Janet Devlin is a pretty popular singer originating from Ireland. She writes and makes all of her songs and she became very popular after attending a famous show called “The X Factor” for seasons 8.

She did not win, she was actually 5th, but she did gain a lot of popularity because people loved her original style.

Early years

Born in 1994 on November 12th , Jane Devlin was predestined for a happy childhood. Gortin in Country Tyrone in Northern Ireland was her birthplace and that’s where she spent her early years. She lived with three siblings, all of them male and all of them older than her! Their names are Jason Gavin anad Aaron. Many people joke about how she is the worst nightmare of every loving boyfriend because there is so many men in her life who can protect her and be a bit limiting.

She went to a regular pre-school in Ireland, a college called Drumragh Integrated College and she completed all of the education that her parents had intended for her to.

A singer called Courtney Love often says that she is pretty certain that the whole family tree is somehow connected to famous singer Kurt Cobain, but in a far-away type of a connection. No one in their family actually knows anything about it so it was brushed off pretty easily.

Janet decided that singing is her call and although she had no idea what she was doing, she was very ready to conquer the industry when she had applied for the show: The X Factor. Only times she sang in front od the public were when she had some school events or attended smaller competititons with not much luck.

However, she was pretty confident about this one because she had been getting support from people all over her YouTube previously, since she had made a channel for her singing.

Career development

Her first appearance was in 2011 when she was on the audition for the show and she decided to sing a song by Elton John, an artist whom she loves very much. All four judges said yes and it wasn’t tough for her to move on.

In the next round she decided to pick Coldplay and this was a live show where she had to sing so it was a bit more hard, however she made it through the weeks easily because the audience loved her. She made it to week 5 because fans called and voted for her all of the time.

She had not passed week 5, but she left a huge impact on the audience and everyone remembered who she is later which was the most important thing since she wanted to continue singing and create a career.

In 2012, she had gotten a few labels interested in her. RKA Records with Duncan Bannatyne in charge was the first label that got her interested and she decided to sign a contract witht them.

She had been on a live tour with the show’s crew, but she was mostly focusing on creating new content and making her new music. She decided to let Steelworks Recording Studios produce her album and she recorded three of the songs: Crown of Thorns, Thinking Back Yesterday, Who Am I Today. All of these were made by the fabulous Eliot Kennedy who is more than well known for his producing job.

She doesn’t like to let the song fall into the hands of other people and she uses only one writer to help her sometimes and she is also really picky about them.

Her first album, the one she wanted many of her fans to reach, was put on a platform called Pledge Music and people can buy it whenever they want. If they pre-order (back in the day when it was abnout to be released), they got some special vocal media where she sang accabela and so on.

She started to record the album itself in 2013 and it was called Hide & Seek. A bonus EP, Nothing Lost, was also published later but it didn’t get much attention.

In early 2014, she had put out a whole new version of herself out on the internet. It was a song called “Delicate” that she published, but in a live version so she could reach people more genuine. This brought her huge attention and she soon won the Balcony TV Global Music Rumble.

Personal life

She has many music influences and she is a big fan of the famous Red Hoz Chili Peppers and she loves to quote them as her favorite band. She likes music of that sort and she is also into the famous Nirvana, but also listens to City and Colour and Devendra Banhart.

It was a huge success for her when she performed to the Dalai Lama. It was a charity that had organized it and it was in the spring of 2013. The event’s name was Culture of Compassion and it was a really big thing for her because she loves Dalai Lama.

She did some touring with her band and was preparing for the “Imaginarium Tour” and trying to figure out is she any good with a live crowd while she is actually performing her own songs, which is a bit more intimidating since the people have to know the songs.

Quick summary

Full name: Janet Maureen Aoife Ni Devlin

Date of birth: November 12th 1994

Birthplace:  Gortin, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Age: 24

Profession: singer

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: NA