Even though not many people have heard of Matt Stonie he is quite a celebrity in the area of competitive eating.

This young man has a special talent that can’t be compared to any other and thanks to his immense talent, he managed to gain quite a big net worth.

Matt Stonie is a famous Youtuber as well and his face can often be seen on our Youtube homepage, because his videos are some of the most popular ones on Youtube.

We are going to talk a bit more about his personal life, career path and everything else you might be interested in, so keep on reading to find out more about this talented young man.

Early Years

Matthew Kai “Megatoad” Stonie was born on May 24th 1992 in San Jose in California. When it comes to his childhood and early years, Matt was just a normal kid, playing outside with his friend, going to school and not standing out in any way.

During his early years he never could have imagined that one day he will become one of the best competitive eaters in the world, but our lives can never be predicted.

His descent is Czechoslovakian, Lithuanian and Japanese. Matt often states that he is very proud of his heritage and loves reminding people of that. As a student, Matt went to the Evergreen Valley High School located in California, and he was always a smaller kid.

He also has a brother called Morgan and both of them spent their childhood with their parents in San Jose.

It can take quite a toll on the body if you eat several pounds of food in a short amount of time, so Matt Stonie tries hard to stay fit. It’s no easy to weigh in at a tiny 120 pounds, when your job is to eat so many calories.

Matt admitted that he’s making sure he’s taking care of his body so he’s staying healthy despite how much food he’s eating. “It really gets down to eating and watching after a competition what you’re doing,” he said. “But doing cardio or weights at the gym five days a week is important.

I’ve made it my full-time job, so I spend a lot of time making sure I take care of myself. It’s hard, it’s not like we’ve got superhuman metabolisms.”

Career Path

Matt Stonie never imagined that his life is going to be evolving around food. He liked eating always, but he never saw himself in such a competition.

Like he often says, he got into the competition eating by accident, and he was just looking for a way to earn some money for himself while studying. No one could imagine that he will end up being one of the most famous speed eaters in USA.

Fast eating ace Matt Stonie surprised the world in 2015 at Nathan’s International Hot Dog Eating Contest when he aged eight-time first place Joey Chestnut. Nobody expected the unknown 23-year-old to win the title, despite everything he did it, eating an incredible 62 hot dogs in only 10 minutes and becoming number one fast eating champion.

Stonie has since recreated his love of food into a real career and is now one of the world’s best speed eaters. You are probably wondering how he went to a professional eater from a small college kid. You are going to be shocked by his path to speed eating success.

Matt is a competitive American eater in the Major League Eating ranked number two. He has a net worth estimated at $3 million. In the 2015 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, he defeated 8 eight time defeating ace Joey Chestnut.

He now runs a YouTube food channel where he mostly films eating food himself. This is in the shape of challenges that in a short time of time he consumes a large amount of a particular food.

The channel began back in 2012 and has gotten up in popularity tremendously. His videos featured even various celebrities such as Waka Flocka Flame and Bam Margera.

Since 2019, the channel has more than 10 million subscribers and has so far accumulated more than 1.9 billion views. It receives an average of 1.5 million views from various parts of the world. This should generate an estimated annual income of approximately $6,000 ($2.2 million a year) from advertising.

Matt Stonie never thought he would become a speed eater, when he was growing up. He entered the sport as a poor student in search of food and the opportunity to get some awards. For a free food and a shirt, he started eating huge burgers and pizzas.

Stonie told that competitive eating is a very weird career choice in another interview, this one with First We Feast, and not one he had ever thought for himself. One of his first competitions was lobster eating competition and the reward was 1000$.

Personal life

Stonie was born in San Francisco, California in 1992. He is half Japanese and half German, Czechoslovak and Lithuanian all the more right. He went to San Jose, California’s Evergreen Valley High School.

Matt’s Major League Eating first time appearance was in 2011 in Stockton, California at the Stockton Deep Fried Asparagus. He is now the youngest person from the organization of the Major League Eating.

His first won a big competition in 2010 in Hampton Beach, from a lobster eating challenge. His name, “Megatoad,” comes from the Toad character from the Super Mario Bros computer game. He has gained recognition from his YouTube channel, where he transfers a lot of food

Matt Stonie is an American Competitive Eater who at the age of 27 has a net worth of $700,000. The source of income for Matt Stonie is mostly a successful Competitive Eater. He is from San Jose, CA.

Renowned for his enrollment in Major League Eating show, he won the title of the world’s 2nd best MLE eater and held eight competitive eating world records as of 2015.

He ate a 5-pound cake in less than nine minutes in 2013; in ten minutes he consumed 43 Slugburgers a year ago. Matt Stonie belongs to competitive eaters and famous celebrities on Net worth Statistics.

Matthew Stonie was born May 24, 1992 in San Jose, California. He is best known as a competitive eater.  He kept a low-end normal weight of 120 pounds when he was 20 years old and interesting thing is that he studied at California’s Mission College, despite his remarkable ability to eat large amounts of food quickly. Matt was not previously engaged, according to Celebrity Couples.

In winning the competition in 2015, he broke the streak of eight consecutive championships for Joey Chestnut at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. He was born and raised next to his younger brother in San Jose, California.

Stonie is at the top of the competitive eating world, holding Major League Eating’s number one ranking.

He won national recognition at last year’s July 4 Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest for the eight-time defending champ and legendary eating opponent Joey Chestnut. According to Forbes, Chestnut, one of the most famous people in the sport, earns approximately $200,000 from prize sponsorships, money, and public appearances.

Stonie said he was “very lucky” to CNN and earned a big salary in this year’s competitive eating. It’s a little unbelievable to think you’re legally branded the best thing in the world.

The net value of Matt Stonie is estimated at $500,000. Your paycheck is not looking for another week, but tomorrow’s lease is planned.

As of now, you’ve spent the paycheck of the week and no one is willing or willing to give you the money. You could go to a payday propel and get some money, without any doubt, but the premium is unreasonable.

When you walk along the lane, you see the challenge of eating food with a $1,000 reward. Decidedly you’re going over, assuming you’re going to get a feast out of this at any rate. You’re not just getting the feast, you’re winning the $1000 and you can pay your lease. That’s exactly how Matt Stonie (Megatoad) started out as a focused eater.

Very little is known about his family as the 27-year-old was very private about the release of his parents ‘ information. Next to none of his parents were known because he rarely mentioned them in public. What little details we have about his family comes in the form of his younger brother.

He has a brother called Morgan Stonie’s. We also know his parents ‘ name because some confidential information has recently been revealed. His father is Dorian Stonie and Cathy Stonie is his mother’s name. For now, that’s all the details we know about his parents.

Matt Stonie definitely managed to reach success sin an unusual way, but there are no strange ways to be successful no matter what you do. Matt is still young, so we can expect a lot from his career and net worth.

Quick summary

Full name: Matthew Kai “Megatoad” Stonie

Date of birth: May 24th 1992

Birthplace: San Jose, California, USA

Age: 27

Profession: Youtuber, Speed eater

Height: 1.80

Weight: 75 kg

Net Worth: 700$ thousand