Dan Henderson is an ex American  UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fighter and wrestler.

His wrestling name was „Hendo“ but he was  also called „Dangerous“ or „Hollywood“.

Early years

He was born on August 24, 1970 in Temecula, California. He went to Victor Valley High School and became involved in wrestling. He was a very valued member of it’s wrestling team.

He and his highschool team won both medals in 1987 and 1988 California State Wrestling Championships. He studied at Arizona State University in Tempe in Arizona.

Career development

He is a former Greco Roman wrestler and he has won multiple national and world senior and junior titles. He represented the United States of America on the Olympic Games in 1992  and 1996.

He owns more different titles than any other sportsman in the history of MMA. He won four different boxing tournaments in three different divisions. It was the light/heavy weight, heavy weight and middleweight division. He is currently working as a coach at his own Dan Henderson’s Athletic Fitness Center.

He is known mostly for so called  H-Bomb, his famous punch which knocked out most of his oponents. He was never been knocked out from anyone. He had 32 wins and only 15 losses in his career, and among them he had 21 wins and only 5 losses in the professional MMA league.

He had his debut in the MMA in 1997 when he became the winner of the Brazil Open Weight Tour.

In 2009 he earned the award „Knockout of the Night“ cause of his impressive knockout against Michael  Bisping.

In 2010 he had his debut in Strikeforce, another mixed martial arts organization in California which closed in 2013.

He is still fighting no matter the age and his last fight was in 2016 when he won the match against Hector Lombard. Of course, he won that match with an elbow knockout, and won the Performance of the Night award.

He is one of the most admired fighters due to his fair play and a humble character outside the ring.

Personal life

Alison Henderson is his ex wife. They had three children: two daughters and a son.

He married Rachel Malter in 2014 with a surprise wedding on a Labor Day. She is currently working at Dan Henderson’s Athletic Fitness Center side by side with her husband. She is linket to the Registered Nurse web site.

He was very pleased when he found out that he  is 1/16th Walla Walla , one of American Native Tribes.

Philantropic work

He often appeares at charity events, and  he is very dedicated for encouraging military personal and army veterans.  He even visited United States Armed Forces troops, along with other  MMA fighters and MMA Ring Girl, in hope  to inspire and entertain them on a Goodwill Millitary Tour.

Quick summary

Full name: Daniel Jeffrey Henderson

Date of Birth: August 24, 1970

Birth Place: Temecula, California

Age: 47

Proffession: former Mixed Martial Artist, coach

Height: 1,85 m

Weight: 87 kg

Net worth: 5,5 million