Ian Connor is a New York-based, popular casual clothing stylist who emerged from online promotion and selling of his designed, screen-printed sweaters and shirts.

He found stardom at the very early stage of his career with a collaboration with designer Will Fry where they launched an Andy Warhol inspired graphic print on various pieces of clothing. He has handled the styling of many famous personalities starting from Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Rocky, Kylie Jenner, Virgil Abloh and much more.

He has also modeled for the collection of Kanye West’s Yeezy and more. Ian Connor’s has been termed to be a prodigy in the present age of street fashion and casual wear.

Ian Connor Net Worth

Ian Connor is an American fashion designer, model, and stylish. As of the current sources, his net worth has been valued around $800 thousand. His annual salary has been estimated to be somewhere around $350,000.

Early Life

Ian Connor was born on January 2nd 1993, in New York. He has claimed himself to be the ‘King of the Youth’ and is associated a popular mob named A$AP Mob. At the age of 9, he moved to Atlanta but re-settled in New York at the age of 18. His current residence has been stated to be Hollywood, California.

Not much about his parents, education or childhood is known to the media. He prefers to keep his family background away from the spotlight.


Ian Connor started his career in styling and eventually as a fashion designer from the very base. He used to operate his own microblogging website through Tumblr. He used the platform to sell self-designed, his personal range of customised and themed sweaters and shirts. He runs this website along with L3NF and Glynn Brown. His clothing line and styling have been deemed to be casual styling for day to day, streetwear.

After his collaboration with designer Will Fry, his fame escalated, and he was brought into the limelight. He received the attention of various entertainers as his clothing line soon became pretty popular and desirable. Popular figures like Left Brain and Trinidad James fashioned and wore his designed clothes on multiple public events.

This stunt and promotion was the stepping stone of Ian Connor’s present day success. Connor gained acquaintance and force into the celebrity circle as a stylist and has worked with legends like Wiz Khalifa, Virgil Abloh and also many reality TV celebrities like Kylie Jenner. After he was signed in by A$AP Rocky for his AWGE collection, Ian Connor became a popular name to be associated with the famous A$AP Mob.

Apart from the already mentioned celebrities, Ian Connor has also worked as the stylist of Playboi Carti (Atlanta rapper). Connor has collaborated with various brands as well; some of them are Emotionally Unavailable, FourTwoFour and Pink Dolphin. Apart from his bright career in styling and fashion designing, Ian Connor has also modeled for the collections of Mishka as well as Yeezy by Kanye West.

In 2015, Connor received a feature on leading Complex Magazine’s 25 under 25 as ‘The Young Leaders of Style.’ He has also been featured on the cover of Exit Magazine (2016, Issue 32).

Even after his breakthrough into the popular fashion industry, Ian Connor’s influence is still widespread in the online or website based networking and business through that. His products and clothing are still available on many platforms including Twitter and Instagram, apart from Tumblr.

During 2016, he launched a range of clothing with the use of colossal imprint. This line faced criticism from Malika Anderson and few another individual that claimed Ian Connor has copied and violated rules. He faced harsh from these individuals. However, Theophilus London started with a tweet that Ian Connor’s idea was absolutely original, but he failed the time mark as the trend has expired for the recent years.

Ian Connor believes in being big on online accounts because his talent has seen the limelight through the online promotion and marketing. Ian Connor’s Instagram account (@ianconnorsrevenge) has a very interesting bio which states ‘I Don’t Use Emails.’

Personal Life

Not much has been revealed about Ian Connor’s personal or family life. It has been rumored that Connor has dated a lot and among them are Madison Skylar, Sarah Snyder, and Indya Marie. Ian Connor’s zodiac sign is Capricorn. About his dating life, we have no news of Ian Connor having a wife or any children.

In early 2016, Ian Connor was accused of sexual assault of a student from Emory University. The accusation was taken into the investigation by Atlanta Police Department. The incident supposedly took place on October 5th, 2014.

Ian Connor has over 800,000 Instagram followers. Connor has some weird interests which state that he would like to die before hitting the age of 30; he likes to take mirror selfies with elderly white men who are unsuspecting of his celebrity status or fame. His Instagram account is filled with such intriguing, weird images, mostly his mirror.

Ian Connor, the stylist, and fashion designer were also accused of other rape charges. In the heat of these charges, Ian was punched hard in his face by Jabari Shelton when he was leaving a store during his trip to Paris. Not much of what happened to the accusations is available to media’s knowledge.

Quick Summary

Name: Ian Connor

Date of Birth: January 2nd, 1993

Birth Place: New York City, New York, USA

Age: 24 years

Profession: Fashion designer, celebrity stylist and model

Height: 1. 65m

Weight: 65 kg

Net worth: $800,000