 million subscribers on YouTube.

This made them famous and people started discussing about them later they were also seen on Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel and other TV shows like Pardon the Interruption, First take, Around the Horn, and Sports nation.

They were also seen in interviews of famous NBA players like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Kevin Durant. Later they also worked for several celebrities and athletes like Travis Pastrana, Tyler Seguin, Tim McGraw, Ryan Tannehill, Greg Zuerlein, Jamie Benn, Jacob McQuaide, Johnny Manziel, James Buescher, Jason Belmonte, John Hekker, James Hinchcliffe, Ricky Stenhouse, Travis Labhart and Tyreke Evans.

It surprised people when in 2015 they were drafted with Harlem Globetrotter’s team. All this contribution of the Perfect Dude groups adds up to their income and the Dude Perfect Net Worth is $5 million.

Dude perfect is famous for their fun to stereotypes and their trick shots that they make form sports world.

The introducing of Panda mascot was also done by Dude Perfect and later in year 2013 a video games with the name Dude Perfect was also introduced for Android and ios.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Dude perfect

Date of birth: 2008–present

Birth place:


Profession: Sports and Comedy brand



Net worth: $5 million

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