Other children of her age would be amazed to know that Kendall is already a celebrity. She has long way to go ahead but already has been doing excellent work with her admirable talents. She is known to this world because of her appearance in “Dance Moms”.

Since then Kendall has been entertaining the world with her acting and singing ability. Along with the schedule of her television series Kendall has also quite a busy schedule for her modeling assignments.

At her age most children are spending on their parent’s income for obvious reason. But this girl has defied such ruling and had been contributing to the family’s total income. She is already rich with an unmatched hefty salary at this tender age. To the utter surprise of all Kendall had already accumulated $2 million dollars of net worth under her name.

Early life

Kendall was born to Erno Vertes and Jill Vertes on 9th December, 2002 in Pennsylvania, California, and United States of America. She was born to a Christian family with a Sagittarius as the zodiac sign. The American girl carries white ethnicity. Her father is a professional tennis player and also has the flair of writing. Her mother Jill had participated with her daughter in the TV series. Both her parents were born in 1965. Kendall has been growing with two elder sisters. Charlotte is 5 years older that Kendall and is a promising tennis player. Another elder sister Ryleigh who is the first child of their parent is seen years older than Kendall and is learning dancing.

It is quite evident that because of her elder sister, while watching her practicing sessions she had grown interest in dancing. Hence it is no wonder that when she was only 18 months she started moving her hands and legs to perform dance. This must have been a wonderful experience for the family and her neighbors. Jazz and the contemporary dancing genres are her favorite dancing patterns.

She started learning dancing at Rogers School of Dance which is at Pennsylvania. Her dancing interest has taken her to the Studio 19 Dance Complex where she has further improved upon her dancing skill. Kendall had participated in many elite junior dancing competitions. She had also dancing class under Abby Lee Miller.

She prefers her left instead of right that we normally do and in the rolling of time she had become left-handed. Her appearance would take someone to remind Miranda Kerr. Peanut, few calls Kendall by this name and is also addressed as bro by Maddie Ziegler. Her age has not taken her beyond the fencing of a High School. It is really tough on Kendall to manage her studies with this busy schedule of acting and dancing.


Jill has taken her child to the floors of “Dance Moms” and with the help of her mother Kendall began her career in acting for the television series. The series has become one of the greatest hit of all times as a television series. Kendall’s confident performance had made her famous and slowly her talent has been real watch all over the world. From the second session of the series Kendall is accompanying her mother. With her mother Jill, Kendal moved to Los Angeles from Pennsylvania to perform in the sixth season of the successful series. Kendall cleared the audition and replaced Vivi-Anne to appear from the second season.

Kendall began her singing career in 2015 when she released her debut single “Wear ‘Em Out”. The song raised a good appreciation from the listeners and the girl had a promise in her voice. The entire music loving world had recognized her musical talent. She had appeared in various music videos. Most of her videos have been to perform with the teammates of the “Dancing Moms”.

In September, 2012 Brooke Hyland released “Summer Love Song” in which Kendall has performed a supporting role. In another music video by Mackenzie Ziegler, “It’s A Girl Party”, Kendall has performed which came out in April, 2014. Jojo Siwa who is the co-star of Dance Moms and the teammate as well had released a video; “Boomerang” had also got the presence of Kendall.

Personal life

It is just a celebrity crush and the personality is Cameron Dallas which is enough to describe her early teenage feelings. Apart from dancing Kendall loves the tennis racket. She doesn’t mind taking makeup and is fond of fashion.

One day she wants to be on Broadway. At this early age Kendall has become a Instagram and YouTube star with a huge number million followers.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Kendall K Vertes

Date of Birth: 9th December, 2002

Birth Place: Pennsylvania, California, United States of America

Age: 15 Years

Profession: TV personality, Dancer, Singer, Model

Height: 5 Feet 5 Inches

Weight: 52 Kg

Net worth: $2 Million