Steve Buscemi is an American film actor and director.

Early life 

He was born on December 13th, 1957. in Brooklyn, New York.

His father was of Italian descent, from Sicily, and his  mother had roots in Ireland, Netherlands and England.

He has three brothers and they are all ver connected to one each other. He often casts his brother, Michael Buscemi, in his films.

After finishing Valley Stream Central High School in New York he was briefly a student at Nassau Community College. He was a good varsity wrestler (105 lb weight class) on the wrestling team in his high school. He was also a really good soccer player.

Then he moved to Manhattan to the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film institute to proceed with his acting dreams.

Career development

He was a firefighter in New York for four years untill he had his film debut in 1985 and he often says that it was a job that thought him the value of human life.

He also says that it made him more human and a better actor.

His film debut was in 1995. with a film „The Way It Is“.

His early films were : „Parting glances“, „Slaves of New York“ and „Tales from the Darkside“.

He was spotted in Coen Brother’s „Millers Crossing“ and in Jim Jarmusch’s „Mystery Train“.

After playing in Quentin Tarantino’s „Reservoir Dogs“ and a huge megahit  „Pulp fiction“ a little later, he became a very popular actor.

His most praised roles were also in „Con Air“, „Armageddon“, „The Big Lebowski“, „Fargo“ and the „Ghost World“.

People noticed that his roles are often connected with crime or with playing weird, neurothic characters so he once  explained that he only wants to play roles of interesting people.

In 2002, Steve made some appearance in the music genre whe he guested on Lou Reed’s album „The Raven 2“  with the song “Broadway Song”, and  two poems: “Old Poe” and “The Cask”.

In 2004. he joined the acting crew of a series „Tony Soprano“ and almost won an Emmy award for his ingenius acting.

He was also a guest starr in two episodes of the prison-series „OZ“.

He won a Golden Globe Award for Best actor for the role in the HBO series „Boardwalk Empire“.

He currently produces his own web talk show  called „Park Bench“.

Personal life

Since he was a firefighter in Little Italy in New York, he was among the first ones to show up after the 9/11 attack as a volunteer.

In 2003. he was arrested while protesting against closing and reducing the number of firehouses in New York.

Since he worked as a firefighter he knew the importance of fast reactions to tragedies.

He married Jo Andrews, a choreographer and artist, in 1987. and three years later she gave birth to their only son, Lucian Buscemi, born in 1990.

Philantropic work

Steve’s charity work includes  includes working with Action Against Hunger, with foundations taking care of women and children but he mainly works as an activist raising money for needed.

Quick summary

Full name: Steve Vincent Buscemi

Date of Birth: December 13,1957.

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York

Age: 59

Profession: actor, director, writer

Height:1,75 m

Weight: 74 kg

Net Worth: $35 million