A dancehall performer had earned enough fame which is quite enviable for many young aspirants who want to prove their abilities to the world. Born as Earlan Bartley but the world changed him to be Alkaline has been recognized as the “The 21st Hapilos Breakout Artist” in the Year 2014. Calling himself to be an ‘in di streets yute’ who music comprises of such thing which is quite scary to the world. He particularly stands little away from the rest as his music is induced by the hip-hop aggression with a bold display.

The aspiration had given him trouble as his eyes once got affected while tattooing the eyeballs he faced some problem in his eyes. But the incident does not put a restriction on the performer from going wild.

Alkaline carries high bonding for his family, and he knows how to share his success with his family. He gifted as $20.5 million house to his mother and 6.3 million dollars BMW X3 to his sister and celebrated his birthday by owning Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe. This is just the beginning, and which going through the various turn of life, he would earn more fame and money.

Till date, this uncommon youth talent has gathered not less than 750 thousand dollars of estimated net worth.

Early life

Alkaline is his stage name. He is Earlan Bartley was born on 19th December 1993 at Victory Jubilee Hospital which is in the Caribbean island precisely in Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. Alkaline was enrolled at Ardenne High for his high school studies and cleared the finals under Caribbean Secondary Examination Council.

Though he gives his best to educate, all his efforts in education are to please his mother. After clearing the board’s exam, Alkaline is pursuing a degree in Media and Communication from UWI or the University of the West Indies.

Alkaline has a tremendous inclination towards music from the very tender age. He started writing very early, and when he was just a teenager of fourteen years, he got control over the lyrics. Within few years, in his teenage only he started recording what he composed. He is a great devotee of Martin Luther King.

Alkaline grew up with a deep adherence toward music and also some other engagements as fishing or playing different video games. Alkaline has tremendous likings for the fashion, and it is understood that in this regard he wants to create his own as his eyeballs which are tattooed black.


Though it is too early to comment no one would deny that alkaline is undoubtedly the most promising dancehall performer has the potential to please the world. He feels that his all attitudes are beyond the scope of the normal world which is perhaps the feelings of any teenage of his age and this makes Alkaline so much wanted with his composition. Alkaline’s attitude to define himself as ‘the baddest and the bravest’ matches with any young fellow. So his words are the words of any young heart, and hence his way up the ladder of success is quite evident.

He started early while on the campus of his school Ardenne High, Alkaline along with studies started recording his composition in some local studios. At first, it was not so frequent, but in the course of time, his composition grew in numbers and his visits in the studio. Gradually he was getting popular in the local area and started giving his performance. In 2013 a major change came in his life as his composition was highly acknowledged in the Jamaican hit list. One by one his composition started gathering appreciation. To enumerate few, he composed “Church Folks,” “Ready,” “Obeah,” “More Than a Friend” and some more.

The blonde dreadlocks with the bleached skin and above all his tattooed eyeballs which can be created by contact lenses gave the young star a unique look. He bothered little how the society judge his compositions as his lyrics are quite often filled with some controversial content of age-old physical inclination towards the opposites. The world had always appreciated something which does not ask them to change rather indulge in the old habits which have no way out. Alkaline got popular in no time and for the high acceptance and appreciation released one track after the other. Some of his popular singles are ‘Block and Delete,’ ‘Champion Boy,’ “12 PM”, “After All,” “City,” “Formula.”

His full-length album was first released in 2016 as ‘New Level Unlocked’ which created a massive surge in the genre of his patterns. In the American reggae, his album reached the top which is the only dancehall composition to do so in five years. The success of his album was not restricted to his land and America rather the wave touched the shore of United Kingdom. A huge fan base grew up, and it was planned that Alkaline would make a British tour n 2016. But the program was later postponed for the security purpose. The albums which gathered massive followers came in the year 2014. He came up with ‘Gone Away,’ ‘Scumbag,’ ‘1, 2, 3’, ‘Ras A Eva.’ Next year in 2015 Alkaline released yet another album under the title ‘Ride or Die’ which took him to some steps ahead on the ladder of success. In 2016 Alkaline was nominated for the MOBO Award.

Personal life

A name has emerged in the life of Alkaline; she is Lisa perhaps as the world traced out which they have not claimed yet. Lisa had given her performance in one music video, ‘Fleek’ and has been in the life of this tremendous talented Alkaline since 2014. The world can never be about their relationship which might be of any true friend which is more worthy than any formal relation. Alkaline does not go with the traits or rules of the world, and he presumes he and the world scare each other. The accomplished young celebrity even does not hesitate to call himself as the “baddest” lyricist.

Perhaps the only thing that converges between him and the world is music. But the talent had the heart to contribute to causing of humanity and loves to make charity as he extends himself to help the cancer patients.

Furthermore Alkaline interacts with his supportive fan base through his account on various social sites as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He also had a website as alkalinemusic.com which is a special address for his followers.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Earlan Bartley

Date of Birth: 19th December 1993

Birth Place: Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies

Age: 25 Year Old

Profession: Dancehall Performer, Singer, Songwriter

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $750 Thousand