Nancy can be described as a smart, considerate and sophisticated person. She is one of the most popular journalists throughout America. She is on our TV every day and her professional reports help us to learn about events in our country.

In this article we will talk about Nancy, we will talk about her private life, her education, her family, and her life challenges.

Early years

If you are looking for private information about Nancy Cordes, then we will need to disappoint you because there is no information about personal life, her privacy is well hidden. The truth is that there is no even information about her husband or her children.

Nancy was born in Los Angeles, but when she was 6 her family moved to Hawaii. Nancy said that this period was were hard for her because all of her friends and family were in Los Angeles.

Her parents made this decisions because they wanted to find peaceful and quite place, they wanted to be near ocean and to build healthy lifestyle for Nancy.

There is no information about Nancy father, but her mother was a doctor. It is interesting that the information about her father are unknown, also she has never speak about him.

Also Nancy has got siblings but there is no information about them.

She continue her education in Hawaii, where she has finished elementary school and high school. After that she has graduated in the University of Pennsylvania.

Also, before her journalist career she was very good swimmer, she participated in many competition and she has had great results. But Nancy always mention that her true love is journalism.


Soon after her graduation she has moved to Washington, where she has was reporting, she has started her journalist career in 1995, in this year she worked for two different televisions. We could see her on KHNl TV and on WJLA TV.

Nancy has proved more than once that she is ready to face challenges and new business adventures. She was ready to give up many things to make a success. For her the truth is always in the first place and she will always fight for it.

Today, objectivity is rarely presented in journalism, Nancy proved the opposite. She always fought for justice and truth and helped her viewers to understand the seriousness of the situation, but also to help them understand the truth.

She was reported about very important stories, it is interesting that these stories are not only from America, they are all over the world. We can say that through these articles Nancy has proven that she is professional, ready for new challenges etc.

There is a lot of moments in her career that were very important. She was reported about the Bosnia situation. She was also living a couple of months in Bosnia, where she was helping people and reporting about very hard situations about the people who were living here.

It is interesting to mention that Nancy was the only reporter who has stayed in Bosnia in this period, and who was reporting for the United States.

Also, we need to mention that Nancy has reported about 11th September attack. In this period Nancy was reporting about stories of people who have died or who have been injured in this attack, she was also visiting their families and helping them to overcome this difficult situation.

From these reports you can see that Nancy was very brave, she didn’t think about herself she was dedicated to her work and career. In order to help other people she had a lot of risks and she get into danger.

In her interview for the Elle magazine she said that the truth is the most important for every person, through her work she has tried to help people by informing them about the truth. She also said that there was a lot of situation when she was worried about her life, but this didn’t scared her because deep inside herself she knew that she was doing the right thing.

In 2005 Nancy has started working for the ABC News, this was a great step in her career. But this job has given Nancy many difficulties because she needed to report about dangerous situations such as Hurricane Katrina and War in Iraq.

In these situation Nancy was brave and serious, she also proved that she is talented and hardworking journalist.

After working for ABC News, Nancy has got the offer to work for CBS News, she has accepted this offer and now she is working for this television.

In the period where she was working for CBS News, she reported about president elections and about political situations in United States, it is obvious that now she is reporting more about political situation and about politicians in the United States.

Personal life

Nancy is a great example of strong women, she is married, she has got children, but she is also working very hard, she is dedicated to her job but also to her family. She said that sometimes it is very hard to find the right balance between career and personal life, but if you organize yourself, if you love your job and you are ready to make great thing then nothing can disturb you.

Nancy is married, her husband is Herald Cordes, and together they have got two children Noah and Lila. Nancy said that her family always give her support and they always help her.

She and Herald have very good relation, they are good friends and partners. Nancy said that her biggest support and person who always gives her courage is her husband.

They keep their personal life secret and they try to hide their privacy, Nancy sometimes post their family moments on Twitter, she never talk about her family and she avoids to talk about her personal life.

 Quick summary

Full name: Nancy Cordes

Date of birth: 10 August, 1970

Birthplace: Washington DC, United States of America

Age: 49

Profession: Journalist, TV Reporter

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 69 kg

Net Worth: 2 million dollars