Joe is famous Youtuber and a face very familiar to many people. He has made quite a name for himself in the Youtube community.

In today’s article we are going to talk about his net worth and career, but also about his personal information and the way he spends his free, when he is not on YouTube. So stick with us if you would like to learn more about this famous YouTube and his interesting life.

Early Life

Joe was born on February 25th 1992 in Queens, New York City. Joe grew up with his 3 brothers and sisters. His dad is a former firefighter while his mom is a former secretary of the university. He got his Francis Preparatory School education.

He then went to the “Queensborough Community College,” even though later fell out.

Joe began working as a pizza deliverer but also as a bartender for almost a year after completing his studies.

After this, he started working as an editor for Elite Daily, an American-based online media website. Later, Joe began to create short films, sketches, and parody songs.

A friend recommended that he make videos and upload them on YouTube when he was only 18. Joe posted his first video to his YouTube channel called “SantagatoTV” in September 2010.

Joe subsequently became part of the popular “Settle down Kids” YouTube Channel. Eventually, 300 K exceeded the amount of subscribers.

Joe had a famous “Vine” account until it was shut down in 2015. Joe also has a “Super Joe” channel and a “Veterans Minimum” sports channel.

Joe also has a variety of podcasts and a NYC-based radio station named “The Basement Yard.” His channel has 98.3 K followers and on the iTunes charts was ranked #1.

Career Path

Joe partnered with Dwayne Johnson, actor and pro wrestler, popularly known in 2016 as “The Rock.” Joe produced and hosted a number of videos on Rock’s “Rock, The Promo” YouTube channel. In 2015, Joe worked with Hasbro to create “Speak Out,” a hilarious and very funny game.

Participants must recite phrases in their mouths while wearing a dental plastic retractor. The game came out in August 2016 and Joe’s video “Watch Ya’ Mouth” borrowed the idea.

In the production of “Speak Out: Joe Santagato Version” (2016), Joe and Hasbro have partnered. For this edition, Joe produced the content that was bit too much than the original. The game was played several times with celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Pratt, Kevin Hart on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

During 2017, Joe again partnered with Hasbro to jointly market “Hasbro’s Hearing Stuff” board game. There are two players in the game, one of whom has headphones on the head and cannot hear. By reading their lips, he has to figure out what the other guy is working on.

Joe revealed in October 2017 that he was working with Elite Daily colleagues to launch “Wing,” a new provider of telecommunications services. “Wing” uses cellular towers and provides its customers with numerous limited and unrestricted data choices. A special film is that in the next billing cycle, its customers will be reimbursed for unused data.

Narratively, a forum for online reporting in 2013 launched a feature about Joe and his family. The story was titled “Queens ‘ Kardashians” and was a major boost to his career.

Santagato uploaded 172 videos of different formats between 2014 and 2018. His siblings and friends are featured in many of his videos, whether they play a board game or perform a skit.  In order to share his daily life in vlogs, Santagato formed a second channel and later created a channel to host clips from his podcasts.

Santagato retired from YouTube in 2018 and suspended his weekly upload schedule to focus more on his upcoming podcasting career. The Basement Yard is currently hosted by Santagato with co-host Danny LoPriore, a former star of the Vine.

He also co-hosts Other People’s Lives, a podcast focused on interviewing people with alternative interests or lifestyles, with Greg Dybec, a Huntington Station, NY blogger.

Santagato also has the title of Veteran’s Minimum in a show. The show focuses on soccer, sports betting and the latest news from professional sports. Santagato and a band of his childhood friends are hosting the podcast.

In October 2017, Santagato launched Wing, a cell phone service that provides a contract-free telecommunications experience, along with three others including co-host Dybec.

The company allows customers to use a simple app to switch their data plan, carry their own phone, and control their account. According to Fox 5, Wing aims to disrupt the big phone companies in the space. The business has clients in all 50 countries, based in New York.

Personal life

On May 14, 2014, Santagato founded its YouTube channel. His videos were initially short YouTuber clips that made fun of everything from dating to internet trends. Santagato uploaded the video “Internet Idiots” in September 2014. The video went viral and received over six million views.  He later turned the video into a 15 episode series.

Joe Santagato was born in Astoria, Queens, New York, USA on February 25, 1992. Joe is the youngest kid of a school director, Elizabeth Santagato, and a former firefighter, Joseph Santagato. He’s got three older brothers, Shannon Santagato, Keith Santagato and Thomas Santagato. Roman Catholic had been born.

Santagato attended the Catholic Children’s School of St. Francis of Assisi. He then attended Louis Armstrong Middle School, and went for high school to St. Francis Preparatory School where he was on the football team at school. From his early days, he has loved sports and facing the camera. One of his friends suggested that he share his videos on YouTuber in 2010.

Joe Santagato first worked as an online news producer and editor, called Elite Daily, until beginning his job as a YouTuber. He started his self-titled YouTube channel in 2014, Joe Santagato, and there he regularly posts humorous content. Since 2018, with over 388 million views, he has 2.4 million+ people who follow him.

In addition to that, Santagato leads an extra YouTube channel, Extra Joe featuring weekly vlogs, a channel devoted to sports, Veterans Minimum, and the Basement Yard featuring audio videos from the “Basement Yard.” He has a Vine page before.

Santagato also helped create the Speak Out Hasbro board game came out in August 2016 grounded on his video “Watch Ya’ Mouth.” This helped players repeat phrases while putting in their mouths a dental retractor.

He is also a fan of the board game Hasbro’s Hearing Stuff. He revealed that he will launch a new company under the name Wing in October 2017.

Joe Santagato is with his girlfriend called Samantha “Sammy” Rickey, an ex-Instagram model, in a romantic relationship. S

ince 2015, the couple has begun dating and has a good relationship since 2018. He is quite close with his family and all of them often appear in Joe’s YouTube videos.

Santagato, is a very big admirer New York Rangers and New York Giants, and also of New York sports teams. He has often noted that his comic influences have always been a great inspiration to Richard Pryor, George Carlin and Robin Williams.

He is quite active on social media and on Instagram as of 2019 has more than 834k+ followers.

Santagato had a fight with YouTuber, called Alfie Deyes, in October 2015, of stealing his plans and he didn’t give him any recognition for his “The Mad Lib Story Challenge,” but Deyes declined to see his video. Zoella, the wife of Alfie, came on this topic to protect her husband.

Subsequently, another YouTuber posted similar clips, giving Joe due credit which exacerbated Alfie’s fair play problem.

Quick summary

Full name: Joseph Patrick Santagato

Date of birth: February 25, 1992

Birthplace: Astoria, Queens, New York,

Age: 28

Profession: Youtuber

Height: 1.85 m

Weight: 90 kg

Net Worth: 300$ thousand