In this text we will speak about a man who made a great contribution to financial counseling and who wrote several books on how to be successful and how to make financial profit.

This text is devoted to a man called Ramit Sethi and it can be said that this man has changed people’s view of finances and ways in which they can make money. Ramit Sethi was born in USA, he finished high school in California and he had very good grades. In 2004, he graduated from Standford University and already showed the knowledge with which he could change the world.

In 2005 he received awards and diplomas that enabled him to progress and improve his knowledge.

After that his career began as a rising path and began to build a future that would be very positive for him.

His most famous book came out in 2009 and this book talks about how to become rich. With this book he managed to attract a large number of readers and became famous all over the world.

Many people have said that this book helped them to become more successful and that they managed to make financial profit.

Early Years

Ramit Sethi was born in California and as a little boy he showed some knowledge and his parents felt that he was expecting a dazzling future. While he was in elementary school, Ramit excelled with great knowledge and his teachers said that he was a boy with great potential.

His parents tried to direct him to school and they thought he would be very successful in the future. In the later period, he moved with his parents to New York where they lived for a short period.

After that, Ramit enrolled in a high school in California that he finished with excellent grades. After high school, he decided to enroll at Stanford University.


His career went great and he immediately became popular with his advice and books. He started his career as a writer and published a book in 2009 called “I will teach you to be rich”. With the help of this book he managed to gain popularity and many people gave him support.

People thought that Ramit had given them many good advice on how to improve their career and how to reach financial profit.

After that, he founded several of his site with texts and tips on finance. His most famous website is where people learn to become rich. This site has been in operation since 2010 and with the help of it many people have found the necessary advice on how to improve their financial profit. He also founded several different websites with the aim of helping people and giving them the necessary advice.

At an early age he had already managed to make a big financial profit and he had a published book and he managed to gain popularity in the USA. After that, people from other parts of the world heard of him and he began to build an international career. In order to expand his knowledge, he created several websites in which he published his articles and books that became popular around the world.

People told him that he was a genius and that as a young man he managed to express the knowledge that impressed the planet. After publishing his books, many people wanted to communicate with Ramit because they thought he could help them with career and money advice. Ramit always tried to help all people and his advice remained available today through his books and through his sites.

Personal Life

Ramit Sethi was always honored in his family and his family felt that he would become successful and rich and they always gave him the necessary support.

Since childhood, Ramit has shown great knowledge and everyone believed that he would become a successful and rich man.

He has always had a great relationship with his friends and family, and he was highly respected. After graduating from college, his career began with excellent paths and it could already be concluded that Ramit will be a very successful man.

At that time, he found his own soulmate with which he married after 2 years of  relationship. Her name is Casa, and she became Rami’s life partner with whom he later got children.

They are still in a happy marriage, and it can be said that she was always with him and that she was very supportive. Ramit continues to publish his books and texts and they can generally be found on his websites.

We can say that he is a man with a very good soul who is always ready to help people, and also as a good father and a good husband.

Quick Summary

Full name: RamitSethi

Date of birth: June 30, 1982

Age: 37

Birthplace: California, United States

Profession: Writer, Blogger

Height: 1, 84 cm

Weight: 89 kg

Net worth:  NA