George Miller, other conventionally known as Filthy Frank is a popular YouTuber, comedian, and a music artist and composer.

He is primarily known by the pseudo name that was given to him by his fans because of the content and type of videos that he uploaded to his channel.

While it all started with a single bet in college, posting a video about “Explosive Diarrhoea” definitely sky-rocketed him to fame and set a stone for him to transform from a normal college student, George to the YouTube famous Filthy Frank.

Early life

George was born on September 18, 1992, in Japan where his parents were settled because of the careers and jobs. The family soon relocated to the United States, and George finished his studies in Brooklyn. Due to having a Japanese descendant, he is a fluent speaker and has kept in constant touch with his friends and family back in Japan. He graduated in 2012 from the Canadian Academy.

In the initial days of his career, he revealed in a video that he likes to keep his personal life out of the focus of the spotlight because he was afraid that he wouldn’t get a job with the type and nature of videos that he posted. There are literally little to no information regarding his life prior to his YouTube days. He even revealed that he was not in his best of health because of the sudden seizures that he has whose reason he didn’t want to talk about.

George was part of a four member group in the initial days of college and named it as the “Shrimpson Boys.”


George’s career started off with a bet when his college friends challenged him that he wouldn’t be able to post an offensive video and still get a lot of views. That was the first video that he posted which gained around 10k views in a short span of time. While his friends lost the bet, George definitely got encouraged to keep doing them. That was exactly where it all started.

He primarily started his YouTube career under the channel Dizasta Music where he posted contents about comic and comedy. It was later when he introduced the concept of Frank to the channel that people started gaining a lot more interest and the channel started to gain popularity. One of the very first videos “Lil Jones Falls off the Table” which was posted on June 19, 2008, was probably one of the most popular videos on the channel. He later had to stop posting as Frank because of the number of copyright strikes that it kept on receiving.

George later decided to start his own channel as “Filthy Frank” so that his audience is restricted and know what they are getting themselves into. He launched his channel under the name “TVFilthyFrank” and wanted his contents to be something that was not conventional but a little bit different and unique. He started posting contents based of around the character “Frank” and other imaginary characters in his house.

While this may seem like a crazy notion at first, it sure did snag a lot of audiences, and soon enough George was getting that fame for his videos. He is regarded as one of the anti-vlogger in YouTube but is still in the top 500 YouTubers from all across the globe. His channel has 50 million subscribers who are definitely a milestone. Frank is one of the imaginary characters that have been portrayed as not just anti-social but anti-couth as well. With the rapid rise in the number of subscribers, George decided to make a subchannel to categorize the videos that would be too much of an offense for the normal viewers that he has.

It was later in 2014 that George launched the subchannel and titled it as “TooDamnFlithy.” While the videos on this channel definitely cross the normal limits of offense and vulgarity, too everyone’s surprise even these videos gained a lot of viewership which leads to the popularity of the subchannel as well.

As bizarre and unauthentic, his videos never lack originality and realness which are two of the main reasons why people have picked up on the channels and watched the videos. George not just performs inside his house but out in public as well wearing his weird costumes. His videos might be vulgar, but they also focus on racism, women rights and misogyny.

George is not just a YouTuber but a music person as well. He has always claimed that he loved composing music and created the channel to gain some focus and popularity for the music that he created. This dream of his got a little side-tracked with the popularity of “Filthy Frank” and “Pink Guy.” He later released two mix-tapes and an extended play under the name of Pink Guy and Pink Season: The Prophecy.

Not just that, he has also composed and created a number of other tracks under the pseudo name “Joji.” He has a SoundCloud account with over 15 million plays. Till date, he has released three singles from an upcoming album titled as “Chloe Burbank: Volume 1”. The singles include “Thom,” “You Suck Charlie” and “I don’t wanna waste my time.” These are just a glimpse of the future projects that he has planned out and even wants to make music that is not based off on the “Pink Guy” persona that he holds.

Personal life

There is literally no information regarding his personal life that the media could have picked up on. Apart from reasoning and remarks from the critics about the vulgar videos that he makes, there is no information on his dating life, his life outside of these videos that he makes.

George has a brain condition which results in chronic seizures which is one of the reasons why it is necessary for him to slow down and get a break once every while. Many of the people accused him of using mental illness as a click-bait, and the video was later taken down.

As of 2017, George Miller has an estimated net worth of $1.3 million.

Quick Summary

Full Name: George Miller

Date of Birth: September 18, 1992

Birthplace: Japan

Age: 25 years

Profession: YouTube personality, Music composer, Comedian

Height: 1.70 m

Weight: 70 kg

Net Worth: $1.3 million