Dan Bilzerian was born on 7 December 1980 in Tampa, Florida US. His father Paul Bilzerian was a corporate raider and mother was Terri Steffen.

Dan’s father Mr. Paul was a famous equity player of private funds and has managed to earn more than 40 million dollar at a very age of 36.

In 1999 Dan got selected in Navy he also participated in SEAL training and also attended it for about 510 days, but even after several attempts he did not completed his graduation.

He first left his training due to some safety violations and later he dropped it due to an argument with program’s administration.

After some years he attended University of Florida and from there he completed his major in Business and Criminology. Later Dan becomes famous as a gambler, actor and venture capitalist.

All this adds to his net worth and Dan Bilzerian Net Worth is 100 million dollars. It is said that he has also got some amount from his father that also contributed to his worth but then he himself is also very successful.

Being a venture capitalist by trade, Bilzerian is a great poker player.

He got name with this and has won several dollars in several poker competitions. With his excellent playing he has won many tournaments. Dan likes to live a lavish life and he is also fond of drugs etc.

It is because of this reason that he had suffered with three heart attacks before his early age of 30.

With his recent winning he has earn a total price of about 10.8 million dollars. In spite of being a successful poker player Dan has also tried his luck in acting. He has been seen as a stuntman in films like Olympus has fallen and Lone survivor etc.

He has also acted in movies like The Other woman & Equalizer. Other than this he also invest in several industries with his brother that includes real estate, oil and entertainment.

Dan is a risk taker and he has also got a title name as Funniest Poker Player on Twitter by the Bluff Magazine. As per some sources he lives at his finest estate in Hollywood hills. He is fond of guns and has separate room full of guns.

It is said that he is the owner of about 97 guns and has many more guns in his beautiful mansion. Other than this he has a special gaming room and a messy bedroom. Sources even say that he probably owns various cars, a private jet, helicopters and some yachts.

Other than his rich holding he is also the owner of two goats who are his lovable pets. He got his first goat from a friend as a return of his investment on him and the second he purchased by his own. He is owner of his three mansions at Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Diego respectively.

His choice to poker, gambling and acting makes him a popular personality even on social media. On Facebook he has 9.3 millions likes and on twitter he has 1.28 million followers. He also has about 13.6 million followers on Instagram.

Being a famous and rich personality he lives his life as per king size. Previously he has been linked to several conflicts. Dan sues his producer of his film Lone Survivor. He claimed that although he was promised for 8 minutes roles and 8 dialogues his role was cut shorted to only 1 min. After 2014 he was in news because he threw actress Janice Griffith into the pool. She then asked for compensation on rejection of which a case was filed which was later won by Bilzerian.

Dan was also banned from Miami nightclub as he kicked model Vanessa Castano on his face. Again in December 14 he was caught by Los Angeles Police Department at Los Angeles International Airport for bomb making charges. He was found with explosive devices that are used for making explosive. But later he was pleaded and was fined $17,231.50.

With his nobility he has also helped foster parents of Las Vegas and was also elected as a candidate to President Election for President of the United States 2016. But later he joined hand with Donald Trump and now he is a supporter of trump. Being a rich personality Dan is not only famous for his money. He is also famous for his poker playing but above all he is famous for his living style. His choice of living a life with complete independence has impressed his fan in all means.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Dan Brandon Bilzerian[

Date of birth: December 7, 1980

Birth place: Tampa, Florida, U.S.

Age: 36

Profession: poker player, gambler and actor

Height: 1.75m

Weight: 88.5 kg

Net worth: 100 million dollar