Catherina is highly praised for her roles in various television series. If you know Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Mackenzie of the much talked about series JAG, then you know who Catherine Bell is. She has also given her best in other series like ‘The Good Witch’ and ‘Army Wives.’

She began her career as a model but preferred acting to be her profession. She had gathered quite q good amount of net worth which is estimated to be in the range of $35 million.

Early life

She is actually Catherina Lisa Bell as named by her parent was born in London, the United Kingdom on 14th August 1968. Her father, Peter Bell was an architect and mother Mina Gharagozlou has served as a nurse. She had been to Iran with her mother when the parents got divorced; she was only two. Then she went to the United States when she was a girl of three. All this happened in her early age, and this gives her a Scottish and Persian ancestry. With a mixed ethnicity, she has an Iranian-American nationality.

The base of Lisa has an Iranian influence as she was grown with her mother and grandparents in Iran in a Muslim environment. Later when the family shifted to San Fernando Valley of California, she got the customs of Catholicism. She had been to the summer camp of the Baptist. She got enrolled into Our Lady of Corvallis High School which is a Catholic girl’s school.

In her childhood, she kept a tomboy attitude with a deep interest in playing football or skateboard. After schooling, she wanted to be in the world of medicine and hence joined ULCA. As she carries a beautiful face and nice figure she accepted the assignment of modeling in Japan. This does not stay long, just after four months she went back to America and at Beverly Hills Playhouse started taking acting classes.  She also had the experience of a massage therapist, and some prominent personalities were her clients as singer Peter Gabriel.


In 1990 she began her career in ‘Sugar and Spice,’ the much talked about television serial with a one-line role spoken to Gabriel. Next year, with the role of Donna she appeared in ‘True Colors’ series. In 1992 she got the role of Isabella Rossellini in the film ‘Death Becomes Her.’ She was seen in ‘Men of War’ a film by Dolph Lundgren in 1994. She got a three line role in 1995 to appear in NBC TV series JAG which was canceled somehow.

Then can the real breakthrough when CBS restructured the same series in 1996. In this Bell appeared as a Marine lawyer with the character name of Sarah MacKenzie. In one of the episode, she came up with fluency in Persian. The series was highly admired by the viewers and Bell continued the series till 2005.

Then she was seen as Denise Sherwood in the ‘Army Wives’ drama series. In this drama, she played the role an of lieutenant colonels’ wife who bears the violence of teenage boy in the beginning season. In 2006 for her performance in ‘The Triangle’ she was nominated for the ‘Best Supporting Actress on Television’ for Saturn Award.

She was assigned to the main character role of Cassandra “Cassie” Nightingale in Hallmark’s ‘The Good Witch’ in 2008. Then she was busy in the sequels from 2009 to 2014. Along with her acting, she has served as a co-producer in the movies. She is also cast in another movie of Hallmark titles ‘Last Man Standing’.

In 2015 it was declared that she is coming up with yet another role in the movie titles ‘Love Finds Its Way’ which will be filmed in Vancouver from 2016. The film has its premiere on 9th July 2017 on the Hallmark Channel.

Personal life

In 1992 on the set of ‘Death Becomes Her’ she met Adam Beason the actor production assistant, and both were impressed for a relation. Both decided to marry, and the couple got married on 8th May 1994. She had given birth to her girl child Gemma in 2003 and became the mother of a son Ronan in 2010. Her relation with Adam went wrong somehow, and the couple decided to part away in 2011.

While filming in Thailand for ‘Men of War’ she got in close with her co-star Trevor Goddard and remain good friends until Goddard died because of a drug overdose in 2003. She lives with Brooke Daniells the fellow Scientologist in Los Angeles since 2012. Now Bell is practicing Scientologist along with acting. She is supporting Hollywood Education and Literacy Project. She extended herself for the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.

She has a deep interest in skiing, motorcycling, kick-boxing, and snowboarding. She also spends her time in making model cars and cross-stitching. In NASCAR Cup Series race she was the Grand Marshal at Dover International Speedway. To match her stardom she had paid $2.05 million for a ranch house in the Hidden Hills on the western suburbs.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Catherine Lisa Bell

Date of Birth: 14th August 1968

Birth Place: London, United Kingdom

Age: 49 Years

Profession: Model, Actress, and Producer

Height: 5 Feet 5 Inches

Weight: NA

Net worth: $35 million