Cassper Nyovest is one of the most famous people on the African continent. His rapping career took off very fast, and he soon became one of the highest paid rappers in South Africa.

The African rapping and pop scene might not be as world-wide famous as the American one for example, but there are stars and celebrities out there that deserve our attention. Casper is definitely one of them.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about his career, his net worth and his personal life.

There is plenty of information that people would like to know about this famous South African rapper, so let’s begin with information about his early life and childhood.

Early Life

Cassper Nyovest comes from Mafikeng from South Africa, on December 16, 1990. He’s got a brother and a sister named Tsholofelo and Khotso. He spent his childhood in Mafikeng, Montshiwa. He graduated from the Sol Plaatje high school.

He was a part in some sporting activities at his class, such as soccer, basketball and cricket. He’s been an athlete. He started to rap when he was in sixth grade. In his tenth grade, he failed. He dropped out of school at the age of 16. He transferred to Potchefstroom afterwards. He and his aunt lived there.

Previously, his relationship was always refuted by Cassper Nyovest. His relation with a famous actress Boitumelo Thulo was confirmed in 2015. Nyovest picked an attractive woman from Cassper. She has perfect body and flat stomach measurements. The pair agreed to make an appointment. Nevertheless, the pair split at the end of 2015.

He became a member of the gang of youth in 2004. This party was eventually disbanded. He went back to Johannesburg and began as a rapper and producer in his musical career. He joined another band, eight member’s slow motion. Cassper got a contract with Impact Sounds when he was 16. He moved back to his state after two years.

A few months later, Cassper Nyovest’s success was heard by the Motswako rappers HHP. Cassper was very impressed with his success and for his new album called Dumela he chose him for the Wamo Tseba Mtho.

He started outbound trips with HHP as an artist and there became much better known. Cassper also appeared on different international stages, including Kid Cudi, Nas, Talib Kweli and many more.

In 2013, with his official single Gusheshe, Cassper Nyovest came out with his new album Tsholofelo.

Everybody liked his song, and plenty of radio stations in South Africa played it. He then released Doc Shebeleza, another single. With positive reviews from everyone, another single also achieved another success.

Career Path

Cassper grew up in a town in Mafikeng called Montshioa, the capital of the province of North West. He attended secondary school at Sol Plaatje. He was pretty talented as he was interested in numerous sporting activities including football, cricket and basketball.

Nyovest moved to his grandmother’s house in Potchefstroom after flunking his examinations in grade 10. He made the decision to leave high school when he was 16 the next year and made the decision to chase after his music career.

He started raping at the age of 12 when he was in sixth grade. Then he got out of school when he was 16 to chase his music career.

He was a member of a group named Childhood Gangsters (CHG) in 2004 that was eventually dissolved. He later formed’ Slow Motion,’ a group of eight people.

He was signed by the Motswako label ‘ Impact Audio’ in 2007, but he left to start his own label after two years without a release, but it failed.

Motswako rapper HHP discovered Nyovest on a stage and was inspired and even featured him on his album ‘ Dumela’ on’ Wambo Tseba Mtho.’ He invited Cassper on his international tours where he became an artist.

He was involved with AKA in 2014 in a highly publicized’ beef,’ which prompted both artists to record diss tracks about each other. In 2013, from his debut album ‘ Tsholofelo’ he released his first official single’ Gusheshe.’ His second single’ Doc Shebeleza’ was a big hit as it debuted on the official music chart of South Africa at number 4.

His’ Tsholofelo ‘ debut album was released on July 18, 2014. It was number 1 for 2 consecutive months on the South African album chart of iTunes.

The estimated net assets of Cassper Nyovest are $ 800,000. Cassper is one of the rappers who also appeared in games. He has made such a great value in a very short time. During the year 2015 Cassper made the decision to sign with the biggest music contract with MTN. Cassper is the only artist performing over the world.

He is also purchased for various sponsorship, advertising, advertising and promotional activities, which also helped increase his fortune. Some of his records and dramas like Tsholofelo, Refiloe, Doc Shebeleza,

Cassper Nyovest loves luxury living. He loves cars. He recently bought a new car. He also posted an images on Instagram with the beautiful Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe. He does not own a Rolls-Royce yet, but it’s his car from dreams.

His fortune also helped him buy an expensive home. Cassper has a new home with a large swimming pool in Kyalami.

He also wears an expensive presidential Rolex watch for R448 / 300. In 2014 he started his label and company called Family Tree. He has signed a major advertising contract with AG Mobile and MTN. they welcomed Cassper Nyovest as the new brand face.

Cassper Nyovest is a great record producer. He works very hard and started his label and his own media company. He is one of the richest rappers in South Africa. Cassper managed to make such a great success in a short time.

Personal life

Cassper Nyovest is a prominent South African rapper and CEO of the 2014 South African record label Family Tree Records.

Born in Mafikeng in the year 1990, Refiloe Maele Phoolo known as Cassper Nyovest is a rapper, a musician (drums, keyboards, vocals) and a hip hop producer also influenced by kwaïto, motswako, house and afropop. He started in 2004 and has multiplied collaborations (HHP, Okmalumkoolkat, Chad Da Don, Rick Riky, Ganja Beatz, Anatii, Major League DJz, Young Slugz).

