Russell Westbrook is an American NBA player and his estimated net worth is around 55$ million.

Early life

Russell Westbrook was born on November 12, 1988 in Long Beach, California. He grew up with his younger brother and spent most of his childhood on the basketball court. He often mentions his childhood friend Khelcey Barrs III with whom he trained with and dreamed of becoming professional basketball players one day.

Russell attended Leuzinger High School and didn’t instantly become a basketball star at his high school team. He was still not very tall and nobody paid too much attention to him, but his love and passion for the game made him train even harder.

He got his scholarship letter from UCLA Bruins and he started his season as a backup player. After one of the players he was backing up got injured, he became the starter. Only two years at the UCLA made him go for the NBA draft in 2008 and try his luck among the greatest.

Professional basketball career

He was chosen at the NBA draft by the Oklahoma City Thunder and he signed his first contract with them in 2008. On the team, Russell stood out with his amazing skills and while on the team he played with all of the greatest teams in the NBA.

In 2016 season he managed to break down the record for triple-doubles that hasn’t been passed for over 40 years.

Russell has stayed on the team until today and from in 2016 he signed a 85$ million contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder. This only shows how much his gameplay is valued in the team. Just like a lot of his team mates, Westbrook’s best award for his talent on the court are the endorsements and sponsorships that are being offered to him.

In 2012 he signed a contract with the Jordan Brand and several commercials have resulted afterwards. One year later he signed a contract with Kings and Jaxs Boxer Briefs and the latest news is that Russell was named Creative Director of True Religion jeans and also.

Russell is also the face that is representing Mountain Dew Kickstart worldwide. Besides being great on the court, Russell seems to have his hands on different business opportunities that only bring him increase to his net worth.

Russell has car dealerships with Calif, Van Nuys and in 2016 a Jeep with his name was placed on the market.

Some sources even claim that this NBA super-player has earned somewhere around 9$ million from his endorsements only and his current contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder will bring him annually around 18$ million.

He also partnered with Barneys NY to create his own line of eyewear that are available for all of his fans. Russell has started a foundation called Russell Westbrook why not? That supports various causes and is primarily concentrated on the family and education service programs.

Russell has many followers on social media platforms and often shares images from his personal life but also uses them to promote his sponsors and businesses.

Personal life

Russell has been dating his high school sweetheart Nina Earl all up until 2015 when the couple finally decided to tie the knot. The pair got married in a lavish ceremony that took place in Beverly Hills and soon after the wedding they purchased an almost 5$ million mansion in L.A.

The house has six bathrooms and five bedrooms with a large saltwater swimming pool. When he is not on the court he likes to spend time with his family and his wife, without media attention or tension on the court.

He is very well known for his crazy outfit ideas and fashion has always been a huge part of his life, which can explain that most of his business ventures are in some way connected to fashion and design.

To honor his friend Khelcey Barrs he wears wristbands with his initials and he has also named a line of sneakers by his name. His friend died of heart enlargement during one game.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Russell Westbrook

Date of Birth: November 12, 1988

Birth Place: Long Beach, California, United States

Age: 28 years

Profession: professional basketball player

Height: 1.91 m

Weight: 91 kg

Net worth: 55$ million