She has a terrific sense of beauty and fashion, and today this Korean-American icon had created enough reputation in her engagement. She has gone closer to her followers through her uploads in her vlogs in YouTube under “ClothesEncounters.”

She is best known for her advice on affordable fashion with various matching beauty tips, which is highly praised by her followers that she had gathered through her vloggings. She had a great respect for her brother who had been with her through the life in all the ups and downs. She had nicely managed her studies along with her serious effort in the YouTube channel.

All her efforts have made her earn enough money. All her earnings have given an estimated net worth of $900,000 dollars.

Early Life

She was born in Los Angeles on 22nd September 1990. She is the youngest member of her family and has been under the guidance of her brother James. In all her difficulties she had taken resort in her brother’s protection.

Two Korean came to Los Angeles and settled their life, and Jess is their daughter. Jess had been taught some family customs since her childhood which she was asked to maintained strictly. She was not allowed to decorate her room as per her wish even when she has grown up. She started working for the Baskin Roberts when she was just fifteen. She wanted to focus more on her YouTube channel and kept her busy in vlogging regularly.

She had always dreamt of winning the heart of followers by trust and sincere, affectionate relations. In her school days, Jenn was called by the name of Bruce Lee. To give more time in Clothes Encounters, she shifted towards northern California. In 2013 Jenn completed her bachelor’s in communication from the University of California.


She got in further close with her friend Sarah Chu who has been already doing vlogging for quite some time. The two friends joined hand to create their channel on YouTube in 2010. Her YouTube channel was growing fast more than she had expected and gathered more than 2 million followers in 2017. This is a remarkable success for any vlogger.

As Jenn is gaining popularity among massive web followers many sites and companies wanted to collaborate with Jenn to promote themselves. This is enough proof of her success and popularity. The companies with whom she collaborated include Thread Sence, Refinery, Teen Vogue and many more.

This collaboration had not only uplifted the YouTuber’s spirit but had also given a thrust in the marketing strategies of some reputed companies. Her reputation and acceptability have gone so high that even the premier companies like Macy and Target had also come forward to utilize her fame in their marketing endeavor.

It was really getting more and more difficult to manage her vlogging along with her education with the passage of time. Her educational assignments were growing with the spreading of her popularity. The demand of her valuable followers, which she has always tried to meet at the first instance were growing high and beyond the normal human capacity. But because of her excellent disciplined growing by her parents and relentless support of her brother she meets up all. She was equally handling her studies in college and uploads on her channel.

She soon realized that if she can promote other’s brand alongside she can promote her own brand too. She came up with the products for eye and lip under the banner of  “Colourpop” and “Jenn Ne Sais Quoi.” She was not disheartened by this effort. Getting excellent response she a clothing line in 2017 under “Eggie” which has been based on the Korean heritage. It is obviously a gesture of great respect for her parents who had always wanted their daughter to keep the heritage of their native land.

Personal Life

She had given her heart to the drummer of “Young Guns.” The drummer is Ben Jolliffe to whom Jenn is engaged since 2016. Instead of having busy schedules in their own professional life both try their level best to meet up each other’s expectations.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Jenn Im

Date of Birth: 22nd September 1990

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Age: 27 Years

Profession: Youtuber

Height: 1.55 m

Weight: 49 Kg

Net worth: $900,000