Cassper Nyovest signed her first personal album Tsholofelo in 2014 which became a platinum record and created her own production house “Family Tree” and her clothing line. He has won numerous Hip Hop Awards and SAMA Awards in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

The best known as a Rapper is Cassper Nyovest. South African singer best known for hit singles such as “Gusheshe” from 2013 and “Doc Shebeleza” from 2014. He is also the founder of Family Tree’s independent record label.

He was born in Mahikeng, South Africa, on December 16, 1990. He and Jack Parow are both well-known rappers from South Africa. He was a high school player playing football, basketball, and cricket.

Cassper Nyovest was born on Sunday, December 16, 1990 (generation Millennials) in Mahikeng, South Africa. He is a Sagittarius, 28 years old. He is a South African recording artist and producer called Maele Phoolo, also known as Cassper Nyovest.

His Tsholofelo debut album was released on July 18, 2014. He is currently signed to Family Tree, his own independent label and Media Company. The 2013 South African Hip-Hop Awards were dominated by his song “Gusheshe,” winning Song of the Year, Video of the Year, Best Freshman, and Best Collaboration.

He released his first album, Tsholofelo, on July 18, 2014. He was number one on the iTunes graphic albums in South Africa for two consecutive months before Duncan Government Street knocked off.

Nyovest was positioned number 1 on MTV Base’s list of “The Hottest MC in Africa” in October 2014. Nyovest was also ranked number 2 on the MTV base list with KO number 1 “Hottest MC of SA.”

Nyovest criticized the list because of DJ Vigilante’s close affiliation with Cashtime rapper KO life He said Vigilante was not supposed to be on the leaderboard and showed his dissatisfaction with the list by releasing a song called “beef” in which he dissents DJ Vigilante, Alias and KO.

After Tsholofelo’s release, Nyovest indicated he was making new music in the studio, probably for his second album. Working with DJ Drama, Casey Veggies, Wizkid and frequent contributor Anatii, he was photographed. It would be revealed later, however, that the songs were for the platinum edition of Tsholofelo.

Just 10,000 printed copies were released in the platinum edition on April 17, 2015. Nyovest announced the release of his second album at the venue on October 31, 2015 at the Dome Ticket Pro presented as “Fill the Dome.” On July 13, 2015, he announced the album’s name as Refiloe.

The album’s first August 14 single called “Mama I Made It (# MIMI)” was released for purchase on iTunes and for only 24 hours as a free download. Shortly after its release, on the iTunes South Africa chart, it reached a top number 1 in all genres.

He was also featured on numerous South African radio stations, including the “New 5” series on 5FM by DJ Fresh. Ganja Beatz, who has been collaborating with Nyovest for a long time, made it. The same day, the American rapper Talib Kweli who had previously collaborated with the remix “Doc Shebeleza” released his first single from his album “Fuck the Money” featuring Nyovest’s guest verse.

On October 25, 2015, he announced the selling of tickets for the concert to fill the Dome on its official Twitter account. Each ticket purchased at the concert was provided with a free copy of Refiloe obtained on October 31, 2015 by each Goer concert.

In November 2015, MTV Base Roundtable experts called Nyovest the Hottest MC in South Africa, beating his rival Alias at the top of the list. The famous industry blog music streaming experts Nigeria, also classified Nyovest as the hottest MC in Africa.

As of January 13, 2016, for shipments of over 40,000 copies nationwide, Refiloe has been certified platinum. Nyovest packed Orlando Stadium on October 29, 2016, a 40,000 capacity venue, and it was indeed a game-changing moment in South Africa and Africa as a whole for the genre of hip hop.

Nyovest is now often referred to by local people as Mr. Fill Up. Nyovest has announced plans to fill the FNB stadium in December 2017, a stadium capacity of 80,000.

MTV Base ranked Nyovest first on the 2016 hottest MCs list of South Africa on December 2, 2016. The list was compiled by a panel of judges, including South African veteran rappers and influencers.

Such six indicators are based on the list: effects, fashion, lyrics, sales, buzz, and other intangibles.

Nyovest was again named the hottest Rapper in Africa on December 31, 2016. A group of industry experts from one of the leading and most respected digital publishers and publishers in Africa compiled this list.

Finally, Nyovest got three major brands to sponsor his program: SABC 1, Cîroc South Africa and Budweiser. Nyovest revealed on December 2, that 72,000 tickets had been sold compared to the 68,000 attendance record.

He packed Moses Mabhida on December 1st, with tickets being sold (62,000). Title= Photos: 68,000 tickets were sold to #FillUpFNBStadium by Cassper Nyovest.

Quick summary

Full name: Refiloe Maele Phoolo

Date of birth: December 16th 1990

Birthplace: Montshioa, Mahikeng, North-West Province, South Africa

Age: 29

Profession: Singer, Musician, Author

Height: 1.85 m

Weight: 90 kg

Net Worth: 3$ million