Avi Kaplan is American musician; singer and songwriter. He became popular after becoming the member of popular band ‘Pentatonix’, where he was lead bass vocalist.

Pentanonix was cappella band, other members of this band are: Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, Kirstin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola. In 2017, when Avi left the band, his place took Matt Sallee.

Early years

Avi was born in Visalia, California in 1989, he was the first child of Shelly and Michael Kaplan. His father was a laborer, he worked very hard to provide better future for his children. Unfortunately, his worked required a lot of sacrifice; he couldn’t spend a lot of time with his family, he was travelling a lot and he was often living in another city.

Avi mention that his father was very dedicated to his family, even while he was not at home, he would find way to contact them.

While his father was working, his mother Shelly, would spent time at home, and she would dedicate all attention at her kids. When Avi was 2 years old, his mother was pregnant and she gave a birth to twins Joshua and Esther Kaplan.

While his father was laborer, his mother was an artist. She also comes from very talented family; her mother was painter, while her father was an actor. Both of her parents were not professionals, they also had secondary job, but art was the main ocuppacy in their life.

Avi’s mother started her career as musician, she also played small roles in short movies. When he gave birth to Avi, she decided to leave her work and to dedicate her attention to family and her kids. Becoming a mother was the biggest present for her, so she wanted to be close to her kids.

It is obvious that Avi’s talent for music, comes from his mother. His talent was notice when he was 4 years old, even in this age it was sure that Avi’s life path will be directed to the art and music.

He finished primary and high school in Visalia, but his years in school were not so happy. He didn’t have a lot of friends, and he was bullied as a child.

In high school, Avi participated in many school festivals, his teacher was aware of his talent, and she often helped him to develop his talent and to become good artist.

After finishing high school, Avi became a student of Mt. San Antonio College, where he was studying classical music. Avi played three instruments, he played piano, guitar and violin.

In this period, Avi made decision to become professional musician, but his family was not supported in this question, especially his father. He thought that music cannot help him to build successful and happy life, especially because he was Jewish.

On the other side, his mother wanted him to follow his dream, but even she was not happy with this idea. She advised him to follow his dream and intuition, but also to work hard.

Avi was persistent in his idea, he wanted to become a musician and he was ready to follow his dreams. Music was the only thing in life, which gave him a sense of freedom and helped him to be happy and to live the life in the way he wanted it.

In addition to music, the most important thing in his life was the family, he did not want to disappoint his parents, and because of that, this period was very difficult for him. Nevertheless, he decided to listen to his intuition and start his life as a professional musician.

Avi is not the only member of the family, who decided to follow his dreams and start a musical career. His sister, who is also talented, decided to follow the steps of her older brother and enrolled at the Faculty of Arts and Music.

Avi showed his family, as well as, all other people that music does not recognize the differences. If you want to become musician, it does not matter what the color of your skin is, what is your religion, and what your nationality is. Music speaks a universal language, combines diversity and helps all people be happy and do the job that fulfilled them.


Avi showed his first musical steps when he was a child, his mother was the first person to notice his talent. In elementary and high school, his talent became even more expressive, and it was clear that music would become the most important thing in his life.

In spite of his parents’ opposition, Avi listened to his dreams and wishes and began his life as a professional musician. When he started college, Avi became a member of the band Fermat Nowhere, this was the cappella band.

This band did not have much success, and after a year since it was founded, it was extinguished.

Avi is a solo artist, his vocal was special, he had plenty of performances in operas, and he spent a lot of time working in a theater. His musical genre ranged from classical music, jazz to pop. What distinguished him from other musicians was his vocal, he had a deep voice, could express his emotions, and reach enormous heights.

In 2011, Avi become the official member of the Pentatonix band, which is actually a vocal band. Before Avi’s joining, this band was not known, and it did not have much success. The founder of this band was Kristie Maldonado, Kirstie admitted that the band often changed the lead vocal bass player and beatboxer because they failed to find someone who would fully answer them. After Avi’s performance in opera, where he played a minor role, Kirstin talked with Avi and offered him a place in the band, Avi doubted because he wanted to build a solo career, but he still agreed and became the lead vocalist.

After Avi’s joining, the band wanted to achieve greater success, so they applied for the talent show ‘The Sing Off’. During the participation in this television show, the band made a great success and became known throughout America. Not only did this show helped them to become more famous and successful, but they also won the title of the winner. After participating in this show, Pentantonix earned a success.

As a member of the Pentatonix, Avi had a special place in the group, he took the place of the lead vocalist, he wrote many songs for the band, and he was choosing which songs group will perform.

While he was the part of this group, Avi was awarded with the Grammy for the best vocalist in the band. Beside Avi’s success, Pentatonix won three Grammies for best cappella band and for the best album of the year.

In 2017, Avi made a decision to leave the band, he wanted to become solo artist. This decision was supported by the band members, even if they were not lucky with his decision, they wanted Avi to succeed and become great musician.

In 2017, soon after leaving band Avi revealed his first song called “Fields and Pier”. This song did not received a lot of attention from the audience, but Avi announced that he is planning to record his first solo album.

Personal life

There is no many information about Avi’s personal life. Till now, we only now the information that Avi was in relationship with band member Kristie Maldonado, they were together for two years, but after Avi has left the Pentatonix the relationship between them fall apart.

Avi is not open about his private life, and he doesn’t like to talk about his relationship and love affairs, in one interview Avi said that his main occupancy is music, and he would not like if paparazzi or audience would talk about his private life.

Avi is also very close to his family, one of the reason because he has left Pentanonix is world tour. In 2017, Pentatonix, had a plan to go on world tour, but Avi gave up from this idea, he said that it would be very hard for him to be separate from his family and friends. Other band members, couldn’t refuse this offer for the World Tour, so Avi left band.

Quick summary

Full name: Avriel Benjamin Kaplan

Nickname: Avi Kaplan

Date of birth: April 17th 1989

Age:  30

Birthplace: Visalia, California, United States of America

Profession/Occupation: Musician

Net worth: about $5 million

Height: 5 feet 11 inch

Weight: 65 kg