Jon has earned enough fame long back as a proficient ski racer. He had created a special reputation in this arena of ski racing with his innovative acrobatics. If one has been a true lover of slopes on the snows, then Jon is definitely a dream to watch.

He served as the host for the show “Olsson Super Series” or JOSS. He had proved his accountability. With a very high spirit and innovative skills, Jon has always been showing his adventurous aptitude in winning competitions as well as the heart of his followers. Double flip with DJ or Hexo flip which fixes all eyes and makes the watcher spellbound has come up because of his adventurous endeavor.

Jon success has enabled many brands to grow and has become an inevitable part of many business organizations. His supreme techniques have not only helped him to ski smoothly through the ice but had also facilitated him to earn enough pecuniary strength.

It is important to declare that his earning has not grown only because of his innumerable competitions. Money as accrued from the vlogs that he runs on the YouTube which had gathered not less than 600 thousand subscribers. His estimated net worth comes around in the range of not less than $5 million dollars.

Early life

Born on 17th August 1982 in Mora, Sweden, he became one of the finest skiers. With Leo Zodiac birth sign he was born to Anders Olsson and Monika Olsson. The Swedish ski racer has been raised along with his sibling Hans Olsson who is known to be a marvelous airplane skier. Jon has a deep, intense interest towards skiing from the early childhood, and this had helped him to various competitions.

Today Jon is one of the richest and skilled skiers whose amazing skills would be remembered for many years to come. The foundation of the high altitudinal career is started at when he was just a teenager of sixteen. He has only one mission in his planning to be a success in life, and that is skiing and nothing else. The dedication has fetched him many awards in some prestigious competitions from his early part of his skiing days. Only this extreme adherence to skiing has enabled him to live the most extravagant lifestyle today and become an inspirational entrepreneur.


Jon has cultivated a habit of winning competitions where ever he had participated. He had been an inseparable part of Winter-X Games with as many medals as possible in his bag. He had participated in various events and come out as a winner which includes big air which he won in Winter-X Games ’08. Racing has a tremendous significance in Jon’s skiing career, and he participated in Gumball 3000. The list of his success will grow beyond the scope.

To mention few of his achievement Red Bull Big Air Arc demand special mentioning. Along with this, his triumph at Whistler BC in the World Superpipe Championships, Vail Scandinavian Big Mountain Championship and US Frisking Open will definitely come as his big feats. In Coronet Part at the New Zealand Championship, he bagged five FIS and had finished an event with dream ten points.

As the ice of the high altitude never melts away Jon’s winning spirit never died down. He was among the most prolific racers with his exceptional Batmobile in the Snow Tour Rally. His astonishing wild race with the Batmobile had been watched by the spectators astoundingly. It will really be an unpardonable mistake if his special creation is not mentioned. His adventurous spirit had always prompted him to do something which has not been attempted by anyone yet. His big courageous heart invented double flips with the very special DJ flips and hexo flips.

He also brought in the idea of tornado and kangaroo flips. Each event can be traced for a reason here too his intense, desperate attempts and passion have come up because of his challenge with one of his associate. Today the world would be obliged to that fellow racer who had ignited the spirit in Jon’s heart.

It’s worth mentioning that his videos on the YouTube have enabled him to bring forth the ads from some prestigious companies including Odlos, Red Bull, Hestra, POC, Head, Swix, and many more. His videos on an average get 520,000 views which had aggregated more than 100 million views. His earning from videos has gone beyond $300 thousand dollars per annum. Among the most noteworthy Douchebags is his highest engagement in the success of brand creation.

Personal life

He has been covering the world in its entirety with his love Janni Dealer. He is the owner of some palatial houses which had been constructed in Spain, Marbella, and Monaco. He is very keen on customizing his luxurious cars. His LP6 10-4 Lamborghini Huracan is matchless with its white and black snowy-camo.

His garage is enriched by matching Audi Rolls Royce Wraith and RS6. He had also bought some expensive machinery for his garage. Along with his various expensive gadgets, a Leica Camera had been his special belonging.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Jon Olsson

Date of Birth: 17th August 1982

Birth Place: Mora, Sweden

Age: 35 Years Old

Profession: Professional Freeskier

Height: 5 Feet 10 Inches / 180 cm

Weight:  NA

Net worth: $5 Million