Dami Im is a singer who plays many instruments and she is known well not only because of her great work, her winning on X Factor, but also for the fact that she was in Eurovision and she won the highest score anyone from Australia had ever won.

She came to Australia all the way from Asia where she used to live in South Korea. When she was nine, she had to move and therefore tosay she lived in Australia.

She won the X Factor and created a song called “Alive” which was so popular that not only did the people love it, but it had also topped various charts all over the world, especially various Australian ones.

Her second studio album was only the cherry on the top of the pie for she was finally fully noticed for hr talent. She was the number one artist by ARIA. She was also certified to be a platinum creator and created her third album called Heart Beats.

In 2016 in Stockholm she had the honor of being on the Eurovosion and she chose the masterpiee called “Sound of Silence” to represent what she wanted to make the audience feel. She was fourth and although she didn’t win, this was the most points an Australian artist ever got on the Eurovision so she was very happy to make her country proud.

Early years

Dami Im’s parents are very interested in music: Lkee Hae-yun and Im Dong-eal both taught her to love art. Shec came to this world on October 17th in 1988 in the largest city of South Korea, Seoul.

She has a sibling that is younger and she started to play various instruments at an early age. First she learned how to play the piano on her own and later on she got familiar withviolin and the flute.

Her parents decided that she and her younger sibling kenny would have better opportunities somewhere outside and that’s the reason why they decided to relocate. When she was 11, she went to a Brisbane programme called the Young Conservatorium of Music and she enjoyed it very much since she had the chance to be in various piano contests and become one of the well known talented kids in her school.

Later she went to the John Paul College in Daisy Hill and she had finished it in 2005. However, during her education she never sang and she said that she felt as if she is not really that much of a great singer. Her teachers noticed that she is really good.

Career development

In 2010 she released her first album called Dream and it was meant to try to get money for a local church. This was something that was close to her because back in Korea she used to spend some time playing as a gospel singer although she didn’t think she was very good.

In 2013 she decided to try out the Australian X Factor and she chose and a pretty hard song to sing: Hero by Mariah Carey. However, she had no problems moving forward in it and she was soon singing “Next to Me” by Emeli Sande. It is a pretty hard song to sing, but she made it her own. Soon she sang beycone, later on Foo Fighters and Katy Perry. She proved everyone that she can sing any genre she likes and that her talent has no limits. In week 10, the finals, she sang Hero, Alive and Purple Rain and this brought her the winning she deserved.

In 2013 she got to work and collaborated with Sony Music Australia to create a new single called Alive which was sold in over 70 000 copies in a very short time.

Next thing she did was she was on tour with various singers that were in X Factor and the crowd grew to love her very much. Her album Heart beats in 2014 topped all charts and she was soon singing with the fabulous John legend on his tour.

2016 was huge for her because she got to represent Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest. She sang a beautiful song called Sound of Silence. It is very special because it speaks about a modern relationship where the guy is not close to hear and she tries to reach him on the phone in many ways since social media is pretty popualr today, however he is still not answering and all she hears is her heartbeat and the sound of silence.

Because of this beautiful song she ended up second and many people say that she is one of the best singers on the whole show 2016 and probably should have won.

She announced her new album (fifth one) in 2018 and it is called Hear a Song.

Personal life

She always says that she had learned a lot from her mother who is her biggest influence since she is a singer herself, nut she also claims that K-Pop, Beyonce, Mariah Carey and similar artists influence her creating.

She is a famous fashion trendsetter too and many people love her avantgarde outfits that she wears to her contests. This is something that she likes to be special in.

She has a husband called Noah Kim whom she married in 2012 and the couple is very happy together. In many of her concerts and talent shows you can see him in the backstage jumping around and being all happy for her. It is true love and many people say that they have never seen a couple so happy in their life until they met Noah and Dami.

He is also asian and the guy claims that he didn’t fall in love with her because of her talents, but because she brought out the best in him and that’s something he appreciates. They met in the church and they tosay live in Daidy Hill in Australia at their private house hidden from the media.

Quick summary

Full name: Dami Im

Date of birth: October 17th 1988

Birthplace:  Seoul, South Korea

Age: 30

Profession: singer, actor, songwriter

Height: 170 cm


Net Worth: $500 000