Farruko Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Farruko Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Farruko is a singer and a lyricist who is known well because he worked with several very famous people. He is from Puerto Rico and knows a lot about good music so he soon worked with Daddy Yankee, J Alvarez. This brought him enormous fame and he soon became one of the best known artists from Puerto Rico.

In 2010, he made an album called El Talento Del Bloque and this was the moment that his fanbase grew  a lot and he got recognized for the great music he makes.

Early years

Everyone nowadays calls him by his stage name Farruko, but his real name is much more complicated and longer: Carlos Efren Reyes Rosado.

He was born in year 1991 on the date May 2nd in Bayamon in Puerto Rico, in the United States of America.

We don’t know a lot about his early life, but we know that he wasn’t interested in school beause when he was still getting education (being 16) he decided that he would rather do music and opened up an account on a social media network that later on changed his life for better.

His family was always very supportive of him and he also gets a lot of attention from the people in his homeplace because they are very happy about someone from Puerto Rico to finally be so famous and recognized. Many people who try to get into the music industry from there are just instantly pushed away.

Career development

His career started in 2009. He used to be very interested in music and he was especially astonished with the genres reggaeton, reggae, dancehall and the very special Latin trap.

Back in 2009, there was a very popular social media network called Myspace and he started to be very active there and present some of his work in order to make a fandom. He was very lucky because not a lot of people there could get the attention he did and soon he had so many fans that he couldn’t believe it. He was popular before he could notice it. His music was aimed towards younger people and he focused on the everyday struggle of teenagers and young adults so his songs were about relationships, about drugs, about love and similar topics.

His songs were next uploaded online s he could let his fans know what he has been up to. Many of them liked it a lot, downloaded it and shared. This resulted in his fandom being even larger than before.

Radio stations heard that there was a singer who got pretty popular on Myspace and soon they were very interested in hearing what does he have to say so they contacted him and wanted the permission to play his songs on the radio. Farrukjo was obviously more than happy to accept this offer and so his music started to play in the stores, in cars, in the street. An even wider audience, now of all ages, was listening to his reggae sounds.

Next thing he knew, he was nominated for a Grammy Award, but the Latin one. They decided to give him a chance to win the Best Urban Music Album of 2012, and this meant a lot to the artist because this was his first real nomination and that meant that they finally understand that he is very serious with his creating.

Later on , in 2014, he grew in popularity so much that he soon had to get bodyguards and a manager. What happened, you are asking yourself? He had a collaboration with a man called J Balvin, a famous reggae singer originating from Colombia. They made two songs called “Passhion Whine” and “6 AM”. Both of them were extremely well accepted by he crowd and soon were the most important hits in this genre. Their fanbases both grew very large and soon the artists were not able to go out in the street without being recognized.

“Passion Whine” was very well received, even better than the other song and it was soon on the Top Latin Songs list and it stayed there for 26 weeks in a row which is a huge success for someone who isn’t worldwide known. It was never under the “top 20” and this is an achievment that has to be noticed for sure.

“6 AM” was also on the chart, didn’t do too well, but then later on brought him some nominations. At an awards show for Hispanic people called Premios Juventud he got the nomination for the Best Urban Fusion/Performance and later on he also got nominated on the 15th Annual Latin Grammy Awards for the Best Urban Song. That was a lot of attention for a song that has previously never been in the top places of a chart.

He went on six tours by now and he says that all of them were pretty successful in his eyes because not only did the tickets sell out, but he also got a very special chance to meet his fans and to interact with them more which is very important for an artist. The names of his tours are: El Talento Del Bloque Tour that lasted from 2010 to 2011, TMPR Tour from 2012, El Imperio Nazza Farruko Edition Tour from 2013, Los Menored Tour Bus from 2015, Visionary World Tour from 2016, TrapXFicante Rour from 2017. As mentioned, they all did pretty well.

He has quite a lot of albums too. He published a new one every year from the span 2010 to 2018, expect in 2011 when he was a bit busy collaborating. His albums are called El Talento Del Bloque from 2010 which is his debut album, The Most Powerful Rookie from 2012, El Imperio nazza from 2013, Farruko Presenta: Los Menores from 2014, Visionary from 2015, TrapXficante from 2017 and the last Gangalee from the very 2018.

Besides the fact that he earns a lot of money making musicm he also has his own business for clothes and it is called Carbon Fiber Clothing. It is his second biggest source of income and he is very proud of his designs and the things he does for the line which his fans buy because they are all very loyal to him.

Personal life

Farruko may be a great artist, but there is some controversy around him and he isn’t all too sweet sometimes. In 2017, date April 3rd, he had been taken into the police station of Puerto Rico for he had hidden a bigger amount of cash in his shoes and the bags he wore. The cash wasn’t on the list of luggage he had given on the borders of crossing to the Dominican Republic and it surely was a large amount of cash. We are speaking about $52,000.

Farruko has a distinct look with many accessories and one cannot go unnocited like that in the street. He is also a bit of a bigger guy so his looks tend to be both cool and scary, depending on his outfit. He is known to wear his own clothing line too and he says that he would describe his style as “important”.

He is very close to his brother called Francisco Calderon Rocha and they often speak and hang out together for they can sometimes be distanced a lot when Farruko goes on tour and cannot see his family. We don’t know anything about the rest of his family because he tends to keep their information very secret to protect all of them. Family means a lot to this artist.

His manager is called Franklin Martinez from the Prime Star Hits Music, but he was also represented by Acoustyle Digital Marketing for some time.

Quick summary

Full name: Carlos Efren Reyes Rosado

Date of birth: May 2nd, 1991

Birthplace:  Bayamon, Puerto Rico, the United States of America

Age: 27

Profession: singer, songwriter

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 91 kg

Net Worth: $3 million


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