He is actually Daystar Peterson but with his performance as a hip-hop artist has earned a stage name as Tory Lanez. Although the talented commercial artist came up in 2010 he was first recognized after his release of Lost Cause, a mixtape   in 2014. ‘Say It’ the single of this mixtape got 23rd rank on Billboard. YG’s “My Krazy Life” is another much talked about composition.

Soon after he came across Benny Blanco and signed with Interscope for Mad Love Label. He produces and writes songs with an aptitude to fuse raps in between and R&B. Gifted with a wide range of vocal ability from the most rugged one to the smooth and sensitive tones.

Coming out from the doldrums of his childhood has already started being recognized as a talent with promising future ahead and have achieved some success in the mainstream music.

Born to a family of music but lost his mother in his early childhood and later deserted by the father, left uncared. Not losing hope got inspired from his struggle and came out with some masterpieces. Tory with his talent as a rapper, singer, pianist, drummer has started to grow as a real success. Form nothing he has so far accumulated $1.5 million of net worth.

Early life

Lanez was born as Daystar in Toronto, Canada on 27th July 1992. His father Sonster Peterson was from Barbados and mother Luella Peterson was from Caribbean Island of Curacao. Before the family settled in Miami, Florida, Peterson family started living in Montreal. From the very early childhood, Lanez was improving his rapping skills and have a very keen interest in music with the support of his family.

Unfortunately, Luella was soon affected by some rare disease and died when Lanez was just a boy of eleven years. His father got engaged in missionary and minister which lead the father and his son to move to the United States. To aggravate the pain of the little Daystar his father remarried and settled in Atlanta, Georgia. Here he met Hakeem who after watching Daystar fooling around and playing in the midst of busy traffic enjoying the thrill, named him Tory Lanez.

It became tough for the boy to stay with the stepmother and finally left to live with Orane Forrest, his older brother who was staying in Jamaica, Queens, New York. Again refused and was forced to return to Toronto to live with the grandmother who does not care the age of the boy and refused to give shelter.  None has come up to be with the boy of 15 and was refused by all to learn the hard reality himself on the uncovered streets where he enjoyed rapping with the name Notorious. Schooling was beyond the scope of wildest imagination and rapping started to pour in life in the little heart of this uncared teenage. Someday he noticed that he could sing as well without any training. Steps and tunes started taking care of this youth.

Soon after, he started showing his talents and skills in outdoor concerts regularly.


The professional journey began with the release of his debut mixtape titled T.L 2 T.O. in 2009. Then he was staying in South Florida where he directed some songs for music videos to post on the YouTube.

In 2010 the talent was noticed by Sean Kingston after watching him freestyling in one music video of Lloyd Banks’ famous “Beamer, Benz or Bentley.” Tory got an opening to perform in the Justin Bieber’s tour. In that year Tory released some more mixtapes, as “Mr. 1 Verse Killah”, “One Verse One Hearse” and some more. He joined Kingston’s Time is Money Entertainment to record Swavey, Chixtape, mixtapes and Mr. Peterson.

He discontinued the label and as learned in the teenage become independent to perform with his own creations. From 2012 to 2014 he kept a busy schedule with mixtapes as required by the songs and series. During this time he released “Sincerely Tory” and “Conflicts of My Soul.” In April 2014 after Chixtape II he came up with “These Things Happen Tour.” The Same year in the month of June he released Teyana to give tribute to Teyana Taylor.

For some days during this period, he had played the role of a ghostwriter for some renowned artist as Meek Mill, Travis Scott, August Alsina, Akon and some more. He got enough exposure with the release of various mixtapes in 2014 as “Talk On Road,” “The Godfather,” “Balenciagas” and more. In August 2014 Tory announced to go around for the first time to commemorate “Lost Cause,” his mixtape. But the actual release of “Lost cause” came up in 1st October 2014 although it was promised to be released in September.

In the month of April 2015, he opined to collaborate with WeDidIt, the renowned record producer. Many singles came up as “In for It,” “Karrueche,” “Ric Flair” and some more. Then he released his debut album titled “Say It” in July 2015. It was a big success and Tory. He got in terms with Benny Blanco’s Mad Love Records and Interscope. He released two mixtapes in 2015. “LA Confidential” one of his singles was much appreciated. Next year ASAP and Tory announced “The Level Up Tour.” Further, he performed in Pemberton and Summer Jam Music Festival. The “Luv” got released in summer.

Personal life

The whole teenage has gone in the struggle for the survival has given little scope to any personal relationship with someone. The Swavey artist as he loved to call himself has perhaps kept away from dating someone. The rapper seems to be shy in impressing anyone.

Tory has involved himself in some debate and arguments with the famous artist as Jacquees and Drake.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Tory Lanez

Date of Birth: 27th July 1992

Birth Place: Toronto, Canada

Age: 25 Years

Profession: Hip-Hop Artist, Rapper

Height: 5 Feet 7 Inches / 170 cm

Weight: 70Kg / 155 lbs

Net worth:  $1.5 Million