Chester See is a famous YouTuber and a singer who rose to fame over social media. Chester is also an actor and a vlogger known for his signature phrases : „Chester Knows“ and „Welp, Catch Ya Later“.

Early years

He was born as Chester Lionel See on April 20, 1983 in Fairfield, California in United States.

He was born into a mixed family with roots from Phillipines and North Europe.

His mother’s name is Lilia (Zafra) and his father is named Frederick Clifton See.

He graduated in 2005 gaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater Arts and also Economics, on UCLA (University of California).

He has been interested in music from very early age and he plays the piano.

His parents always thought he will succeed in the musical industry and so he did. They were always supportive of him and he has a great relationship with them. 

Career development

He started his career as a host on Disney Channel until 2009 when the show he hosted came to an end.

In 2007, Chester decided to show his talent to the world so he opened a „Chester See“ YouTube channel. Before that, he made his income by writing lyrics for an American music company called Warner Music Group.

He posted all sorts of work on the channel: he played cover songs, did some short comedy films, stunts and sketches.

After his YouTube channel gained success, he became a part of MCN (Multi-channel network) which helps him in production and funding in exchange of revenues from his income over internet.

Five years later, he and a few other top YouTubers: Ryan Higa, Kevin Wu and Justin Lin, created their own collaborative YouTube channel called YOMYOMF. The main idea of the channel was to bring a reality talent show on internet – it was called „Internet Icon“. Chester was a host in the first and Chris Riedell in the second season.

At the end of the same year, he was invited to become a competitor on „D.trix Presents Dance Showdown“, created by Amanda Taylor.

Due to his emerging popularity, he became employed by NBC to become an executive producer of their new music comedy called „Side Effects“. Not only that he produced it, he starred in a few episodes (four to be exact).

In 2014 he was hired by Jeff Stanford for his comedy film „Camp Takota“ where he played alongside Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig.

His great musical talent brought him a place in „Rock of Ages“, a Broadway musical, produced in 2015.

See was a cast member in an action comedy film called „Bob Thunder: Internet Assassin“.

See has a great influence on people over the social media and is very active on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

He was nominated for several Streamy awards but hasn’t received any until now.

Chester has over 200 000 Twitter followers and almost 2 000 000 subscribers on his YouTube channel which is a very high number.

He also receives income from selling items with his signature phrases over the Internet. You can buy shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies with catchy sayings such as: “Chester gives me the feels” or similar.

Personal life

He is a great musician: he started playing the piano when he was only six years old. He wrote his first song when he was 10.

He has one older sister named Alysia and the get along great. His mother comes from Filipines so he is half Filipino. His father has English, German, Dutch and French roots.

He started his relationship with Grace Ann Helbig in 2014. She is a colleague comedian, actress and a YouTuber.

They have never oficially confirmed their relationship but it was obvious since they were together all the time, travelled on vacations together, filmed many YouTube clips and videos from Grace’s house (her dog Goose was the member of the crew).

But it seems they have split up in 2017. Chester went off the grid – he disappeared from social media and Grace did her videos alone. After a while, he returned to his social media accounts but always alone and all the videos and pictures were taken in his house, not Grace’s.

Quick summary

Full name: Chester Lionel See

Date of birth: April 2, 1983

Birthplace: Fairfield, California

Age: 35

Profession: YouTuber, actor, comedian

Height: 175 cm

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $2,4 million