Coyote Peterson is a spreader of wildlife and extreme nature that has become known through his YouTube channel. You could say that it is an American version of Frank of the Jungle.

Over several years, Peterson has been stung in several videos by different animals, some of them considered the most painful in the world.

In particular, it has been allowed to be bitten by the bullet ant and the tarantula hunting wasp, the two insects with the most painful bite according to entomologist Justin Schmidt, who wrote and created a pain scale, as we tell you in this article in Epik.

However, Coyote seems to have heard of a new candidate. This is the executioner wasp, Polistes carnifex, a wasp almost 3 centimeters long that lives in Central America and some tropical countries in South America.

In today’s article, we are going to learn more about his life, career and all the other interesting information, you might want to know more about.

Early life

Nathaniel Peterson was born on September 1st 1981, making Coyote Peterson’s age as of 2019 38 years old.

He is a wildlife trainer by trade who has gained immense attention from his YouTube channel called Brave Wilderness. He has taught people about animals and insects and watching his videos on the internet is very worthwhile.

He went to a college-prep school called Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin High School to learn about his schooling and academic achievements.

As a YouTube personality and wildlife trainer, Coyote Peterson has already scaled several achievement ladders at the age of 36. His “Brave Wilderness” YouTube channel has more than 8 million viewers.

They all happily continue to wait for the wild videos that he uploads with the animal. Such videos will give him a net worth of at least $2million. He has also written a book called “Brave Adventure” and articles for several stores and journals that add to this net worth.

At the age of 8, Coyote Peterson protected 40-pound common “Turtle” snappiness which is one of the most violent reptiles on Earth. He got lethal West Diamondback Rattlesnake at 10.

Clearly these amazing and risky journeys have kept his life in danger. He has seen death so close to him, not once, but multiple times.

You can find a 15-foot crocodile and a lethal Fer De Lance “death” as well, can’t they? But those bad times have been a beautiful story he tells with the passing of time. As said, “What doesn’t kill you is teaching you a lesser thing.”

He has an estimated net worth of nearly $2 million (calculated from his YouTube subscribers and views). Yeah, he’s one of the richest animal experts and the YouTube star as well. Okay, he claimed from the burgeoning profession that he would gain an impressive salary from his net worth, and also make huge amounts of money.

Okay, he’s also made from website writing, while writing about natures and animals for several top ranked websites.

Some wiki link also covered that, he also invests in some animal care center; he also supports hospitals for animal health.

Career path

Peterson began his career on YouTube, he began posting on Brave Wilderness in 2014. In his channel he has hosted many shows including Breaking Path, Dragon Tails, On Location, Beyond the Tide and Coyote’s Backyard. Breaking Trail may win an Emmy award through 2015.

His ability to risk experiencing the most painful bites and stings of the animal kingdom made Coyote Peterson the most popular YouTube adventurer. He is the protagonist of the viral of the week, but not for a new ‘madness’; but for trying spicy sauces while telling his anecdotes touring the world ‘discovering’ the wild nature.

The YouTube Spotlight trending site highlighted as the most important viral of the week to the interview by comedian Sean Evans to Coyote Peterson for the First We Feast channel, a space that offers an iconoclastic version of the culinary world in conversation with the best chefs in the world, and with the characters and places where food and pop culture converge.

He extols the particular virtues of this breed. They are Weasel family members, linked to wolverines and badgers. “It has just dawned on me that we’re not going to see a mink today,”

So then he saw it: a snapping tortoise hunting down ahead. He dive in, he came back up and explained the unique beauty of these tortoises to the gathered crowd.

His girlfriend did take pictures at the time. “I took them back and showed them to my colleagues that I had been working on some film projects with at the time. They blow their minds,’ he says.

Peterson was also featured on Conan where he introduces animals including a tarantula eating bird and the largest slug in the world.

The November 16, 2018 announcement announced that the Brave Wilderness crew member will produce television program on Animal Planet. The contract to sign for television program was released on the YouTube channel.

The talk highlighted how Coyote Peterson led the Brave Wilderness channel to be one of the most popular of YouTube with his bet: take the worst of Mother Nature, that wild side that the animal expert knew through the tarantula sting hawk, the bite of biting torture, or the attack of red ants.

But more than the adventures, what is striking about the interview is that Coyote Peterson tells his experiences while drinking a Zombie Apocalypse Ghost Chili Sauce, an extremely spicy sauce that makes the subject who experienced the most extreme pains in the world cry.

Personal life

He was born to American parents on 1 September 1981. He is a brave man of 35 years. Peterson got the attention from the Breaking Trail show, which used to telecast on the Discovery channel and also from the YouTube channel Brave Wilderness.

His channel also supported him with the billions of views giving him massive fame. The channel has more than millions of subscribers.

His channel is regarded as one of the world’s most widely watched wildlife shows. He used to fly to various parts of the country. Know his married life here and his personal life.

Is Coyote Peterson dating or is he married? Peterson is a married man when it comes to his marital status.

He is one of the elusive celebrities, who often keeps his family information completely secret and out of the attention of the media. Not much detail has been revealed about his wife but they certainly enjoy a good conjugal life.

In 2008, Peterson and his wife welcomed a daughter named Pup Peterson to their family.

Pup also helped her dad create some of the videos that are posted to Peterson’s YouTube channel. Under Peterson’s guidance his daughter has been studying various insects and reptiles.

While his family are already listed animals, the family also has a supportive wife and a beautiful daughter.

Her 8-year-old daughter appears as courageous as her father, whom some of his videos catch in her. But it seems like he loves to keep private about his personal matters.

That’s why he rarely appears with family in camera and his fans still wonder if they’re together or not. Coote Peterson is definitely a celebrity and his life is no longer private.

His current net worth is estimated at 2$ million, but this doesn’t mean this amount won’t go up in the following years.

Therefore, keep a close eye on this talented young man, and you will definitely see more of him. Perhaps he is going to present himself in a different light in the future that is going to open up new opportunities for him.

Quick summary

Full name: Nathaniel Peterson

Date of birth: September 1st 1981

Birthplace: Newbury Center, Ohio, USA

Age: 38

Profession: Reality TV star, Host

Height: 1.85 m

Weight: 90 kg

Net Worth: 2$ million