Ariel Tweto was born in 1987 and spent her childhood in her birthplace:  Unalakleet  in Nome Census Area in Alaska.

Growing up, she always had the support of her parents: Jim and Ferno, yet she got along best with her sister Ayla. The two girls don’t have another sibling so they spent their childhood primarily having fun alone. They are still very close.

Her parents have worked very hard and efficiently during her childhood and she decided to be just like them.

She became a pilot when she was only 21 (which is just the time to become legal in some states) and this was the result of her wish to travel all of the time.

She loved spending time all around the world, in the nature, finding new things to look upon to.

Career development:

She was first introduced to the world by a show called “Wipeout”. She was in an interview where she shared a private side of hers.

She got pretty far into the competition and by this she gained a bit more popularity. However, the most popularity she gained was because of how likeable she is and people started to favorize her at the very beginning of the show.

The nation loved the way she was honest and talked about her intimate life.

Some of the world’s reality show producers decided to offer her a chance to make her own reality TV show.

That’s how Flying Wild Alaska was made. It was a reality show all about her and the ground crew in the near town.

In the show, the producers decided to follow her natural life path where she was learning how to become a pilot, taking flight lessons.

During April, 2012 she finally got her license and therefore was a verified plane driver. She said that it was a dream come true for her.

The show didn’t air for too long since the topic it’s about started ti get boring to the audience.

However, Ariel never became something the crowd wasn’t into so evem after the show was done, she was still a topic of discussion.

In 2013 and 2014 she hosted the Miss Alaska USA pageant and later got involved into various science institutions.

Lately, she has decided to spend her time producing a work of hers that would be called Covering Alaska. It is a huge project she really gave herself into. She claims that it’s a bit hard to accomplish what she has been thinking to do, but she is ready to invest the money and earn even more.

In 2016, she starred in Flying Again and this was one of the latest work she did in her career.

Personal life:

Since she is living a really quiet life, the media doesn’t know a lot about her private life. Even when she had the show, she wanted it to be all about her as someone who progresses, not someone whose personal interests should be important to the world.

What we know for sure is that she loves her peaceful life, her family and her sister. She enjoys exploring the area of Alaska and is very adventurous.

Part of her becoming famous is related to the fact that ahe revealed that she has never kissed anyone while she was a Wipeout contestor. Therefore her nickname was soon Kissaholic.

The funny story is: everyone in the village where she lives is somehowely related to her and she cannot date her relations.

She later appeared on various shows, including David Letterman’s show and the nation loves her since she is approachable and all lovely.

Quick summary

Full name: Ariel Eva Tuadraq-Atauchaq Tweto

Date of birth: 1987. (precise date NA)

Birthplace: Unalakleet, Alaska, USA

Age: 30

Profession: TV person

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $1 million