Futuristic is a renowned hip-hop artist, and he is better known for his stage performances.

Early life 

Zachary Lewis-Beck is known as futuristic on stage. In Bloomington, Illinois, US is the place where futuristic was born. He is a hip-hop artist by profession, and he lives in the Tempe, Arizona. Out of depression, futuristic switched to music from hip-hop ping.


Futuristic “Dream Big” album was a big hit. Futuristic struggled for almost five years for his startup. He interacted with his fans and uploaded his music videos on YouTube, which is a present-day marketing strategy. In a statement, he said that he even sold his house after the tour of back 2 you. He went out for the tour with $3000 in his pocket but came back with only 100$ in his pocket.

He spent by himself on all his allowances which include his cab, his room rentals. He backed himself up well through all the hurdles he went through just with the motivation he got from the passion of singing.

The album “Dream Big” brought great success and fame into his life. It kept him moving forward. His second and third album also brought great popularity and fame into his life, which is chasing down the dream and traveling locally.

The album “The Rise” which released on 12th of May 2015 is another hit and put his album on the Billboard 200 chart at number 139. Coast 2 Coast feat with Devvon Terrell which released on 25th of December 2015 made its way to number 82 on Billboard. More than 14,000 copies of this album were sold. His recent album “As seen on the Internet” which released in the year 2016 made its way to 116 on the Billboard 200.


Some Futuristic top singles are listed below. They are better, don’t mind if I do, fighting with myself, goodnight, I’m a problem, no budget, see me mad. All his tracks and album are available on iTunes, and the album coast 2 coast has a price as high as $5.99. There is an online music distribution service named Tunecore which allows you to buy a single at $9.99 for a complete year and $49.99 for albums for a complete year.

On these days of 2017, some Futuristic performances are waiting. On 19th April 2017 tour 420 Eve on the rocks which is going to held at Morrison, USA. On 20th April the concert is at Fort Collins, USA. Sweetwater 420 festival is also coming on April 23 which is a Sunday. It will be conducted in Atlanta, USA. You will get all the tickets of these events on onlyfuturistic.com. 

In the year 2017, the total net worth of futuristic is $250,000. The Futuristic has many ways to earn like as a singer, rapper, songwriter and record producer. 2012 is the year when Futuristic started his career. After going through a depression, Futuristic turned towards music and released his first album “Dream Big” in the year 2012. He is a market analyst he shared all the mini albums on the social websites. In his initial stages, futuristic has to self-sponsor for his tours, and the tours are even self-arranged.

He is more known as a singer and a rapper, but under the hood, he is also a record producer and songwriter.

He also has his official website where you will get all the details of his tours, tickets, releases, and dates of concerts. Tempe Arizona is the place where Futuristic currently stays in. In the year 2012 futuristic had to sold his house to pursue his career as a musician and to sponsor his tours.

No sufficient data was available about his assets like cars and houses in the past. But we now know that his net worth is around $250,000 in the year 2017. This prominent songwriter, record producer, singer, and rapper struggled a lot to achieve this level of success. He has started building up his career at a very young age.

From the year 2012, he remained a very active celebrity until now and still has a huge hunger for more success and fame in the coming years. Futuristic fans are dying to see more works from him in the coming future.

Personal life 

Futuristically is very talented, and she has achieved the brink of success. She likes to keep her personal life completely private.

Quick summary 

Full name: Zachary Lewis-Beck

Date of Birth: 2nd June 1991

Birth Place: Bloomington

Age: 26

Profession: Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter

Height: 5 inches 6 feet

Weight: 70kg

Net worth: 250,000$