Simone Biles is a famous gymnast from the United States of America. She became famous after winning her many gold medals, especially the ones she got on the 2016 Olympics. She is one of the girls in a famous group called Final Five. These are famous gymnasts that presented their knowledge at Summer Olympics of 2016 which were in Rio de Janeiro.

Biles is a world champion of years 2013, 2014 and 2015, also the world floor champion of the same years and balance beam champion in the years 2014 and 2015 only. She is extremely talented and her talent has been more than recognized amongst young scouts and people who want to get to know her better.

She was the champion of the United States of America about four times and she won so many gold medals that not many people would in their whole career.

Alltogether at the Olymic games, she had 4 gold medals and a bronze one. On world championships, she won an astonishing amount of 10 gold medals, 2 silver ones and 2 bronze ones. At the Pacific Rim Championships, she won 2 gold ones and that’s it. This is 21 medals only on famous events of artistic gymnastics!

She is currently the female gymnast with most medals and her accomplishments made the media think that she is probably the best gymnast America ever had!

Early years

Her full name is Simone Arianne Biles and she was always residing in the United States of America, where she was also born. Her birth occurred on March 14th, 1997 and she came to this world in Columbus in Ohio. She was the third child of her parents who later had one more child.

Her mother is called Shanon Biles and sadly, she has a very sad story around her. During Simone’s childhood, her mother was unable to take care of the kids and, sadly, the kids had to be transferred to foster care a lot. Simone, Ashley, Tevin and Adria got very close and protective over each other, all because of their mother who was a drug and alcohol abuser and didn’t care about her kids enough to quit her bad habits.

Simone’s father was called Kelvin Clemons and he had left the family alone even before Simone was born, so Simone literally had no parents. This marked her life very badly, but she never thought that life was hopeless for she was always a positive person. Her father also had various addictions and that’s why he never thought the children might use some of his help.

Ron is Simone’s grandpa and he is her mother’s father. He and his wife called Nellie at the time when the kids were in need had two sons who were both almost adults already. They were in college and no particular care was needed around them. They were more than happy to take the kids in to take care about them temporarily in 2000. They lived in Texas.

Later, when they had a change to adopt the minors (Simone and Adria), they took them into their own homes, this time permanent. The other two children were adopted by their grandfather’s sister.

Her grandfather is an extremely nice person. He had served the U.S. Air Force and is a very hoenst man. He had a job in the military too and at some point he was working the San Antonio’s Randolph Air Force Base.

His wife was called Nellie and she was actually from Belize, formerly British Honduras, and she is a nurse who had a business of nursing homes. She is very caring and Simone said that she could never ask for such a nice person as her mother, especially after the kids went through so much, they didn’t expect something this nice to happen.

Simone was a homeschooler and she finished her high school education in year 2015. She wanted to go to UCLA, and she said that on Twitter when she way younger. However, college had to wait for the Summer Olympics in Rio to finish and therefore after the Olympics, where she made awesome results, she said that she doesn’t want to go there anymore and she didn’t want to go to NCAA either.

Career development

She got into gymnastics at 6 and the instructor who was helping her group told her parents that she should pursue it because of her hidden talent for it. She went to Bannon’s Gymnastix where she started out at the age of 8. Aimee Boorman then had met her and the two of them clicked very well so they decided to keep on with the training.

In 2011, her Junior career started. She had some smalled championships in Houston, Chicago and she was only learning to do both floor exercises and balance exercises.

In 2012, she increased her training hours by 12 and she gad competitions in Texas and Chicago. It was the 2012 USA Gymnastics National Championship that got her interested into winning and medals.

Her senior career started in 2013 when she was at the American Cup. She was only a replacement, but managed to finish second. She competed at 2013 City of Jesolo Trophy in Italy which was very exciting for her.

She competed at the U.S. Classic and she fell several times, hurting her ankle and not being able to continue on. In 2013, she was on the World Artistic Gymnastics Championship in Belgium where she made great results.

In 2014, she had a shoulder injury and therefore couldn’t go on 2014 Pacific Rim Championship. However, she came to the U.S. Classic in Chicago and ended up first. Later she appeared at the 2014 World Artistic Gymnastics Championship in Nanning in China.

2015 was important because she won the 2015 City of Jesolo Trophy and was in Glasgow at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championship. However, her true great form was shown in 2016 when she made it to the Summer Olympics. She got awesome results there and came home with many gold medals. It was in Rio de Janeiro that she made this.

In 2018, she had been added back to the National Team and she said that she wants to attend the U.S. Classic later.

Personal life

Simone is a Catholic and she says that faith was sometimes the only thing that made her keep going forward. She was worried about her future, the future of her brothers and sisters, and she wanted to keep on even when she couldn’t. She had Belizean citizenship because of the woman who adopted her and she thinks very nicely of Belize. Sometimes she says that it is her true home.

Her sister is called Adria and she always found Simone an inspiration so they both of the girls are gymnast and they trained together at one point.

In 2016, she had gotten a famous honor by become the Ship’s Sponsor of USS Enterprise (CVN-80) which is an aircraft carrier for the US Navy. This was especially importna tto her because of her grandfather who was such an important name in the navy.

At the very beginning of 2018, a scandal started because Simone had told the media she had been abused by a name called Larry Nassar. He was a physician and a doctor for various US gymnasts and she told the media that he sexually abused her. This was no surprise to them because many girls came forward about this that year. Nassar was a child molester and he was already convicted of it.

Also, around the same time of 2018, she started her education at the University of the People. She wanted to study business and have a degree so no one could belittle her and tell her that she is living her life so good only because of her body skills.

Quick summary

Full name: Simonne Arianne Biles

Date of birth: March 14th, 1997

Birthplace:  Columbus, Ohio, the United States of America

Age: 21

Profession: gymnast

Height: 142 cm

Weight: 47 kg

Net Worth: $2.5 million